New Flake Moderation Process

  • First sub: Flake moderators will contact the player, regardless of the reason for subbing out, and warn them that one more sub will probably result in a sign-up ban. If the reason provided is considered RWSTFO or something unacceptable like that, we will go straight to a sign-up ban, or in rare cases, a full site ban.

  • Second sub: This will usually result in a sign-up ban. Exceptions include if the second sub happens a long time after the player’s first sub (years -ish) or if the player has otherwise shown high/consistent activity in games.

  • Subout after a previous ban: This will usually lead to a new sign-up ban instantly. In most cases, this ban will be a longer one.

  • Repeated instances afterwards may lead to a very long, or permanent sign-up ban.

  • If a player that subs out or flakes is playing in more than one game, we will instantly temporarily ban the player from multi-tabling, and on top of that warn the player that repeated subouts will lead to a full signup ban.

  • If a player in the game is not meeting post requirements or min-posting without actually participating this will be treated as a sub since it's at least equally game-ruining.

Ban lengths usually range from 1 month - 3 months - 6 months - 1 year - permanent. The standard progression is usually 1 month -> 3 months -> 1 year.

For more information, see the linked thread.