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Games Quick_Ben played in:

Game Type Start Date Game Title Affiliation Role Result Subbed in/out Method of Death Survived Until
Closed 2016-09-05 27 Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 3
Closed 2016-12-15 A Rankin/Bass Holiday Werewolf Production (Link) Mafia Gambler Lost Lynched Day 2
Closed 2017-02-20 BYOR - The 9 Circles of Hell (Link) Town Magi of High House Dark Won Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 3
Closed 2016-11-21 Clue Mafia: Game Two (Link) Town Roleblocker Won Survived Day 2
Closed 2016-09-26 Counter Strike Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost In-Thread Attack Day 1
Semi-Open 2016-09-06 Danger 5 C9++ Two-Fold (Link) Town Vanilla Won Lynched Day 3
Closed 2015-08-31 Disney Game (Link) Town Hider Conditional Redirector Lost Daykilled by mafia or third party Day 5
Closed 2016-11-24 Dragon Age Origins Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 9
Open Other 2016-11-12 Empire (Link) Town Vigilante/Angel Won Lynched Day 1
Closed 2016-08-01 Game of Thrones Mafia (Link) Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 8
Semi-Open 2016-12-15 Halo: The Bungie Trilogy (Link) Town Vanilla Won (Out) Day 1 Survived Day 3
Closed 2016-10-24 Heroes Mini Mash (Link) Mafia Redirector Won Survived Day 5
Semi-Open 2016-10-09 Justified (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Endgamed Day 5
Open Other 2017-03-13 Narrator Presents: TOWN of Salem Mafia (Link) Mafia Role Cop Won (Out) Day 2 Survived Day 0
Open Other 2017-02-02 OpenBall (Link) Town Tracker Tie Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 1
Open Other 2017-01-15 Puppies (Link) Town Day Vigilante Lost Endgamed Night 2
Closed 2016-08-08 Rick & Morty Mash! (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Suicide Day 2
Open Other 2016-10-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Vanilla+ 17er 10/17 (Link) Town Gimmick Won Survived Day 5
Closed 2016-05-22 Star Fox Galactic Mish Mash (Link) Third Party Doctor + Day Inactivity Vigilante Won (Out) Day 1 In-Thread Attack Day 2
Closed 2017-01-07 Super Mario Galaxy: Mini-Mash! (Link) Mafia Night Vigilante Won Survived Day 4
Closed 2017-02-27 Teenage Strongman Ninja Turtles (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Lynched Day 1
Closed 2015-11-09 The DreamWorks Game (Link) Mafia ITA Master Won Lynched Day 2
Semi-Open 2017-03-06 The First Law (Link) Town Vanilla Won Survived Day 0
Closed 2015-12-14 The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Bodyguard Won Suicide Night 2
Open Other 2016-07-24 Whales Mafia: A Mafia About Whales (Link) Town Slot Machine Tie Survived Day 0
Closed 2016-04-19 WWF Survivor Series 1989 (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Lynched Day 4


Total Games Played: 24

Total Games Won: 13 - winrate: 54.17 %

Total Town Games: 17

Town Games Won: 8 - winrate: 47.06 %

Total Mafia Games: 6

Mafia Games Won: 4 - winrate: 66.67 %

Total Third Party Games: 1

Third Party Games Won: 1 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Open Other Games: 4

Open Other Games Won: 3 - winrate: 75.00 %

Total Closed Games: 16

Closed Games Won: 7 - winrate: 43.75 %

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The Proxy will each night receive the results to the investigation made on that night by the Amnesiac Cop.