Hey IER.

WWS, Those were the Map/Movement games (iirc) Basically you can only use an action on those players in the same section of the map as you, and sometimes movement was limited by certain game conditions, etc.

IER, I believe Manual games can handle those set ups. Thats with knowledge of the tools here and willingness to shepard the games (doubt you could set something like that up as an automatic game).

Automatic games (in my experience here) are usually basic, boiler plate affairs. There is probably a mod channel in the MU Discord you could go to for advice on specifics. (Ive never modded a game here).

It should be said though the culture here for games is different from GDS. The vote count/ISO tools encourages a town core playstyle that doesnt include night write ups that actually inform player movements/actions. Not saying it couldnt be done just that (for non GDS peeps at least) games where player movement is reported by a mod is a thing (during day or night phases) might be alien to some peeps here.

I havent seen a map game since Ive been here, so something like that should get some attention.

One thing that could be related that does happen here is Neighborhoods.. where different discord channels are set up for a game where players are stationed together for night phases. Havent seen this combined with maps for day phases but seems like a natural fit.