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Universal Miller

Role Description:

The Universal Miller will return a mafia/guilty result if investigated by a Cop ability. In addition, the Universal Miller will always passively show up on Tracker and Watcher reports as visiting/targeting anyone killed on the night of their deaths.


This role is a combination of the Miller and Gravedigger roles. Read these roles for more information. If a game has any additional mechanics or night actions besides those belonging to Cops/Trackers/Watchers that return results that may serve to incriminate someone, the Universal Miller will usually be incriminated by these too. If a game features multiple factions and therefore also multiple faction cops (Cop, Seer, FBI Agent, Conspiracy Theorist and/or Private Investigator), the Universal Miller will show as guilty if investigated by any of these.

Role Type:

Passive, Misleading

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:


Supported by Modbot:


Alternative Names:

Wrong Place at the Wrong Time Townie

Related Roles:


Death Miller

Games containing this role:

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