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Members of Mafia Universe

User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Avatar Community Awards
T ippleman Thread Analyst December 9th, 2018 733 T ippleman's Avatar  
t om Brobeans May 9th, 2016 12,044 t om's Avatar mtgs
T. Rentt Low Hanging Fruit August 2nd, 2019 3    
TacoDebt Soul Reader June 15th, 2016 2,624 TacoDebt's Avatar  
taesaek Low Hanging Fruit May 1st, 2016 0 taesaek's Avatar The Bell Tree
TagRoss Low Hanging Fruit April 24th, 2016 1   Mach entertainment/ the urealms nomads
Taichi Fujisaki Ultimate Hacker October 8th, 2017 61 Taichi Fujisaki's Avatar  
Taichi Kamiya Thread Analyst March 7th, 2019 335 Taichi Kamiya's Avatar Digimon
TaintedInnocence Low Hanging Fruit August 18th, 2017 0    
Taka Bandwagoner January 28th, 2018 55   2+2
Take the Cake~ Anonymous User October 23rd, 2016 63 Take the Cake~'s Avatar  
Takhitty Soul Reader August 3rd, 2016 2,402 Takhitty's Avatar  
takothi Low Hanging Fruit September 10th, 2019 0    
Takumi Hijihira Ultimate Killer Killer October 8th, 2017 55 Takumi Hijihira's Avatar  
Takuto Low Hanging Fruit July 5th, 2019 3 Takuto's Avatar  
Talilinds Low Hanging Fruit October 13th, 2019 0    
TalkingDirty Low Hanging Fruit January 21st, 2018 0    
Tallan Low Hanging Fruit Today 0    
Tammy Soul Reader October 16th, 2015 4,404 Tammy's Avatar Westeros
tane Thread Analyst January 13th, 2018 757 tane's Avatar  
Tangerine Wants It More May 18th, 2017 8,532    
Tantusar Low Hanging Fruit March 24th, 2016 0   DailyMafia; Super Mario Boards
tapioca Low Hanging Fruit April 10th, 2019 1
tartina Thread Analyst April 19th, 2019 524 tartina's Avatar lupusinforum
Tassadar Low Hanging Fruit March 8th, 2016 0   PokerNet
Taste Low Hanging Fruit August 17th, 2015 16   SA
Tasty Mayhem Bandwagoner November 20th, 2018 143 Tasty Mayhem's Avatar  
TAT Low Hanging Fruit May 15th, 2018 6    
Tatau Low Hanging Fruit October 28th, 2019 4    
Tattersail Low Hanging Fruit April 20th, 2016 10   Malazan Empire
Tave Tob Low Hanging Fruit May 16th, 2018 0   Dave Dob
Tayenne Low Hanging Fruit October 6th, 2016 32 Tayenne's Avatar  
tayla Low Hanging Fruit November 1st, 2017 0    
Taylor Swiftspear Low Hanging Fruit September 28th, 2017 23 Taylor Swiftspear's Avatar  
TazMafia Low Hanging Fruit December 18th, 2016 1   Uk
tbane5 Low Hanging Fruit April 18th, 2016 36   Hattrick Werewolf Federation
tchaz Thread Analyst August 20th, 2015 342 tchaz's Avatar SE
Tea Soul Reader September 14th, 2016 1,098 Tea's Avatar Bay12
Tea and Crumpets Low Hanging Fruit September 14th, 2016 27 Tea and Crumpets's Avatar Town of Salem
Tea with Jam Soul Reader November 15th, 2017 1,039 Tea with Jam's Avatar Mafia Universe
Teacher2 Low Hanging Fruit April 9th, 2018 5    
teacherlay Low Hanging Fruit March 25th, 2020 45   FirkinMafia
teacon7 Low Hanging Fruit June 10th, 2017 0
Teal Team 2 Bandwagoner October 26th, 2019 181 Teal Team 2's Avatar  
Teal Team 6 666 October 18th, 2018 1,097 Teal Team 6's Avatar MafiaUniverse
Teal with it Thread Analyst October 22nd, 2019 374 Teal with it's Avatar MU's Teal Team
Team Edward Low Hanging Fruit November 19th, 2017 28 Team Edward's Avatar ToS
Team Jacob Thread Analyst November 19th, 2017 377 Team Jacob's Avatar Mafia Games
Team PMKN Low Hanging Fruit February 8th, 2019 3   RWBY
Team Pokepals Bandwagoner January 29th, 2020 116 Team Pokepals's Avatar Wigglytuff's Guild
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about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day

The Burglar may once per game at night choose to steal another player's role (not alignment). The Burglar's target will be left with no powers.