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Game Type Start Date Game Title Affiliation Role Result Subbed in/out Method of Death Survived Until
Standard Turbo 2015-12-04 Chris is playing this turbo, we should lynch him d1 (Link) Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 2
Standard Turbo 2016-02-19 I Need a Doctor Turbo (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Lynched Day 4
Custom Turbo 2016-10-22 It's 3 PM Turbo (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Endgamed Day 5
Standard Turbo 2016-06-16 Somebody loves Daleks - Turbo (Link) Town Vanilla Won Survived Day 4
Standard Turbo 2015-09-08 The Awesome Beta Turbo #1 (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Lynched Day 1
Open Other 2015-06-22 Vanilla Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost (Out) Day 2 Survived Day 4
Custom Turbo 2016-04-06 Why is Chris allowed to rand games? (3x5) (Link) Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 1


Total Games Played: 7

Total Games Won: 1 - winrate: 14.29 %

Total Town Games: 5

Town Games Won: 1 - winrate: 20.00 %

Total Mafia Games: 2

Mafia Games Won: 0 - winrate: 0.00 %

Total Open Other Games: 1

Open Other Games Won: 0 - winrate: 0.00 %

Total Standard Turbo Games: 4

Standard Turbo Games Won: 1 - winrate: 25.00 %

Total Custom Turbo Games: 2

Custom Turbo Games Won: 0 - winrate: 0.00 %

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The Super Backup automatically inherits the abilities of all dead players of the same alignment. However, the Super Backup is limited to using one ability per night.