MU Discord Server Rules

These rules apply to all members in all sections of Mafia Universe's moderated Discord channel.

1. Follow the Code of Conduct:
2. Do not engage in or promote illegal activity.
3. Do not spam.
4. Do not post NSFW or gratuitously disturbing material, or include said material in your avatar or nickname.
5. Do not gamble.
6. Do not violate other users' privacy.
7. The moderators reserve the right to ask for your identity on Mafia Universe, and to ask you to change either your global or server nick to reflect this.
8. Do not engage in bigotry or hate speech, even jokingly.
9. The #debate channel falls solely under the jurisdiction of @Makaze and is subject to different standards of behavior and moderation, though the above rules still apply.
10. Do not harass people in DMs.

The moderation staff is ceding full control of the #debate channel on the Discord server to Makaze. They will be the sole arbiter of corrective action within that space. They cannot ban you from the server at large, but they CAN remove your access to that channel.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in a warning, server mute, or a temporary or permanent server ban. Please contact a teal Discord Moderator or a blue Moderator if you are concerned about the behavior of another user.