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whats the easiest way to get into poker?
tournaments. you go in knowing the max you are gonna lose and generally presents you with a good amount of play.

would you recommend getting into it?
yes if you can afford it. No if you can't afford it and/or are looking to make a living at it. It is much more feasible to do this as a hobby where you break even/make a few extra bucks on the side than it is to do as a full time job.

what is the best part about it to you?
I don't feel any anxiety when playing, even at a full table

why don't you play ww games very much anymore?

I find it hard to play without putting all my time into a game, and that combined with paranoia issues i think i've developed(not sure what i'd call it but that feels apt) makes werewolf not fun for me. I think one of the first timesi noticed them was that hedgehog game where I pushed on you that time. I think that had a large part of it that made me spiral in my head. In the subsequent years, when i play i found i ended up in that headspace more often to the point it was not worthwhile for me to play seriously.
do you mean in-person tournaments, or online somewhere? i honestly have no idea where to start lol
not to hijack bops thread but texas has some spicy games, particularly DFW (and it seems Austin as well) to get some in-person poker going with lots of action

i'd be down to meet up at a card room next week for your initiation
Best place to start playing poker is like 1999.

Bop -

Would you ever play poker with me if I was back in the area?

Do you miss anything about playing WW regularly?

Did she pay the $19.50?