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    Walrus This one I didn't find. It was a song I know...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bunny (#128)
    13th place


    Ngl the lyrics are fitting to the theme and im impressed you found this when rushing your sub. It's a little bit corny but it's pleasant enough. 7.7 points - bunny

    Yeah a bit too touchy feely for me I’ma pass. 5.6 Points - Fable
    Final Points: 6.6 Points
    This one I didn't find. It was a song I know quite well. For this walrus and since I was in a rush, I submitted 60-75% of songs I already know/have known for years vs. most walruses I'm hunting for new songs that I'm hearing for the first time or searching for one that fits. Sometimes, I will have a go to song that I feel just fits the category before hunting, but these days, I generally submitting stuff that I just recently started listening to or just found because of this or that particular walrus.
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    Walrus I like that I'm in both 6th and last place.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fable (#85)
    Standings After 4 Categories

    17th Owner2: 18.4
    16th Moose 23.6
    15th LordQuas: 24.3
    14th IAAFR: 28.2
    13th Spectronoid: 30.9
    12th Kaznos: 31.4
    11th Chemist: 32
    10th Zack: 32.2
    9th Nutella: 32.6
    8th Logic: 33.2
    7th Ladd: 33.6
    6th Owner: 33.7
    5th Multiverse: 33.8
    4th GBSfranca: 34.4
    3rd Shad: 35.6
    2nd Reasonfortreason: 35.7
    1st Pizza: 38.7
    I like that I'm in both 6th and last place.
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