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The Traitor is aligned with and win with the mafia team, but is not joined up with them (i.e. does not know who they are and cannot communicate with them).


This role has many variations. Mainly, it varies whether the Traitor is able to join up with the mafia team or not. If the Traitor has a way of joining up with the mafia, the host can choose to give the mafia team a guess each night to find their Traitor member, which can either be a team guess or an individual action carried out by a Traitor Finder. Sometimes, submitting a kill for a Traitor will result in the Traitor joining up with the mafia team. Another popular variant is to allow the Traitor to submit a guess each night. If everyone but the Traitor on the mafia team dies, the Traitor will sometimes, but not always, inherit the mafia faction kill. Hosts may also choose to award a prize to the mafia team for finding a Traitor, sometimes by giving the Traitor certain powers. Finally, it also varies whether or not the Traitor will count towards the mafia's majority win condition. It's also popular on some communities to make the Traitor view as town-aligned if investigated by a Cop ability.

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Lost Wolf



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Traitor Finder

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