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Members of Mafia Universe

User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Avatar Community Awards
F3 Bros Thread Analyst November 16th, 2021 786    
Fable Galaxy Brain July 17th, 2016 24,445 Fable's Avatar Mafia Cafe
Faceless Thread Analyst February 15th, 2019 385 Faceless's Avatar  
Faddy Thread Analyst July 1st, 2018 429 Faddy's Avatar Resetera
FadeBlade Low Hanging Fruit October 21st, 2017 0    
fadiko Low Hanging Fruit August 30th, 2020 0    
fahadali Low Hanging Fruit June 9th, 2021 0    
fahadekhan Low Hanging Fruit May 18th, 2021 0    
FairyBoots Low Hanging Fruit July 6th, 2021 0   Discord
fairyjigglypuff Thread Analyst July 14th, 2019 548 fairyjigglypuff's Avatar pokemon showdown
FaisMX Low Hanging Fruit June 1st, 2020 28 FaisMX's Avatar SmirkNation
Faith Low Hanging Fruit August 10th, 2019 3 Faith's Avatar EpicMafia
Fake Passport Thread Analyst April 22nd, 2017 273 Fake Passport's Avatar  
fak_ename Low Hanging Fruit June 17th, 2017 0    
Falcon Bandwagoner December 21st, 2019 99 Falcon's Avatar  
falcon45ca Thread Analyst October 20th, 2020 211 falcon45ca's Avatar
Fallen Thread Analyst June 12th, 2020 457 Fallen's Avatar MIBR
Fallencrow Low Hanging Fruit June 7th, 2016 0   Flight Rising
False Positive Bandwagoner April 5th, 2020 77 False Positive's Avatar  
Falsely Low Hanging Fruit April 3rd, 2019 2 Falsely's Avatar Murder Mystery Biannual
Famalam Soul Reader February 15th, 2017 1,312 Famalam's Avatar the streets
Famous Prophets Thread Analyst October 24th, 2021 292 Famous Prophets's Avatar Chaphouse
Fanciful Fairy Bandwagoner October 23rd, 2019 113 Fanciful Fairy's Avatar  
Fancy Walrus Bandwagoner August 23rd, 2020 97 Fancy Walrus's Avatar  
Fangirl Low Hanging Fruit April 26th, 2020 0    
fank009 Thread Analyst November 4th, 2015 939 fank009's Avatar  
fanmail Soul Reader January 16th, 2021 2,241 fanmail's Avatar 2+2/POG
Fantiko Bandwagoner October 31st, 2019 112 Fantiko's Avatar ResetEra
Fanto Low Hanging Fruit October 22nd, 2019 1 Fanto's Avatar ResetEra
faradi1818 Low Hanging Fruit August 4th, 2019 0   belmont
Farbod. Wingedd Low Hanging Fruit October 4th, 2021 0   Iran
Fassad Low Hanging Fruit May 17th, 2017 3 Fassad's Avatar Hypixel
Fat Lazy Hamster Thread Analyst October 23rd, 2016 761 Fat Lazy Hamster's Avatar GitP
Fat Virgin Olive Oil Thread Analyst March 6th, 2020 527 Fat Virgin Olive Oil's Avatar Good Gamery
Fatalerror Low Hanging Fruit December 25th, 2021 1    
fatemeh Low Hanging Fruit April 27th, 2020 0    
FatherJack Thread Analyst September 3rd, 2019 327 FatherJack's Avatar  
FatMacDougallMo Bandwagoner October 30th, 2021 149 FatMacDougallMo's Avatar MU
Fatmo Will roll you in Diplomacy April 15th, 2020 1,839 Fatmo's Avatar PlayDiplomacy
faultline Low Hanging Fruit June 14th, 2020 0    
Faux Low Hanging Fruit August 17th, 2020 0    
Fave Fob Low Hanging Fruit May 16th, 2018 0 Fave Fob's Avatar Dave Dob
fazisbackmaybeplz Low Hanging Fruit April 24th, 2018 0    
FB downloader Low Hanging Fruit August 25th, 2020 0    
FCD Bandwagoner April 18th, 2016 120 FCD's Avatar VGCW
fdas Thread Analyst April 3rd, 2016 558 fdas's Avatar AoPS
fds987df Low Hanging Fruit November 11th, 2017 0    
Feanon Bandwagoner April 7th, 2017 171 Feanon's Avatar VGCW
Fear Itself Low Hanging Fruit February 7th, 2021 1 Fear Itself's Avatar MafiaCafe
Feather Boa Bandwagoner October 26th, 2016 56 Feather Boa's Avatar  
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about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day

The Copycat may each night target another player and copy their action and use it on a second player also chosen by the Copycat.