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About Tsaiah
A diehard townhunter, Tsaiah spends most of the first couple of days of any game searching for town to work with, and to narrow down a PoE pool for closer individual focus mid-to-late game. Will defend townreads to the end, which is usually helpful, unless she forgets to reevalute early reads well enough to find the inevitable wolf among them. That said, is somewhat proud of the accuracy of her townreads--enough so to have a good deal of confidence in them.

Prefers questioning and talking out details with other players to establish stronger reads, rather than proving herself 'right'. Employs meta reads, which can sometimes blow up in her face if she brushes aside evidence in favor of them, but can be useful when used alongside other parts of her toolkit. Loves it when people are willing to give reasons why they think things, or otherwise show their thought processes, so she can get into their heads better.

Good at post-flip associative reads, not so good at hard VCA. Needs to learn to trust her gut more when it gives off alarm-bells. Loathes short phases, which don't allow enough time to read everything thoroughly, digest information, and think things over. Would rather play mafia than go to work, which often interferes with the amount of time she can spend in a thread, but then they'd shut the internet off.

Also likes foxes, cheese, making up characters, and writing exercises such as trying out out talking about herself in third-person. :3
Flight Rising / MU
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