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Vengeful Sibling

Role Description:

The Vengeful Sibling starts the game as a town-aligned player who is able to privately communicate with a partner who is also a Vengeful Sibling. If any of the two Vengeful Siblings ever die, the remaining Sibling will be given a new win condition to kill all those who killed their partner. If their partner was lynched, they will win the game by outliving all those who helped lynch the partner. If their partner was killed by the mafia, they must outlive all mafia members (they essentially become a town-aligned Survivor). If the partner was killed by an individual, the Vengeful Sibling must outlive this person, at which point the Vengeful Sibling regains their original win condition.


Note that the Vengeful Sibling does not get any new abilities to help them achieve their new win condition. Also, the Vengeful Sibling does not personally have to be responsible for the deaths of those who helped kill their partner; They must merely outlive these. If the Vengeful Sibling's partner is killed by an individual, then the remaining Vengeful Sibling will usually, but not always, be notified when they have outlived the person responsible for their partner's death, so that they are aware they must now achieve their original win condition.

Role Type:

Mission, Third Party, Communicative, Linked

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Alternative Names:

Vengeful Lover

Vengeful Mason

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