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    Completed On Mobile so i cant go into super detail. It's a...

    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyfan (#920)
    Pretender/Koba is wayy too much of a level 1 read, but it is plausible lol. Idk how u TR koba here. Also you said Nate is one of your SL's so whats your read on him looking like atm
    On Mobile so i cant go into super detail. It's a mix on the TR on you and the way they are scumreading this game. To me it looks like less finding Mafia behavior and more to catch people off guard or getting them in "AHA" moments. Again Ill try to go into more detail on my thoughts later, but my main SR rn is you.

    People dont like this type of play style, but I would rather win at any point rather than super early. In order to avoid the obvious with Koba and Cyc, I'd rather look for an info vote that would lead to solving everyone else better.

    Hot Take: A misslim vote that gives info on maf slots is better than finding a solo maf.
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    Completed 417 I said here that you were a low confidence...

    I said here that you were a low confidence null read i had a lot of questions on your playstyle (low confidence meaning leaning towards scumlean)

    AS the game developed, you moved towards scumlean, along with Nate. I TR koba so i decided to pocket them on the vote on you to steer the game away from the whole KobavsCyc situation since i think its gonna end by outting a pr.
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    Completed Yea but your Towncase on Hockey is: I find them...

    Yea but your Towncase on Hockey is: I find them town and im not getting pushed. This means they are town.

    Not exactly rock hard evidence
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    Completed LOL?? You just gave 3 possiblities where hockey...

    Quote Originally Posted by MeteorNate (#905)
    Quote Originally Posted by Cape90 (#877)
    Is it bad I think there is a world where Nate is scum doing this to AtE town xrCyclone.
    This is also addressed to Cyclone's quotes noting they want to vote Hockey today but I'm too lazy to multiquote and this quote is more important to have directly quoted.

    One thing I'd noted yesterday and think has developed to a mostly satisfactory conclusion is as follows:

    "If Hockey is scum, and Dk/Cyclone is T/T, where are the people setting up on me for when he gets voted?"

    If Dk/Cyc are T/T, I think I'd be getting a lot of shade thrown at me since, when the dust settles on Dk/Cyc, if they were both blue, then Hockey being voted is likely, so they would then be able to push a MC on me. But that hasn't really happened.

    The people who I think have come the closest to throwing that shade at me are: DkKoba and Cape90. Hockey has taken a minimalistic stance and 6Seeds has sat on that fencepost until the end of time, but I think 6Seeds would probably lean towards a bit more actively pushing onto me if that were the angle.

    What does this mean?

    World 1:

    Hockey is town. People aren't pushing me for it because... I'm right.

    World 2:

    Hockey is mafia with either DkKoba or Cyclone. Cyclone is mafia trying to bus Hockey, and thus they won't shade me because they need me to vote DkKoba with them OR DkKoba is mafia trying to distance from Hockey. DkKoba, if mafia, should never be the one shading me to actually get me MC'd here. It would never succeed at getting me miscondemned in time, because they will never realistically live much longer than town!Cyclone.

    In this world, we don't vote Hockey on day 1, because we have a mafia in DkKoba or Cyclone.

    World 3:

    Cape90 is mafia with Hockey. In a game brought to you by the letter L, the scum-team of Cape90, Hockey, and probably RC has some capacity to get away. However, Cape90 has gone back and forth on me a bit, calling me town at some points, then shading me a bit in others, but more positive than negative I think. I think they'd be a bit more heavy-handed if this is the world we live in.

    World 4:

    Hockey is mafia, Dk/Cyc is T/T, Cape is also town. This world is also unlikely to be the case because, as aforementioned, why isn't mafia pushing/shading me heavily today? There are absolutely people pushing a Dk/Cyclone dichotomy, so it's hard for me to believe that scum couldn't have an interest in letting that dichotomy be pushed for at least one easy miscondemn, then probably trading Hockey after 1-2 miscondemns, then pushing me next after Hockey goes.

    Altogether, for these reasons, Hockeyfan should never be the vote today.
    LOL?? You just gave 3 possiblities where hockey is mafia, you reason for not voting them is because of their pairs?

    Also finding Hockey town isnt revolutionary, they've been generally under the radar amist all this Koba/Cyc fighting. (very reminiscent of their TvT last game)

    If anything, your post proves that we SHOULD vote Hockey here as an info vote to see where possible pairs lie.
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    Completed hockeyfan Sure ill get paired with Koba here

    ##Vote hockeyfan

    Sure ill get paired with Koba here
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    Completed RadiantCowbells RC making moves is a :) from...

    ##Unvote RadiantCowbells

    RC making moves is a from me

    Idk who imma pivot to yet, I think one of DK and Cyc will end up claiming pr, so ill wait for that to happen on it's own. (dont call that scum im gaming rn)

    Im thinking of going to nate or hockey here. thoughts?
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    Completed Hey, maybe we started off on the wrong foot, and...

    Quote Originally Posted by RadiantCowbells (#585)
    If you are gonna put people to e-2 this early you force me into action earlier than I'd want and that is bad for town

    Please don't.
    Hey, maybe we started off on the wrong foot, and I'd hate to have a $%#!push on me over a misunderstanding. To my knowledge I've never played a game with you, so I dont know your play style.

    However, I can't say that being this "luming threat" to mafia is doing it for me. Really looks like a great cop out as to why you never say anything that is actually AI. Calling Koba a misslim give a glimpse into your reads, and sure you give little list here and there but never elaborate.

    Call me dumb newb to your sheer power, but I would like to force something out of you. It's irritating me that you are getting by on these vauge logs and everyone is more focus on finding people contridicting themselves.
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    Completed Here i am waiting to see koba's reaction to being...

    Here i am waiting to see koba's reaction to being bwed
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    Completed Cus im Mr.Omgus and provided no actual evidence...

    Quote Originally Posted by DkKoba (#542)
    Quote Originally Posted by RadiantCowbells (#514)
    I'm gonna say that I think grandpa is a bad lynch for today

    The player that I think is the correct lynch is set in stone right now, I'm completely confident in my reads on a large section of the player base but before I really start flexing my muscles and monopolizing the thread environment with a push I'd like to give the low posters such as Mr. Omgus time to provide something so I can give real reads on them since I don't think my lifespan will be very long this game
    and why pretender?
    Cus im Mr.Omgus and provided no actual evidence towards my vote on them
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    Completed Gonna start off by clarifying my scumteam finding...

    Gonna start off by clarifying my scumteam finding method.

    Yes I townlean Cyc, however that doesnt mean that they arent mafia. I've seen before that Cyc can be the most towny maf you've ever seen. Therefore, i pick out who I slightly pair them with (notice none of my scum team list are even 70% confident) so that in the case that some of those people on the list are mafia (which some probably are) I have an early basis as to who can be mafmates. Tring Cyclone and putting them in a scumteam isnt contradicting my self, consider it a kind of insurance in case the people on the same list as them turn out to be mafia.

    Now then, on to Gpa.

    Gpa has fallen apart the moment i submited my textwall. (Sorry for using the word pocketing i was doing laundry at the time i questioned you, i thought you said pocketing) In any case, it seems like you didnt read any of my reads scum a have very unpopular opinions. Like hockey pointed out, my koba read, my 6 Seeds read, even my cowbells reads is very iffy to some people. I mean look at the reactions i got from Xr and Koba on my post.

    On top of that, after my wall, people started noticing you contridicting yourself on your thought on metas, something i pointed out on my reads of you, im sad i didnt get any credit. look back at the post if you need a reminder. Then once you are questioned on your contridictions, you start getting super agressive and basically disregarding people for even considering you a possibility.

    a little bit of Xr in my life.
    Kinda sad that cyc didnt see how i was doing my post, or maybe they didnt see the confidence scale, but i do agree we have SOME different standpoints in terms of reads, however seeing that we both seem to lean towards a gpa push, im gonna avoid that since i still dont know entirely where Xr stands. Also, i want to see a redemption ark from Gpa from the hole they dug themselves into.

    T3 is leaning towards town, i wanna see who they end up voting once Gpa makes some better moves.
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    Completed I made my reads based on ISOs and came to my own...

    Quote Originally Posted by Grandpa (#421)
    dude you have played with me multiple times. you can confirm yourself -- there is no reason why i would lie about this. the only reason u push me is becaues you do this in every game we do. u always push me then retract your scumread later on -- im still debating on if thats scum or what. there is a tell that ik when ur usually town; why do you think everyone scumreads u? you literally get scumread every day 1 because you do scummy $%#! as town lol -- you blind tunnel then later don't tunnel anymore. also why like pretender's read? they are literally sheeping some ppls reads + going with the consensus, nothing to like, nor nothing to not apperciate.
    I made my reads based on ISOs and came to my own conclusions. Point out where it looks like I’m directly pocketing another person’a vote. I don’t think that happened.
    Keep in mind we all have the same amount of logs to go off of so people coming to the same conclusions based on the same information are bound happen early game.
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    Completed Hi, life is sucking recently so I don't know how...

    Hi, life is sucking recently so I don't know how often I'll be posting. Don’t be surprised if a replacement happens. Anyway…


    For a little context: My game (also my first and only forum game)

    I relatively sucked last game, so to make up for it I'm going to just take the credit for the win this game. Plus I need to say something cool so that people don’t MLim me for the 2 things I said.

    -I’ll be putting things on a scale of 1-20 of my confidence on that read in parentheses.
    - Scale also works in a larger sense. Ranging Scum-Null-Town. In total the scale is a 1-100 scale on Townieness.
    -1-20=Scum, 21-40=Scumlean, 41-60=Null, 61-80=townlean, 81-100=Town.

    -Sorry for no quotes, i'm doing this on a google doc on my phone while listening to Mario 64 music.

    Possible Teams: (confidence is 1-10 scale here)
    Xr, Cowbell, 6 seeds (4)
    Xr, Koba, T3 (2)
    Cowbell,T3,Gpa (6)
    Gpa, Koba, Cows (4)

    I do think some of these people are Town, some are scum. I'm making assumptions based on interactions rather than ISOs.

    Let’s do this. (TGFWISOs) [Thank God For Working ISOs]

    Xr: Townlean (14)
    Xr back to his ways, hardgaming from the get go. However, I do kinda find it odd that their meme vote was Koba, the highest vote at the time. I like their response to Nates questioning of their meta-townread on Scot, its more confidence play which can go either way but it made my brain feel good so townpoints. Same to say about the way they read other’s playstyles and using them effectively they make reads. The main thing i dont like is they way they agree with certain statements i dont agree with and they haven't seemed to develop their reads beyond towns.

    Cows:Town (16)
    Cows being Cows, what can I say. Supporting features are the fact that they are stacking up on townreads early on, while using meta to their advantage. Nothing seems out of line. Keep up the good work and I might pocket you at some point.

    Gpa:Scumlean (12)
    At first I was thinking that I was gonna have to wait till halfway thru d1 to get real stuff out of gpa I could use but then they started spitting out stuff. Lots of contradiction here, first they say that metas don't matter to Xr, then says Cows relies on meta too much (says this was sarcastic after being questioned), gives a self meta, and then gives meta read on T3. Not being a fan of early vote pools is cool, but could also be a protection tactic for maf mates.

    Cowbells:Scum (16)
    Never played with them before so i don't know how they play. They said this, “the game can center around voting whoever we want” Which seems like an anti-town thought process. I don't like the whole “vote now, question later” tactic they got going. It seems like a copp out when time comes for them to explain why they are voting. “I can vote for this person now and explain it later when I’m forced to” vibes. Yet when someone brings up a half-good point on why someone is town/scum, they are quick to pocket the read. Also seems to put tail between legs in certain situations.

    Cape:Town Lean(14)
    I wish Cape would do more. I’m hoping that they give more telling content later but for now they give good reads and aren't afraid of confrontation. Thumbs up from me.

    T3: Townlean (10)
    Nice to meet you. I don't know how they play so what they’ve said so far can go both ways for me. I think it's cool when they pivot from an initial thought so quickly when they find a juicier vote. Not afraid to jump around a bit, and is broad in who they are questioning. Seems like a confidence based playstyle, on par with Xr and Koba. I will see how they develop.

    Thought: Null (20)
    Talk more.

    6 Seeds: Scumlean(13)
    Giving a list of where people are for them is cool, but the mafia can fake that, especially with a lot of town reads and doing ??? for every scumread. Your reasons for town reads are super generic and lazy. Your reasons for scumreading are little to none. Calling out people (Xr, Hockey, Gpa) who were relevant and talking at the time and calling them the scumlist gets a thumbs down from me.

    Hockey: Null (5)
    That first townread on everyone on pg.1 was def weird and just really looks like a blanket statement that they can retract or fallback on at any point if they needed to. Hockey is on this question train that is weird for me. Made a meme vote on a null they have and have not pivoted from it in a while, I def think that they could at least make somewhat of a case at this point if they are gonna stay on the vote. I’ll chop it up to not have a lot of interactions so far and hope they develop their reads in a wall post.

    Dino: Town (9)
    Scot, Scot, Scot. Similar to last game with a bit less reads, but the game just started so i'll wait. Being reliant on interactions with others rather than being their own person is a towntrait of them.

    Koba: Townlean (12)
    Koba this game looks similar to koba last game, minus the hardreads, which is sad. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt since it's early game. Trying to get Xr to pocket them on a vote on hockey is a little weird but I’m hoping it's memes and not a rally for MissLim.

    MeteorNate: Null (16)
    I like a lot of the things they say, general interaction looks good. But darn it if they wont make their own reads. A lot of their reads have to be kinda inferred based on how they replied to other players, not a good look. Especially when they ask for hot takes in exchange for town cred. In any case, what they do say in those replies I generally agree with, would just like to see more self made conclusions.

    To recap:
    Town: Dino, Cows,
    Townleans: Koba, Cape, Xr, T3
    Nulls: Hockey, Thought, MeteorNate
    Scumleans: 6 seeds, Gpa,
    Scum: Cowbells

    ##Vote RadiantCowbells
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    ##Vote DkKoba

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    Completed ##Vote DkKoba smh Capital K

    ##Vote ##Vote DkKoba

    smh Capital K
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    Completed ##Vote Dkkoba I had this really funny and...

    ##Vote ##Vote Dkkoba

    I had this really funny and quirky log about how koba's lie detector got a double negative or whatever but then i realized I didnt know how to vote, but now the moments past so i guess im just voting koba
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    Completed a master at work

    Quote Originally Posted by Grandpa (#31)
    a master at work
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    Completed Someone teach me how to vote right

    Someone teach me how to vote right
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    Completed idk man you omgused start of d1 last game and you...

    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyfan (#17)
    Quote Originally Posted by Grandpa (#16)
    Quote Originally Posted by hockeyfan (#14)
    Guys, he's Scum, he's just PRETENDING to be Town

    ##Vote The_Pretender
    do u roll town this game?
    idk man you omgused start of d1 last game and you were maf ~_~
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    Completed This is a learning experience

    This is a learning experience

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    Completed lets start this off right ##Vote hockeyfan

    lets start this off right

    ##Vote hockeyfan
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