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User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Avatar Community Awards
WeLikeJelly Thread Analyst November 22nd, 2017 470 WeLikeJelly's Avatar Throne of Lies
Well-groomed Werewolf Bandwagoner October 25th, 2019 61 Well-groomed Werewolf's Avatar  
wen294 Low Hanging Fruit December 2nd, 2018 26 wen294's Avatar Mafia Society
Wendy Pleakley Low Hanging Fruit March 7th, 2019 0 Wendy Pleakley's Avatar Plorgonar
Werewolf Low Hanging Fruit April 1st, 2019 5   IRL Mafia/Town of Salem
WerewolfWayne Low Hanging Fruit September 11th, 2015 3    
Wesmaster160 GOAT Tier March 21st, 2017 15,913 Wesmaster160's Avatar DailyMafia
weso12 Low Hanging Fruit May 8th, 2019 0   FEMafia
Wezel Low Hanging Fruit May 29th, 2019 0    
whales Low Hanging Fruit October 5th, 2017 2    
Whammerist Low Hanging Fruit April 22nd, 2018 15 Whammerist's Avatar Throne of Lies
wharrgarbl Low Hanging Fruit May 16th, 2017 0   tdwtf
whatshisbucket Thread Analyst April 9th, 2017 333 whatshisbucket's Avatar AoPS
WhatsTheStoryMonstrCory Low Hanging Fruit October 26th, 2018 1 WhatsTheStoryMonstrCory's Avatar Space
Whirrun of Bligh Bandwagoner February 21st, 2017 190 Whirrun of Bligh's Avatar  
Whiskeyjack 2016 Mafia Champion May 5th, 2016 5,816 Whiskeyjack's Avatar Westeros
White Thread Analyst April 14th, 2017 305 White's Avatar  
white candy Bandwagoner October 10th, 2018 60 white candy's Avatar  
Whiteshadow Low Hanging Fruit February 18th, 2017 0 Whiteshadow's Avatar  
Whitetiger Low Hanging Fruit April 23rd, 2016 0   Mach Entertainment
Whitewater Hysteria Soul Reader January 2nd, 2020 2,115 Whitewater Hysteria's Avatar AK
Why Low Hanging Fruit June 17th, 2016 0 Why's Avatar  
why you look at birthday Low Hanging Fruit August 29th, 2018 0    
WhyMafia Low Hanging Fruit April 6th, 2017 3   Hypixel
WhyNoHytale Low Hanging Fruit October 6th, 2019 10   Hypixel
WhySoDevious Bandwagoner March 4th, 2019 53 WhySoDevious's Avatar ResetEra
Wicked Witch Low Hanging Fruit October 24th, 2019 10 Wicked Witch's Avatar  
wiggles1993 Straight White Male February 10th, 2016 34,541 wiggles1993's Avatar DailyMafia
Wigglytoph Low Hanging Fruit February 15th, 2018 3 Wigglytoph's Avatar DailyMafia
Wigguns Thread Analyst November 20th, 2017 281 Wigguns's Avatar DailyMafia
wikey Low Hanging Fruit April 18th, 2016 38 wikey's Avatar Further Entertainment
Wiki Low Hanging Fruit December 10th, 2015 0   Personality Caf?
wikkiden Bandwagoner April 24th, 2019 82 wikkiden's Avatar B&C
WILD Low Hanging Fruit October 27th, 2015 1    
Wild Dog Low Hanging Fruit October 6th, 2017 30 Wild Dog's Avatar Sercia
Wild Mage Bandwagoner September 13th, 2019 91 Wild Mage's Avatar  
Wild West Host Bandwagoner November 21st, 2015 79 Wild West Host's Avatar Mafia Universe
Wildcard Operator Thread Analyst April 5th, 2020 337 Wildcard Operator's Avatar  
Wildfire Thread Analyst April 10th, 2019 974 Wildfire's Avatar Dragonmount
WildThunder Bandwagoner October 31st, 2019 113 WildThunder's Avatar Chief Delphi
WildWife Bandwagoner November 19th, 2017 72 WildWife's Avatar SDN
Wilki1999 Bandwagoner April 8th, 2016 156 Wilki1999's Avatar EA: The Simpsons: Tapped Out
wilky Low Hanging Fruit September 29th, 2017 3 wilky's Avatar  
Will Low Hanging Fruit May 1st, 2017 5 Will's Avatar Kitsu/Devil's Nest
Will Im Not Low Hanging Fruit April 26th, 2020 8    
Willi Bandwagoner November 22nd, 2017 136 Willi's Avatar Pokkeriprod
William Butler Yeats Thread Analyst January 16th, 2020 243 William Butler Yeats's Avatar Ireland
William Corvinus Low Hanging Fruit July 1st, 2015 0 William Corvinus's Avatar  
William Wallace Low Hanging Fruit December 28th, 2017 6 William Wallace's Avatar Scotland
Willie Kool Low Hanging Fruit August 6th, 2015 4 Willie Kool's Avatar LGP / 5AF
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about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day

The Burglar may once per game at night choose to steal another player's role (not alignment). The Burglar's target will be left with no powers.