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Role Description:

The VIP may each night target someone and make them their Bodyguard. If the VIP is targeted to be killed, the temporarily chosen Bodyguard will die in their place. If a chosen Bodyguard ever dies in place of the VIP, the VIP loses its ability.


The VIP should not be able to target the same person on consecutive nights. Note that making the VIP's ability unlimited would make the VIP unkillable at night and it should therefore be avoided. The VIP will not lose its ability if protected by an actual Bodyguard role (i.e. a player with a permanent Bodyguard role that wasn't targeted and made into a temporary Bodyguard for the night by the VIP). If the VIP still has their ability and does not submit a target, the standard is for the host to not randomize a target for the VIP, i.e. letting the VIP die. Also, the VIP's ability will count as having been successfully used even if the kill is redirected onto a protected player.

Role Type:

Protective, Killing

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Alternative Names:


Kill Redirector

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