Mafia Database

Games Luco played in:

Game Type Start Date Game Title Affiliation Role Result Subbed in/out Method of Death Survived Until
Closed 2015-09-28 Heretic Mafia (Link) Town Loved Won Survived Night 2
Open Other 2015-09-11 Russian Roulette Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Won Survived Day 2


Total Games Played: 2

Total Games Won: 2 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Town Games: 2

Town Games Won: 2 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Open Other Games: 1

Open Other Games Won: 1 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Closed Games: 1

Closed Games Won: 1 - winrate: 100.00 %

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Role of the Day

The Voyeur may each night target a player and learn what night actions, if any, they were targeted by.