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The Wizard may each night use an ability from his book of spells. The Wizard will not know the effects of any spells in advance.


This is essentially a flavorful version of the Jack of All Trades role. It's commonly used in themed games where the "spells" or abilities will have names relating to the theme, so that the Wizard might be able to correctly guess the effects of the spells if they are knowledgable about the theme. Some of the spells will often have adverse effects for the Wizard's team. Also, sometimes the Wizard might only be allowed to use a certain number of spells and might also have more spells to choose from than they are allowed to use. The abilities can vary greatly in nature. However, since the Wizard does not pick a target in addition to choosing a spell, the abilities will either be directed at a randomly chosen player or, more likely, have an effect on the entire game. To give some random examples: Spells could maybe shorten the next day phase or night phase deadline, cause all investigative abilities to be roleblocked for the next night phase, allow for two people to be lynched during the next day phase, allow private communication outside of the game thread for all players, etc.

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Jack of All Trades

Dreaming God

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