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Role Description:

The Vanillaizer may each night target a player, stripping them of any abilities that they may or may not have, effectively turning them into a vanilla role beginning the following night.


This role is usually, but not always, mafia-aligned, due to its potential negative utility for a town-aligned player. Because of its immense power, a Vanillaizer will usually only be able to use their ability a limited amount of times. An improved Vanillaizer variant will cause the target to be roleblocked on the same night that they are being targeted, essentially turning them into a vanilla role straight away. Most hosts will inform the vanillaized target that they have been vanillaized at the end of the night phase.

Role Type:

Manipulative, Role-changing

Role Frequency:


Use of Action:


Supported by Modbot:


Alternative Names:

Role Remover

Role Blanker

Related Roles:

Yellow Goo

Green Goo

Games containing this role:

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Role of the Day

The Freezer may each night target a player. This will cause two effects, one of them delayed. The night on which the action is used the target will be frozen in place and will be roleblocked. On the following night the target will still be dethawing, causing the target to be unable to be protected.