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Personal Use Only
Your data is precious. It is our recommendation that you do not show this to anyone for any reason. If you do show this to anyone, understand that you do so at great personal risk and the site takes no responsibility for what may happen.

  • Never post your Word Choice data in public for any reason. You may post the others at your own discretion, though this is not recommended.
  • Do not post any of this data in a game for any reason.
  • Do not ask or pressure other players to show their data for any reason.
  • Do not discuss your own or any other players' data in a game. If another player posts their own or other players' data where you can see, do not discuss their data. This data should be treated just like any other type of Outside Game Information.
  • If another player breaks any of these rules for any reason, report it to the moderation team immediately.

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Role of the Day

The Avenger may each night target another player. If the Avenger dies that night, the Avenger's target will die as well.