how much money would you have to be paid to do the following:
let someone eat a strip of your flesh
Eat a strip of someone's flesh
Let someone drink your blood
Drink someone else's blood (guaranteed disease free for all these fwiw)
Lick a cleaned human bone
Lick a cleaned nonlivestock animal bone (like a turtle or a horse)
Eat a human eyeball
Eat a human organ
Become vegetarian for a year
Become vegan for a year
Become vegetarian forever
Become vegan forever
What is the best way to prepare human blood for consumption
What is the best way to prepare human flesh for consumption
If you were offered, would you partake in some mystery meat?
What is a soul to you?
How much is the average soul worth?
How much is your soul worth?
if you had to eat one snack for the rest of your life, what would it be?
can you tell us about your best food experiene?
Can you tell us about your worst food experience?
is there an interest that you wish you could share with more people, but you feel like people wouldn't understand it? (NOT eimm)
whats your favorite type of cheez-it
Would you eat a bug if paid well enough
How much is well enough
What's your favorite drink
Are you able to make it at home
Do you prefer coffee or tea
What kind of coffee/tea is your favorite
Do you have any strange stories about your life
what do you see when you close your eyes
what would your ideal bedroom look like
if you had to sleep next to one person not blood related to you, who would it be
if you had to trust one person to nurse you back to health, who would it be
how much time do you spend thinking in the shower
hot showers or cold showers
what are your takes on what happens when we die
do you think you'll ever meet your soulmate?
what do you imagine your ideal date to be like
how much water do you drink in a day, approximately
do you need to drink more water
you should drink more water
whats your strangest food take
what is the most esoteric thing you've eaten
would you eat shark jerky if offered
whats your favorite fish
what's your favorite animal
whats your favorite color
what time of day is your favorite
do you like to sit outside just for the sake of it
cold weather or hot weather
what is your ideal outdoor temperature
what is your ideal indoor temperature
how much money do you spend on non-essentials for yourself on a monthly basis (this doesn't include stuff like fast food because food is an essential)
what type of games do you like
what type of movies do you like
if you had to pick one everyday activity of yours to go without, what would it be
if you could add one thing to your daily routine, what would it be
what superpowers would you want
would you be a hero or a villain from your own perspective
what would be your motivation
what would you want to achieve most if you could do anything in life
what type of life would you like to live if money wasn't an issue
what traits do you seek out in the people that surround you
where do you wish you were right now
how much time do you spend in bed per day (not sleeping)
Do you exercise?
What is the most you're willing to pay for a quick meal (breakfast sandwich, sub, burrito, etc)
What is the most you have paid for a quick meal?
Would you say most of your outside entertainment is enjoyed alone or with others?
What activities do you enjoy while out on the town?
What is the most you're willing to pay for a day out in total?
Do you ever lie to leave social functions early?