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  1. Team Fortress Mafia - Looking for Replacements!

    Greetings. I need one replacement for Team Fortress Mafia at the Syndicate.

    The game will start in about 12 hours.

    Phases are 48/24. It is a role madness setup, and semi-open (all roles are known but their respective alignments are random). It was reviewed by Soneji of MU.

    Thank you!
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    99% of the times a person says they are too busy...

    99% of the times a person says they are too busy irl to post they are telling the truth and saying they are lieing about it is very rude.

    Find a better scumtell to use than post counts.
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    Third party roles are way more fun to play...

    Third party roles are way more fun to play against than to play as.

    (They are pretty fun to design too)
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    We have covered everything. Close the thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by ladd (#25)
    ww is fun
    Quote Originally Posted by Macdougall (#113)
    Mafia is a toxic game and ruins people's lives
    We have covered everything. Close the thread.
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    Just digged my old account just to post here,...

    Just digged my old account just to post here, lol.

    - Role Madness is not intrinsically imbalanced or uncompetitive. It's much harder to design to be balanced, sure, but if you do it, it can be just as competitive as mountainous.

    - Catching up is by far the least fun thing about mafia and I will probably not return to a community after my first game if the post volume is too high or if players make a big deal about my post volume being lower than theirs. Which probably happened because I spent most of my playing time catching up to their stuff instead of posting mine.

    - As a cororally, judging a player's alignment by the number of hours passed since their last post is disgusting, and usually NAI.

    - It is okay to ban role claiming or character claiming to be able to host the setup you want to host. It is also okay to not ban it. Host the setup you want, and write the rules that fit with it the best. Most players will accept it either way, and the ones who won't can go play something else.

    - Some players get lynched more than others and that is okay. But lynching someone just because "it's a meme" is terrible.

    - "Banish" is a terrible replacement for "lynch" because it does not invoke the killing of the player. "Yeet" is silly but might work. Not sure about other options.

    - Day phases lasting 24 hours or more means players should not be expected to be present at every EoD, as the game is not played in real time. As a corollary, CFDs are stupid and borderline anti-social, though they do seem to work a lot.

    - NKA can work but most of the time it's pointless WIFOM.

    - It's okay not to have a read of everyone, at any point of the game. It's also okay to go back to null on people you once read as town/scum.
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    /in I'm playing with Soneji (aka...


    I'm playing with @Soneji (aka WolfPrinceKouga). We are from Naruto Forums.
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    Poll: Edit: sorry wrong thread


    sorry wrong thread
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