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T ippleman Thread Analyst December 9th, 2018 733 T ippleman's Avatar  
t om Brobeans May 9th, 2016 13,157 t om's Avatar mtgs
T-34 Soul Reader October 9th, 2021 1,300 T-34's Avatar Girls und Panzer
T. Rentt Low Hanging Fruit August 2nd, 2019 4 T. Rentt's Avatar  
T3RMINATOR Thread Analyst February 28th, 2021 225 T3RMINATOR's Avatar MafiaScum - I used to play on AoPS and EM
tabitha Low Hanging Fruit May 10th, 2021 17   LA Gaming Circle
Table Low Hanging Fruit February 8th, 2021 8 Table's Avatar  
Tacky Cardboard Tree Bandwagoner December 25th, 2020 70 Tacky Cardboard Tree's Avatar  
Taco Hemingway Thread Analyst May 13th, 2022 448 Taco Hemingway's Avatar  
TacoDebt Soul Reader June 15th, 2016 2,624 TacoDebt's Avatar  
Tae Takemi Thread Analyst August 24th, 2021 278 Tae Takemi's Avatar  
taesaek Low Hanging Fruit May 1st, 2016 0 taesaek's Avatar The Bell Tree
Taffy Bandwagoner June 21st, 2022 98    
Tagepveel Low Hanging Fruit June 22nd, 2020 1    
TagRoss Low Hanging Fruit April 24th, 2016 1   Mach entertainment/ the urealms nomads
Taichi Fujisaki Ultimate Hacker October 8th, 2017 61 Taichi Fujisaki's Avatar  
Taichi Kamiya Thread Analyst March 7th, 2019 664 Taichi Kamiya's Avatar Digimon
Tail Recursion Thread Analyst July 7th, 2021 259 Tail Recursion's Avatar Espionage
Tailz Bandwagoner January 28th, 2022 133 Tailz's Avatar MaffiaSverige
TaintedInnocence Low Hanging Fruit August 18th, 2017 0    
Taka Bandwagoner January 28th, 2018 55   2+2
Take the Cake~ Anonymous User October 23rd, 2016 63 Take the Cake~'s Avatar  
Take27 Bandwagoner March 21st, 2022 134 Take27's Avatar  
takothi Low Hanging Fruit September 10th, 2019 0    
Takumi Hijihira Ultimate Killer Killer October 8th, 2017 55 Takumi Hijihira's Avatar  
Takuto Low Hanging Fruit July 5th, 2019 3 Takuto's Avatar  
Talilinds Low Hanging Fruit October 13th, 2019 0    
TalkingDirty Low Hanging Fruit January 21st, 2018 0    
Tallan Low Hanging Fruit May 31st, 2020 0    
Tammy Soul Reader October 16th, 2015 4,787 Tammy's Avatar Westeros
tane Thread Analyst January 13th, 2018 766 tane's Avatar  
Tangrowth WIM Plus 7 June 15th, 2015 10,339 Tangrowth's Avatar The Syndicate
Tanner_FromHighschool Low Hanging Fruit June 7th, 2022 13 Tanner_FromHighschool's Avatar  
Tantusar Low Hanging Fruit March 24th, 2016 0   DailyMafia; Super Mario Boards
Taoplan Low Hanging Fruit March 26th, 2021 0    
tapioca Low Hanging Fruit April 10th, 2019 1
Tarragona Soul Reader January 13th, 2022 1,143 Tarragona's Avatar  
tartina Thread Analyst April 19th, 2019 525 tartina's Avatar lupusinforum
Tasha Yar Bandwagoner April 6th, 2021 120 Tasha Yar's Avatar  
Tashkent Bandwagoner January 13th, 2022 75 Tashkent's Avatar  
Tassadar Low Hanging Fruit March 8th, 2016 0   PokerNet
Taste Low Hanging Fruit August 17th, 2015 16   SA
Tasty 3.14159265358979... Thread Analyst October 30th, 2021 750 Tasty 3.14159265358979...'s Avatar
Tasty Mayhem Bandwagoner November 20th, 2018 143 Tasty Mayhem's Avatar  
TAT Low Hanging Fruit May 15th, 2018 6    
Tatau Low Hanging Fruit October 28th, 2019 4    
Tattersail Low Hanging Fruit April 20th, 2016 10   Malazan Empire
Tave Tob Low Hanging Fruit May 16th, 2018 0   Dave Dob
Tayenne Low Hanging Fruit October 6th, 2016 32 Tayenne's Avatar  
tayla Low Hanging Fruit November 1st, 2017 0    
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about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day

The Surgeon may each night protect a player from being killed and/or converted.