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    Completed Forum mod powers being put to work to skip the...

    Quote Originally Posted by nutella (#21902)
    finally modbot mafiasiding
    Forum mod powers being put to work to skip the modbot glitch.
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    Completed While Makaze is on vacation, I'll just revive all...

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    Completed An apology from Stormslyde: My behaviour in f5...

    An apology from Stormslyde:

    My behaviour in f5 was completely unacceptable. Despite knowing this I did it anyways. I don't want to make excuses or justify my behaviour, it's something I'm working on. I often struggle with emotional regulation and became overly invested in the game. This resulted in me becoming inappropriately aggressive and selfishly ruining the game for several other people.

    In particular I want to apologise to Kpop, burning pile, and wtw. I understand that my choices have probably given many of you a bad opinion of me, rightfully so. But I take responsibility for me actions and have no one and nothing else to blame but myself and my lack of control.

    Please forgive me, I don't play often and this behaviour of mine is one of the main reasons why. I take no pleasure in being the way that I am and I shouldn't subject others to my own issues. I will be extending my ban to a full year hiatus. Hopefully during that time I will mature beyond this and show that I'm more than just a toxic emotional player.

    Please forgive me.

    Ps. Mikey had nothing to do with the game post ita2 so please don't associate him with my behaviour this game.
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