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User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Avatar Community Awards
p4rk Thread Analyst July 19th, 2020 391 p4rk's Avatar  
Pac Low Hanging Fruit April 13th, 2017 2 Pac's Avatar JetNation
padden Low Hanging Fruit April 9th, 2016 4
Pain Pies Low Hanging Fruit February 4th, 2021 0    
Paladin Thread Analyst September 13th, 2019 203 Paladin's Avatar  
Palm Puree Thread Analyst March 22nd, 2018 316 Palm Puree's Avatar  
Palmar Low Hanging Fruit August 23rd, 2015 22   Team Liquid
Palmer Bandwagoner June 10th, 2017 88 Palmer's Avatar Antarctica
Paloma Low Hanging Fruit August 16th, 2019 33 Paloma's Avatar  
Pam Beesly Thread Analyst March 12th, 2019 321 Pam Beesly's Avatar Dunder Mifflin
Pancytosis Low Hanging Fruit June 30th, 2015 0   Pokernet
Panda Bandwagoner March 29th, 2016 94 Panda's Avatar TBT Forums
Panini Keldeo's D2 Curse December 28th, 2018 2,023 Panini's Avatar  
Panorra Tablare Low Hanging Fruit February 6th, 2017 27    
Pansy Parkinson Soul Reader January 29th, 2018 1,522 Pansy Parkinson's Avatar Slytherin
Panther Klopp Killa July 27th, 2015 24,150 Panther's Avatar 5AF
Paper Low Hanging Fruit December 26th, 2018 44    
Paper Trails Bandwagoner November 27th, 2017 196 Paper Trails's Avatar Smashboards
Paperblade Thread Analyst July 8th, 2015 368 Paperblade's Avatar nowhere
PaperF Low Hanging Fruit September 8th, 2015 12    
Paperhorse Low Hanging Fruit June 2nd, 2015 30 Paperhorse's Avatar Bulbagarden
papiegarcia Low Hanging Fruit September 4th, 2020 0   poker online
Parachromatic Thread Analyst November 30th, 2017 421 Parachromatic's Avatar GameFAQs
Paradoxical Bandwagoner July 9th, 2020 181    
Paragone Bandwagoner April 10th, 2020 121 Paragone's Avatar  
Paranoia Thread Analyst August 6th, 2017 316 Paranoia's Avatar Eagle Time, Broken Forum, MSPAF, Chocopi
Paratroopa Soul Reader June 9th, 2017 4,495 Paratroopa's Avatar GameFAQs
parergong Low Hanging Fruit September 17th, 2021 0    
PariahKing Thread Analyst July 27th, 2017 218 PariahKing's Avatar Paranoia Paradise
Paris Low Hanging Fruit January 5th, 2022 0 Paris's Avatar  
Parity Low Hanging Fruit May 10th, 2020 2 Parity's Avatar  
Parmalee Bandwagoner June 18th, 2015 83 Parmalee's Avatar bulbagarden
Parmenion Bandwagoner July 2nd, 2018 156 Parmenion's Avatar  
ParsaDehghan Low Hanging Fruit January 6th, 2022 0   Iran
parthenopaeus Low Hanging Fruit October 31st, 2018 0    
parvez Low Hanging Fruit June 1st, 2020 0   RanaParvez
Parvez001 Low Hanging Fruit July 15th, 2020 0    
parvez15 Low Hanging Fruit July 27th, 2020 0    
Parzival Low Hanging Fruit April 5th, 2020 20 Parzival's Avatar  
PassTheSaltDude Bandwagoner July 28th, 2021 54 PassTheSaltDude's Avatar PS Mafia
Pasties Low Hanging Fruit October 26th, 2016 49 Pasties's Avatar SDN
Patchy The Pirate Low Hanging Fruit May 12th, 2018 7 Patchy The Pirate's Avatar Bikini Bottom
Patents Mohali Low Hanging Fruit January 21st, 2021 0    
PatExMachina Low Hanging Fruit May 18th, 2019 0   Town of Salem Community Discord
Patience Low Hanging Fruit November 15th, 2016 14   NADotA
Patime Low Hanging Fruit July 13th, 2021 0    
patriciacosta Low Hanging Fruit June 25th, 2020 0    
Patrick Star Thread Analyst May 12th, 2018 617 Patrick Star's Avatar Bikini Bottom
PaulH Low Hanging Fruit September 2nd, 2016 8   1FF
Paulwhoisaghost Bandwagoner April 22nd, 2017 55   Giraffeboards
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about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day

The Copycat may each night target another player and copy their action and use it on a second player also chosen by the Copycat.