Mafia Database

Games Luco played in:

Game Type Start Date Game Title Affiliation Role Result Subbed in/out Method of Death Survived Until
Closed 2015-09-28 Heretic Mafia (Link) Town Loved Won Survived Night 2
Open Other 2015-09-11 Russian Roulette Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Won Survived Day 2


Total Games Played: 2

Total Games Won: 2 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Town Games: 2

Town Games Won: 2 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Open Other Games: 1

Open Other Games Won: 1 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Closed Games: 1

Closed Games Won: 1 - winrate: 100.00 %

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Role of the Day

The Wildcard may target someone each night and use a random power on them still left in the game, randomly selected from any other power role in the game. If there are no other power roles left in the game, then the Wildcard's action does nothing.