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    I'm extending the phase until 7:00pm as I don't have all the guesses. Can you please send me a free guess?

    Many thanks
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    no, but you're cool too
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    Don't slap me with the leek.

    Edit: yes, by all means, drop the link.
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    I find the statement in your signature to be a little farfetched.
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About Inawordyes
I've been playing Mafia since 2010, I've been here on MU since 2015, and I served as a member of the MU staff in the capacity of Community Contributor from July 2017-January 2018.

I love coming up with crazy schemes in Mafia games.

[b]Brief bio (one paragraph):[/b]
I first started playing Mafia in 2010 at the age of 14 by reading about it on Wikipedia and then immediately jumping to create a community on the Final Fantasy Wiki where I was a regular denizen at the time. That community didn't ultimately end up working out, but then I found the wiki for the MafiaManiac community, finally joined the site to play a game, and the rest is history.

[b]Why you joined/stay on the staff:[/b]
I love Mafia, and I always thought I had the right disposition (outside of games, of course) to be an effective moderator, but I never felt it was right to presume and ask about becoming one. So when I was offered the opportunity to do something for Mafia Universe in an official capacity, even though it wasn't being a moderator, I couldn't help but jump at the chance because I enjoy this community very much and I want to see it continue to grow, and now I have an opportunity to be a part of that growth.
Final Fantasy VIII, Calling people out for claiming Narf, Chaos
MafiaManiac, CFC, Mafia Universe
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Third Party
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Quote Originally Posted by Ultra Despair Girls (#1911)
IAWY is either awkward because he's wolfing or he's awkward because he's IAWY.
Quote Originally Posted by Macdougall (#861)
you're just a soup bowl full of deception
Quote Originally Posted by aphelios (#32101)
do not worry ita was only to draw his attention
is like morning phone call but with catapult aim at house
I was a leek once.


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