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  1. lolwut I was going to do this But hey, yes,...


    I was going to do this

    But hey, yes, JOIN TEH CARNAGE
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    Twoplustwo: Fortnite II MishMassacre 18/06

    Deathrate = 70-75%/day

    This game will not take much of your time. Settle your feuds here once and for all.

    The first Fortnite game was well received and featured the unique Friendly Fire mechanism. Shoot a wolf and be Lock Clear!

    Want to join the fun? Click HERE!
  3. :y: Apoc The likelihood of you randing a good...

    Quote Originally Posted by Apoc (#7)

    The likelihood of you randing a good weapon is increasing
  4. 2+2 Fortnite mishmash. CARNAGE starting day 1 with 9h ITA period

    • This game will start Monday 21st of May. SOD-EOD is 08:00-21:00 EST
    • High participation is not required, as long as you SHOOT
    • There will be an ITA period 10:00-19:00 EST (that's right: 9 hours)
    • The game will be a carnage festival that ends in max 3 days
    • Will you be randed a common weapon with a mere 60% kill EV or a Legendary one with 192% kill EV?

    Only one way to find out! Sign up HERE!
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    April the 3rd, 2017. You will need a time turner...

    Quote Originally Posted by acheter (#27)
    When's this run?
    April the 3rd, 2017.
    You will need a time turner to play
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    So who made the one millionth post on MU?

    So who made the one millionth post on MU?
  7. twoplustwo: Magic the Gathering mishmash, may 22nd, 50-ish players

    Hi all, I just posted the sign-up thread of one of the most anticipated games on POG in this year: the 4th installment of the Magic: the Gathering mishmash.

    In this high variance werewolf/mafia game every player will be a MtG creature. During the game you draw cards (spells) and gain mana to play those spells. Most players will have (almost) no powers, but with a little luck you can draw into powerful spells and gain some serious abilities. High participation will allow you to play events and win more cards/mana, improving your chances to get something done for your team.

    This is not a light game. This is a game for diehards to sink their teeth in. One hour/day is just seriously not enough to play this.

    An example of some spells that will be in the game:

    Here are some roles from previous games:

    This game will be totally worth your time, so sign up now!
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    In-thread attacks - module

    Sup guys,

    When you are using ITA's and your roleset is a bit too complicated to run it with automated ITA's, you might be able to use my module (if you have MS Access on your computer).

    A video demo can be found on Youtube:

    If you are a game mod, the 16 minutes of your life you lose viewing this, will be returned to you with interest. The module properly processes a boatload of effects/abilities:
    • Bodyguards
    • Silent attacks
    • Hunting (If a hunter dies, all his targets die as well).
    • Day Angel
    • ITA angel
    • Janitors
    • ITA0 (invalidate ITA)
    • ITA100 (100% shot, can actually miss if global multiplier <100)
    • Lovers
    • Attack redirecting
    • Tailors
    • Superbodyguards (player A cannot die for as long as Player B is alive)

    You can download it from my Dropbox: CLICK

    Any question, please send me a PM. I'm not a MU regular so anything that gets posted itt I might overlook.
  9. Actually in this game you can be dayvigged by...

    Actually in this game you can be dayvigged by scum on day 1

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    After a PM he decided to actually downgrade to...

    Quote Originally Posted by Monstrman (#92)
    After a PM he decided to actually downgrade to Dayfly.

    There should be a roletype available for anyone that is not completely offline for the first 3 days of the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JK Rowling (#3)

    Draw a picture of a non-existing magical creature that exists according to lovely Luna Lovegood, like a Wrackspurt or the fabled Crumple-Horned Snorkack. Submit your picture by PM to Gabethebabe, not to any other mod account. The rest of the mod team will choose the best picture and the winner will get to be Luna in HP7.
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    I have no mods at the moment on MU, if there are...

    I have no mods at the moment on MU, if there are no favorable developments within a week, I am moving this game to POG only.
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    #POG AliasMU AliasPrefRole...

    # POG Alias MU Alias Pref Role
    1 jumpluff jumpluff Either Dayfly
    2 Zaccino Zack Either Dayfly
    3 Shad_ Shad Either Dayfly
    4 DWetzel DWetzel Either Dayfly
    5 N/A Sociopath MU Dayfly
    6 N/A mhsmith0 MU Dayfly
    7 N/A Empoof MU Dayfly
    8 N/A metsnfins MU Dayfly
    9 J.D. N/A POG Dayfly
    10 Slow_Ben N/A POG Dayfly
    11 chuckleslovakian N/A POG Dayfly
    12 brrrrr N/A POG Dayfly
    13 Booker Wolfbox N/A POG Dayfly
    14 ihcjay N/A POG Dayfly
    15 Zorkman zork POG Dayfly
    16 Stork.. Stork Either Standard
    17 No Lynches Visorslash Either Standard
    18 Adam33 Adam Either Standard
    19 Lissa2 Lissa Either Standard
    20 FrogSC2 Frog Either Standard
    21 ApocPS Apoc Either Standard
    22 Telcontar Telcontar Either Standard
    23 Ace of Spaids Ace of Spaids Either Standard
    24 Mor_Tilt4mePls mor_tilt Either Standard
    25 RAORoman Roman Either Standard
    26 fnord_too fnord_too Either Standard
    27 benneh Benneh Either Standard
    28 Heidenroslein the-middle-of-the-line Either Standard
    29 Riki Riki Either Standard
    30 theknightsofneeee theknightsofneeee Either Standard
    31 Gadarene Dot Either Standard
    32 peskypenguin peskypenguin Either Standard
    33 t om t om Either Standard
    34 TheBrokenATM! BATMAN Either Standard
    35 NeedMoreManasi NeedMoreManasi Either Standard
    36 bopolis bopolis Either Standard
    37 Onuzq Onuzq Either Standard
    38 TehBankertin TehBankertin Either Standard
    39 XXsooted ?? Either Standard
    40 UpsideDownChuck UpsideDownChuck Either Standard
    41 Jon Paul Jon Paul Either Standard
    42 LordJvK LordJvK Either Standard
    43 N/A ubermensch MU Standard
    44 N/A Secondhand Revenant MU Standard
    45 N/A NotACop MU Standard
    46 N/A SpankGangsta MU Standard
    47 N/A npstr MU Standard
    48 N/A DemonTurtle MU Standard
    49 N/A dyachei MU Standard
    50 N/A Nego MU Standard
    51 N/A Alette MU Standard
    52 N/A MarkoRaj MU Standard
    53 N/A billymills MU Standard
    54 N/A Romanstrmon MU Standard
    55 KruZe N/A POG Standard
    56 xander biscuits N/A POG Standard
    57 Jar Jar Bakes N/A POG Standard
    58 mexineil N/A POG Standard
    59 Duckburg N/A POG Standard
    60 Sajin CS N/A POG Standard
    61 IAmRobik N/A POG Standard
    62 SuqAta8 N/A POG Standard
    63 filthyvermin N/A POG Standard
    64 Namath12 N/A POG Standard
    65 BenjaminAO N/A POG Standard
    66 accobra_kid N/A POG Standard
    67 Gamer Dude N/A POG Standard
    68 biggerboat N/A POG Standard
    69 insanity31 N/A POG Standard
    70 Effen N/A POG Standard
    71 TehVader N/A POG Standard
    72 Xkf N/A POG Standard
    73 72off N/A POG Standard
    74 Larry Legend N/A POG Standard
    75 jonnyd N/A POG Standard
    76 HUstylez N/A POG Standard
    77 dmk N/A POG Standard
    78 Nofear3838 N/A POG Standard
    79 LKJ N/A POG Standard
    80 Supine N/A POG Standard
    81 aaronk56 N/A POG Standard
    82 dogmother1776 N/A POG Standard
    83 dankhank N/A POG Standard
    84 killer_kill N/A POG Standard
    85 ChrisV N/A POG Standard
    86 loosekanen N/A POG Standard
    87 TheNothing N/A POG Standard
    88 dkgojackets N/A POG Standard
    89 Wizard-50 N/A POG Standard
    90 Kaze13 N/A POG Standard
    91 CalledDownLight N/A POG Standard
    92 Thingyman Thingyman Either YOPO
    93 lilrascal lilrascal Either YOPO
    94 N/A Sooh MU YOPO
    95 N/A Fable MU YOPO
    96 Weatherguy N/A POG YOPO
    97 derwipok N/A POG YOPO
    98 Willi Willi POG YOPO
    99 younguns87 N/A POG YOPO
    100 zdye724 N/A POG YOPO
    101 True North N/A POG YOPO
    102 pvn N/A POG YOPO
    103 iversonian N/A POG YOPO
    104 schu_22 N/A POG YOPO
    105 RollWave N/A POG YOPO
    106 HiFi N/A POG YOPO
    107 Viggorous N/A POG YOPO
    108 Bloobird N/A POG YOPO
    109 Kukraprout N/A POG YOPO
    110 FCBLComish N/A POG YOPO
    111 Monkey Banana N/A POG YOPO
    112 Hurp Durpington N/A POG YOPO
    113 vaya N/A POG YOPO
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    Sticky: OK, so I find this thread now, after I have...

    OK, so I find this thread now, after I have already posted the signup thread of Harry Potter 7.

    Had I seen this thread, I would have pre-consulted you. I do not think I am above the law. However, I do think HP7 is a quite special game and I know on POG all mods gladly step aside with their games to see it run on the 7th of november (and play, of course).

    I would recommend against reviewing this game. Balancing a 100-150 player game with brutal ITA's and loads of variance in the shape of subgames and events is not for the faint of heart. I would recommend Zack and Visorslash to play instead. I have delivered 75+ player, highly complicated games before.
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    Tom presented himself as potential mod, but is...

    Tom presented himself as potential mod, but is OUT due to work promotion (WD TOM!)
    Beck is currently on a break, unsure where he will be in 4w
    So there s only Cory atm

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    POG AliasMU AliasPrefRole...

    POG Alias MU Alias Pref Role
    Stork.. Stork Either Standard
    No Lynches Visorslash Either Standard
    Ace of Spaids Ace of Spaids Either Standard
    RAORoman Roman Either Standard
    fnord_too fnord_too Either Standard
    benneh Benneh Either Standard
    Riki Riki Either Standard
    theknightsofneeee theknightsofneeee Either Standard
    BenjaminAO BenjiAO Either Standard
    Heidenroslein the-middle-of-the-line Either/MU Standard
    Adam33 Adam Either/POG Standard
    jumpluff jumpluff Either/POG Standard
    Lissa2 Lissa Either/POG Standard
    N/A ubermensch MU Standard
    N/A NotACop MU Standard
    N/A Sooh MU Standard
    N/A npstr MU Standard
    FrogSC2 Frog MU Standard
    N/A Secondhand Revenant MU Standard
    N/A SpankGangsta MU Standard
    J.D. N/A POG Dayfly
    Slow_Ben N/A POG Dayfly
    KruZe N/A POG Standard
    filthyvermin N/A POG Standard
    xander biscuits N/A POG Standard
    Weatherguy N/A POG Standard
    Jar Jar Bakes N/A POG Standard
    ApocPS N/A POG Standard
    mexineil N/A POG Standard
    Duckburg N/A POG Standard
    Telcontar N/A POG Standard
    Sajin CS N/A POG Standard
    IAmRobik N/A POG Standard
    Mor_4TiltMePls N/A POG Standard
    SuqAta8 N/A POG Standard
    Namath12 N/A POG Standard
    derwipok N/A POG YOPO
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    Only PM if you want an Intensive role or a...

    Quote Originally Posted by Secondhand Revenant (#4)

    Do we PM you role preference or state it in sign up?

    Playing on MU
    Only PM if you want an Intensive role or a NOPOG4ME.
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    If I had posted this in Little Hangleton...

    If I had posted this in Little Hangleton cemetery, I would have had more response

    Hopefully the signup thread will receive more attention.
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    SOD/EOD will be 08:00 EST and 21:00 EST. I have...

    SOD/EOD will be 08:00 EST and 21:00 EST. I have no idea what that even is in my local time, I am in CET.

    So 13h day,11h night. Deadline night actions 1h before SOD.

    Expect ITA's to be 10:00, 14:00 and 18:00 or something like that - quite equally divided over the day.
    If you cannot attend at least one ITA period, do not go for a full role.

    There will be a lot of vanilla (ish) town/village roles. There have to be because the ITA's are really tough for evil to handle. ITA's allow vanillagers to become a hero (or a zero) and you don't want to miss out on that wheel of fortune.
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    I suppose POG will outnumber MU, but hopefully...

    Quote Originally Posted by Panther (#3)
    also, I can "start" on either forum, depending on where you need numbers
    I suppose POG will outnumber MU, but hopefully there will be enough flexible players who don't care, so we can make both threads about evenly sized.
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    People will obviously need accounts on POG to...

    People will obviously need accounts on POG to play day 4+. We will strongly recommend everyone who signs up for a full role and doesn't have a POG account to create one ASAP and give me the account name.

    Of course, your MU nick and POG nick needs to be the same or recognizable and the same avatar to keep things fair.

    The list of new players I can provide to POG greens, as they have kindly assured me they can instaseason these accounts and spare new players to have to go through the seasoning process.
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    Harry Potter 7 mishmash: shattering records

    Hi all, for the many of you that didn't already know: I'm planning to start running the largest ww/mafia game ever on november 7th.

    It will play in the Harry Potter universe and to allow for game size, it will start on two forums: POG @ twoplustwo and on mafia universe.

    The game will play for three days on two forums, after which the remaining players@MU will continue the game on POG, where it will finish.

    So MU and POG join forces!

    In this thread I hope to get a little discussion going where people can ask questions and comment and whatnot.

    Not everybody likes to play such a MASSIVE game, so there will be various short-lived roles. As short as ONE POST. Some roles that last exactly one day and some that will last ca. 3 days, to accomodate MU players that do not wish to continue playing on POG.

    Of course, if you choose a short-lived role, do not expect much of it. The very short roles are there to help the headcount and generate some effect in the game, more than anything else. Obviously I hope to get as many normal roles as possible, that's where you will find all the main characters.

    Emphasis on the fact that I expect you participate, when you sign up. 1h/day is just really nothing, that is an ITA period and a little more. I am looking for players, not quitters. Slank vigs will be recruited to weed out the Unspeakables.

    The HP universe is positively huge, so it can support a 200-250 player game easily. Full character claims are legal in this game, so expect evil to have plenty of cover roles, some of them quite prominent, that will make believable claims as well. That will force you to actually play ww/mafia.

    The target game size is 200+ players. At MU the mod team will consist of beck, cory and tom is looking as well if it fits his schedule. Looking forward to it, guys!

    The game will feature three ITA periods where you can cast your Avada Kedavra, Crucio, Expelliarmus and whatnot. There will be oodles of events, trivia questions, quizzes, subgames that will keep you busy and allow you to pick up rewards and gain powers. There will be a post restriction of 100 ppd for as long as we deem necessary.

    I would be interested to hear how many of you wish to play this game, but not move over to POG during day 4. That gives me an idea of how many short roles there should be in the game.

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    We call it DVC Dead Villa Chat And 20-25k...

    Quote Originally Posted by the-middle-of-the-line View Post
    This seems fun, but I'm pretty busy around now. Is there a spectator/grave chat (do you guys do that)?
    We call it DVC
    Dead Villa Chat

    And 20-25k posts for the game, obviously.
    I expect the game to take about 7-9 days, so you do the math.
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    Thingy used up his 1000'th post for this :D ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Thingyman View Post
    I can't recommend this game enough. You will probably never play a better game, Gabethebabe is widely regarded as 2+2's best host and he takes it very seriously and always comes up with very cool games.

    But do take note of the high activity requirements. You shouldn't sign up for it if you do not feel completely confident about being able to live up to the requirements.
    Thingy used up his 1000'th post for this

    Why aren't you in, btw?
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    twoplustwo - Magic the Gathering - 60-ish

    This will be a mafia-ish game with Magic: the Gathering theme. Players will be creatures, have a mana pool and will draw cards and cast spells, among other things.

    Game Host: Gabethebabe
    Game Type: Hidden roleset. Is that closed or open
    Phase Length / Game Speed: 1 gameday/day. Weekend will be a single day.
    Expected Number of Players: 60-ish
    Lynch Mechanics: Lynch at EOD. Plenty of death during the day
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No
    Other: Starts Tuesday October 13th. Day is 08:00-21:00 Eastern. There will be two Main Phases / day.

    • Do not sign up if 25k post game threads scare you. 3 of my previous 9 games have been 25-30k posts. I expect 20-25k for this game.
    • Do not sign up if you are planning to dedicate < 1h/day. Most will play 2-3h and some geeks even more.
    • Do not sign up if you are easily offended. At twoplustwo, some players can be quite abrasive.
    • Do not sign up if you are too lazy to read the rules. For MtG players, the rules will be fairly easy to understand.

    I dedicate a LOT of design time to my games and they have always been well received. I expect your participation to be accordingly. It will be FUN.

    Things from previous games, to give you an idea.



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