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Games Quick_Ben played in:

Game Type Start Date Game Title Affiliation Role Result Subbed in/out Method of Death Survived Until
Closed 2016-09-05 27 Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 3
Closed 2016-12-15 A Rankin/Bass Holiday Werewolf Production (Link) Mafia Gambler Lost Lynched Day 2
Closed 2017-02-20 BYOR - The 9 Circles of Hell (Link) Town Magi of High House Dark Won Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 3
Closed 2016-11-21 Clue Mafia: Game Two (Link) Town Roleblocker Won Survived Day 2
Closed 2016-09-26 Counter Strike Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost In-Thread Attack Day 1
Semi-Open 2016-09-06 Danger 5 C9++ Two-Fold (Link) Town Vanilla Won Lynched Day 3
Closed 2015-08-31 Disney Game (Link) Town Hider Conditional Redirector Lost Daykilled by mafia or third party Day 5
Closed 2016-11-24 Dragon Age Origins Mafia (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 9
Open Other 2016-11-12 Empire (Link) Town Vigilante/Angel Won Lynched Day 1
Closed 2016-08-01 Game of Thrones Mafia (Link) Mafia Goon Lost Lynched Day 8
Semi-Open 2016-12-15 Halo: The Bungie Trilogy (Link) Town Vanilla Won (Out) Day 1 Survived Day 3
Closed 2016-10-24 Heroes Mini Mash (Link) Mafia Redirector Won Survived Day 5
Semi-Open 2016-10-09 Justified (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Endgamed Day 5
Open Other 2017-03-13 Narrator Presents: TOWN of Salem Mafia (Link) Mafia Role Cop Won (Out) Day 2 Survived Day 0
Open Other 2017-02-02 OpenBall (Link) Town Tracker Tie Nightkilled by mafia or third party Night 1
Open Other 2017-01-15 Puppies (Link) Town Day Vigilante Lost Endgamed Night 2
Closed 2016-08-08 Rick & Morty Mash! (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Suicide Day 2
Open Other 2016-10-17 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Vanilla+ 17er 10/17 (Link) Town Gimmick Won Survived Day 5
Closed 2016-05-22 Star Fox Galactic Mish Mash (Link) Third Party Doctor + Day Inactivity Vigilante Won (Out) Day 1 In-Thread Attack Day 2
Closed 2017-01-07 Super Mario Galaxy: Mini-Mash! (Link) Mafia Night Vigilante Won Survived Day 4
Closed 2017-02-27 Teenage Strongman Ninja Turtles (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Lynched Day 1
Closed 2015-11-09 The DreamWorks Game (Link) Mafia ITA Master Won Lynched Day 2
Semi-Open 2017-03-06 The First Law (Link) Town Vanilla Won Survived Day 0
Closed 2015-12-14 The Office Mafia Mashup (Link) Town Bodyguard Won Suicide Night 2
Open Other 2016-07-24 Whales Mafia: A Mafia About Whales (Link) Town Slot Machine Tie Survived Day 0
Closed 2016-04-19 WWF Survivor Series 1989 (Link) Town Vanilla Lost Lynched Day 4


Total Games Played: 24

Total Games Won: 13 - winrate: 54.17 %

Total Town Games: 17

Town Games Won: 8 - winrate: 47.06 %

Total Mafia Games: 6

Mafia Games Won: 4 - winrate: 66.67 %

Total Third Party Games: 1

Third Party Games Won: 1 - winrate: 100.00 %

Total Open Other Games: 4

Open Other Games Won: 3 - winrate: 75.00 %

Total Closed Games: 16

Closed Games Won: 7 - winrate: 43.75 %

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Role of the Day

The Wildcard may target someone each night and use a random power on them still left in the game, randomly selected from any other power role in the game. If there are no other power roles left in the game, then the Wildcard's action does nothing.