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    Ok it's working, thanks
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    The broke and they all appeared separated.
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    Please fix ur sig
  4. 32. Overwatch Mafia
    33. The innocent and the tree
    34 Mountainous buleltproof. Hydra-ing with GG
    35 The revenge of the Innocent and the three
    36 Sept D6 light game
    37 Narnia double traitors
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Quote Originally Posted by Phighter (#3563)
MU is not a betting game, it's a lie detection and lying game.
Quote Originally Posted by El-ahrairah (#4792)
But, soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the sun, and Michelle is the east.

Quote Originally Posted by ladd (#933)
jaleb probably willaging too

Quote Originally Posted by Monstrman (#13168)
Wolves never w peek someone

Quote Originally Posted by Marshmallow Marshall (#2318)
By the reads formulated yesterday, I hereby declare you, Michelle, scum by PoE, and sentence you to death for the accusation of High Treason and Werewolfing.

##Vote Michelle

Quote Originally Posted by Dimma Davidoff (#102)
Mafia is a real world game. The situations in Mafia are real, and one can not use anything but oneself. It is life. Very dense life. Look at it this way - Mafia are zombies, they are not free, they are bound by their knowledge of each other and a need to eliminate others. Citizens are free to make their own bounds. If you learn to do it well, then you could find zombies (people with alliance with past) in real life and turn them over to your side of the future.

Quote Originally Posted by Trustworthy Liberal (#153)
Well am here not here sorta-kinda asleep but kinda not 3 expresso shots was too much so let me think of something to entertain you most likely won't and will just pass out the second the expresso wears off, to be honest

Quote Originally Posted by Makaze (#15)
I'll get right on downloading the PM's directly into your brain.

Coming on Christmas 2040.


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