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User Name Reverse Sort Order Join Date Posts Avatar Community Awards
Zachie Low Hanging Fruit November 5th, 2017 3 Zachie's Avatar  
Zachstralkita Bandwagoner May 19th, 2016 140 Zachstralkita's Avatar  
Zack July 30th, 2015 26,608 Zack's Avatar  
zackaria Low Hanging Fruit August 17th, 2018 0    
Zahra Low Hanging Fruit March 28th, 2021 0    
zakk Low Hanging Fruit March 9th, 2017 23    
Zamdoc Thread Analyst August 23rd, 2020 301 Zamdoc's Avatar Mediavida
Zander Thread Analyst October 21st, 2015 561 Zander's Avatar DM
ZanderGOAT Low Hanging Fruit November 7th, 2019 10   DM
ZanderisTown Soul Reader May 5th, 2021 3,031 ZanderisTown's Avatar DM
Zanni Low Hanging Fruit November 18th, 2019 0 Zanni's Avatar  
Zany Zombie Bandwagoner October 25th, 2019 89 Zany Zombie's Avatar  
Zapp Brannigan Soul Reader December 10th, 2017 3,920 Zapp Brannigan's Avatar  
Zardonata Bandwagoner October 14th, 2020 113 Zardonata's Avatar Kongregate FGF
Zardoric Thread Analyst April 24th, 2020 368 Zardoric's Avatar Kongregate Forum Games Forum
Zardy Low Hanging Fruit September 13th, 2019 45 Zardy's Avatar  
Zave Zob Low Hanging Fruit May 16th, 2018 0   Dave Dob
zazthespaz Low Hanging Fruit April 27th, 2020 1 zazthespaz's Avatar The Alter Bridge Nation
Zealot Low Hanging Fruit June 12th, 2022 33 Zealot's Avatar Smashboards
Zebe Bandwagoner April 22nd, 2016 52 Zebe's Avatar Chucklefish Forums
ZeDorkSlipeur Bandwagoner June 17th, 2021 50 ZeDorkSlipeur's Avatar MTGSalvation
Zee235 Low Hanging Fruit January 15th, 2022 16 Zee235's Avatar Town of Salem/ToS forums "Forum Mafia"
Zeke Bandwagoner February 4th, 2018 52    
ZekeSaunders Low Hanging Fruit December 26th, 2021 1   Sky walker smack talker
Zekrom Low Hanging Fruit March 27th, 2021 5 Zekrom's Avatar  
Zeldamaster12 Low Hanging Fruit April 15th, 2016 1   Super Mario Bros. X
Zeluvia Low Hanging Fruit July 15th, 2015 4   Mindromp
Zen Low Hanging Fruit December 20th, 2018 0   Daily Mafia (video mafia)
Zen Blade Thread Analyst April 26th, 2020 432 Zen Blade's Avatar Austin Hidden Role Gamers
ZenFromDM Low Hanging Fruit February 4th, 2021 30 ZenFromDM's Avatar DailyMafia
Zenge Low Hanging Fruit April 2nd, 2022 4 Zenge's Avatar SDN
Zennnnnn Low Hanging Fruit October 24th, 2018 0   Whatever Wolf
zenofkermit Low Hanging Fruit April 22nd, 2018 0    
Zeonth Low Hanging Fruit November 25th, 2017 12 Zeonth's Avatar Serenes Forest
Zepphire Low Hanging Fruit April 19th, 2018 2    
zereffu Low Hanging Fruit April 15th, 2020 0 zereffu's Avatar mafialandia
zergon Thread Analyst July 20th, 2020 981 zergon's Avatar Grey Dog Software
Zero Daisy Thread Analyst April 5th, 2020 460 Zero Daisy's Avatar  
Zero III Low Hanging Fruit October 13th, 2020 0 Zero III's Avatar  
Zero Suit Samus Low Hanging Fruit May 14th, 2018 1 Zero Suit Samus's Avatar Town Of Salem
zeroality Low Hanging Fruit December 10th, 2019 1   Mafiascum
ZeroBugZ Low Hanging Fruit November 18th, 2017 3 ZeroBugZ's Avatar Throne Of Lies
ZeroPassion Low Hanging Fruit September 4th, 2016 13 ZeroPassion's Avatar Dueling Network Forums
Zerro Bandwagoner October 30th, 2019 157 Zerro's Avatar  
zest Low Hanging Fruit July 7th, 2020 43 zest's Avatar  
ZestOfLife Low Hanging Fruit July 18th, 2019 0 ZestOfLife's Avatar Pokemon Showdown
Zeus Thread Analyst October 16th, 2015 390 Zeus's Avatar  
Zexy Soul Reader June 24th, 2015 3,833 Zexy's Avatar Bulbagarden
Zey Low Hanging Fruit April 14th, 2017 7 Zey's Avatar Kylä
Zeylet Bandwagoner October 18th, 2018 75 Zeylet's Avatar Kylä
Results 1 to 50 of 95
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about us
Mafia Universe is a community hub for people who enjoy playing the forum variant of Mafia (also known as Werewolf). We offer fully automated Mafia games and a wide variety of customized features crafted to optimize your game experience. We also proudly host the Internet's only database of Mafia/Werewolf communities.

We hope you stick around!
Role of the Day

The Hero will passively and reflexively kill any King who attempts to execute the Hero.