MU Harassment Policy:

Most reportable incidents on MU go through the regular process of reporting. People breaking the CoC, using slurs on Discord, or violating game integrity in some manner - there's a report button, use it. Or if it's on Discord, ping a mod.

Harassment can be a different situation. Sometimes it's a mixture of public and private, and oftentimes it involves personal, sensitive, or uncomfortable matters. For any situation where privacy and user safety/comfort is an overarching concern, we now have a system in place where the goal is to strike a balance between safety, privacy, fairness, and efficiency.

Mafia Universe is committed to ensuring that you are protected, treated with dignity and respect, and supported. To achieve these objectives, we recommend prompt, complete, and unrestricted reporting of harassment allegations. If you just need someone to talk to, we are here for that too.

If you believe that an MU user is privately harassing you - including, but not limited to repeated personal attacks, threats, or unwanted advances - and you wish to bring the mod team into the matter, you have two options, which fall under the categories of restricted reporting and unrestricted reporting:

Restricted Reporting: Under these circumstances, the victim’s report and any details provided to the mods will not be acted upon, and the accused person will not be informed. This brings something to our attention, lets us build a pattern of behavior, makes us aware of a potential problem, and completely protects your privacy. A restricted report can, at the reporter's discretion, become an unrestricted one at any time.

Unrestricted Reporting: With an unrestricted report, three things will happen:

1) We will contact the person you're accusing, making them aware of the accusation and any and all evidence you've provided. We may contact you again as well during this process for clarification / additional information. This step is essentially the moderation team looking over the evidence, talking to both parties about it (separately), and using their judgement to determine if a line has been crossed, and if so, what an appropriate action is.

2) At the conclusion of step 1, we will inform both parties of the results, and inform both parties what if any action is being taken at this time.

At a minimum, you as a user should expect that if you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against, you can reach out to us for support.

At a minimum, when you make a report like this to the moderation team, we expect you to provide us with:

1) A clear indication that you're making either an Unrestricted or Restricted report. (A restricted report can become an unrestricted point, at the reporter's request, at any time)

2) Logs/screenshots/evidence

3) Examples of how you have addressed the harassment yourself

While you may make us aware of harassment of someone else, only the victims can decide if the report is Unrestricted, and only direct reports from the victim will be acted upon.

Unless the report is either extremely open-and-shut, or extremely frivolous, unrestricted reports consume a large amount of the moderation team's time and energy, and we ask for your patience. These matters are something we take very seriously, there are a ton of grey areas and judgement calls, and we want to get it as right as humanly possible, and that takes time.

If you wish to make either a restricted or unrestricted report, you should contact: anyone whose name is light blue, blue, purple, or the current Administrator in charge of moderator affairs (as of this writing, Ampharos.)