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The Witch is an independently aligned player who can target and control another player every night. The target will be notified that they are being controlled. The Witch's action will only work on roles that have abilities that target other people at night, and the action controlled by the Witch cannot be roleblocked. Furthermore, the Witch will be viewed as town-aligned if investigated. The Witch is allowed to make players self-target or even target the Witch. The Witch wins the game by surviving to see the town lose the game.


This role was designed for a browser mafia game and can be tricky to include in a forum mafia setting, seeing as it requires the Witch to inform the host of their target, the host letting the Witch know which action it is controlling and the Witch then finally making a decision, all before the night phase is complete. If hosts allow the Witch to make players target the Witch with beneficial actions, there should be a restriction that makes the Witch unable to control the same player on consecutive nights.

Role Type:

Manipulative, Redirection, Third Party

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Related Roles:

Mind Controller

Games containing this role:

Start Date Game Type Game Title Winning Faction Main Host Post Count
2017-02-11 Closed Umineko: The Legend of the Golden Witch Game Thread (Link) Mafia the-middle-of-the-line 2300
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