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    Music look does it :wowee: part of the...

    Quote Originally Posted by nutella (#225)
    yeah no quas just hard failed the matching there, you would literally never be my intended audience with tdh it's too overproduced for you lol
    look does it

    part of the point is to get stuff you wouldn't normally listen to
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus pmuch all subs in, just waiting on a few and then...

    pmuch all subs in, just waiting on a few and then gonna start grading
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    Music Album Exchange 7 - The Return Just a few of us...

    Album Exchange 7 - The Return

    Just a few of us this week, but feels good to be back. Certainly gonna make it easy on nutella to listen to all the subs. Sorry dobby in advance.

    @LordQuas William Shatner - Shatner Claus
    This is art.

    @roro__b Hiatus - Distancer
    electronic/instrumental with ethnic/oriental influences

    @shubaka17 Amazing Devil - The Horror And The Wild
    A very dramatic folk album put out by Joey Batey and Madeleine Hyland, Broadway veterans from the UK (and Batey is the bard on The Witcher on Netflix). The two of them are excellent vocalists and highlight themselves in different tracks across the album, but the best best vocals and songwriting are in Farewell Wanderlust. Great lyricism (with obvious Broadway influence) and

    @Visorslash Aphex Twin - Syro
    ecks dee

    @nutella The Deer Hunter - Antimai
    Baroque / indie prog / art rock / known for elaborate story concept albums / insert some other pretentious $%#! $%#! here? TDH are just fun but might not be everyone's thing. For catfit, this is their first full album since the completion of their 5-act concept album series in 2016, and marks the beginning of a new ambitious series. Instrumentation and composition is creative and engaging, I don't know that much about the story/themes but it's apparently some kind of sci-fi dystopia.

    @Bloobird Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me
    Minimalist folk songs about your wife dying of cancer, this is not an album for happy boys. It is very good though. As creating it was almost a form of therapy after his wife died I feel it fits the theme.

    You have until the end of the month to listen to your album and get back to the other person.
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    Music roro__b same as usual, randomized with special...

    Quote Originally Posted by roro__b (#215)
    Quote Originally Posted by LordQuas (#213)
    Album Exchange 7 - The Return

    SORRY FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE! Walrus + irl interferes, wcyd. But we're back with the 7th Album Exchange, I'm moving this to a monthly thing because I think it gives more people the chance to participate (cough cough and aligns better with my admittedly pretty busy schedule currently).

    The theme for this month is a Returning Album, so something that's either a return for an artist after a long time gap or a return to form after some uh, less than quality work. Or any other way you can justify the theme of a return!

    I'd like a submission to come in by this Sunday, the 7th ideally sooner rather than later because at some point during that day I'll mix up and assign partners.

    While I'm at it, I think I'll try to put up the signups for the next month towards the end of August and conclude them by September and have that be the regular schedule so it lines up on a monthly schedule a little better.

    Form for this month
    how will the pairings be done?
    @roro__b same as usual, randomized with special considerations taken in if someone doesn't want X genre or whatever
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    Sticky: hi i am back and on queue duty now, just so peeps...

    hi i am back and on queue duty now, just so peeps know
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    Thread: Current Staff

    by LordQuas

    Sticky: more like nanook the conquered amirite

    more like nanook the conquered amirite
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    Music Album Exchange 7 - The Return SORRY FOR THE...

    Album Exchange 7 - The Return

    SORRY FOR THE DISAPPEARANCE! Walrus + irl interferes, wcyd. But we're back with the 7th Album Exchange, I'm moving this to a monthly thing because I think it gives more people the chance to participate (cough cough and aligns better with my admittedly pretty busy schedule currently).

    The theme for this month is a Returning Album, so something that's either a return for an artist after a long time gap or a return to form after some uh, less than quality work. Or any other way you can justify the theme of a return!

    I'd like a submission to come in by this Sunday, the 7th ideally sooner rather than later because at some point during that day I'll mix up and assign partners.

    While I'm at it, I think I'll try to put up the signups for the next month towards the end of August and conclude them by September and have that be the regular schedule so it lines up on a monthly schedule a little better.

    Form for this month
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    Walrus soah but not soah or shad = quas

    soah but not soah or shad = quas
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    Thread: Nl's walrus 2.0

    by LordQuas

    Walrus i will be in missoula

    i will be in missoula
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    Walrus i was going to make a joke about how this is my...

    i was going to make a joke about how this is my chance to comeback but then i realized its golf scores and im in 5th
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus yup! either works really, doesnt matter to me :)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmerp (#34)
    Quote Originally Posted by LordQuas (#33)
    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmerp (#32)
    /in ? idrk how this works but hi
    @Nightmerp hi i can answer any questions if you have them
    mostly just idk if i needed to /in in the first place or if i just pm you submissions bjskgdlhls;dfjsdf i just need to do that by the 8th right?
    yup! either works really, doesnt matter to me
  12. Automated out of town & no time to play but wanted to erop...

    out of town & no time to play but wanted to erop in to say this flavor is dope
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Nightmerp hi i can answer any questions if you...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmerp (#32)
    /in ? idrk how this works but hi
    @Nightmerp hi i can answer any questions if you have them
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    Sticky: what twice said

    what twice said
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    i agree with some things, disagree with others,...

    i agree with some things, disagree with others, and a select few are things ive been saying for years

    but more importantly i respect your opinion good sir

    that said what did you charge for anni, apologies if this was already asked i didnt read thread
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    Sticky: me and lukundo gonna run midnight mash september...

    me and lukundo gonna run midnight mash september 5th if possible, also down to move around start to any day in sept if needed

    was planning on just putting on queue but not gonna be back till august so
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    Thread: Introduce Yourself

    by LordQuas

    Sticky: dybu dabu

    dybu dabu
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus prod and ill start bugging ppl in dms a week out...

    prod and ill start bugging ppl in dms a week out from sub date
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    Strategy also jesus i forgot this existed entirely

    also jesus i forgot this existed entirely
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    Strategy but it is vaporWAVE

    Quote Originally Posted by mhsmith0 (#74)
    Believe it or not I’ve actually been making progress on this. WAY slower than intended/expected, but not zero progress. I’ll have an actual update at some point. Not vapor ware.
    but it is vaporWAVE
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    Thread: Current Staff

    by LordQuas

    Sticky: wow, stay safe famalam Voxxicus

    Quote Originally Posted by Ampharos (#1105)
    After an absurd 5ish years of service, @Voxxicus has elected to step down. We wish him the best.
    wow, stay safe famalam @Voxxicus
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    sevish is sick

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy McLeatherman (#487)
    sevish is sick
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    each Moose sub gets progressively better than the...

    each Moose sub gets progressively better than the last this time around
    with one mediocre exception
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    Thread: Sign up: Liar Game

    by LordQuas

    /out Auto-outted because they didn't confirm...


    Auto-outted because they didn't confirm in time
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus i feel def in the same boat. lot more people in...

    Quote Originally Posted by remember (#27)
    Also, didn't know about a lot of music culture being concentrated in the North. I got a chance to listen to a great many bands from the Southern hemisphere that I had no knowledge of prior to this. It's interesting how underrepresented they are.
    i feel def in the same boat. lot more people in the northern hemisphere tbf ig
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    no one in australia speaks english so wouldnt...

    no one in australia speaks english so wouldnt recommend that unless you speak aussie
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus yes and i used that name in the past already ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Chocolate Teapot (#20)
    Can I get pinged for reveals and such without participating?

    Also why isn't this called a Qualrus?
    yes and i used that name in the past already
    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner_FromHighschool (#23)
    Quote Originally Posted by LordQuas (#12)
    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner_FromHighschool (#11)
    also, very expressive categories!
    yes and that name was used
    @Tanner_FromHighschool is this a panga reference
    No, I don't know what that is sorry!

    @LordQuas Do you have any overplayed artists that someone else would "ban" in a Walrus? Top 10?
    uh you can look at past walruses ive ran or subbed to get an idea but just try your best. i wont like absolutely tank someone for sending something i know
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus domicile at time of release

    Quote Originally Posted by soah (#17)
    Are we going by the artist's nationality or domicile?

    domicile at time of release
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 9: The Return Drive Sike, it ain't over...

    Cat 9: The Return Drive

    Sike, it ain't over yet. We have to end back in Seattle of course. And since we're doing it again, how about you send me a song that references a different song by the same artist in some way. A direct sequel, remix, or just a nod to the first song both count, as long as they are both by the same artist. Please send me the original song as well if it isn’t obvious, but I will only be grading the second one (not the original). Remasters DO NOT COUNT

    Aesop Rock - Nightlight (Daylight)
    Foxtails - The Revenge of the Chicken from Outer Space (The Chicken From Outer Space)
    Justice - D.A.N.C.E. x Fire x Safe and Sound (D.A.N.C.E, Fire, Safe and Sound)
    The Decemberists - Crane Wife 3 (Crane Wife 1&2)
    Klaus Veen - Ordinary Days V2 (Ordinary Days)

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - smallworldz
    --Witt Lowry - Piece of Mind 4-- 6.5
    Big em vibes again. Really don't like the production, overly melodramatic with the voice as well without bringing anything interesting to the table. Also some of the sections just sound really, cheap. Some corny bars, technically proficient sure. I just get huge eminem rip off vibes though. Also this just makes me really want to listen to that slowthai song and I did and its good.

    23rd - PunchyTheCat
    --Mac Miller - English Lane-- 6.5
    I feel virtually the same about this one as the last Mac tune except it lacks a catchy chorus and its 90 seconds long? The production is good, his voice is somewhere between annoyingly off key and convincingly emotional. I actually don't hate this but it's over before it even gets the chance to start.

    22nd - Kane
    --$uicideboy$ - Kill Yourself (Part III)-- 6.5
    Never got huge into $uicideboy$. Always thought they had fun production tho, and no exception here. They go for a kind of weird layered vocal affect, and I just can't get too into the higher nasaly vocals in the background. Distract me so much. 2nd verse does't get better either. Man I actually really like the production on this but the vocals are just SUCH a turnoff.

    21st - Syn
    --Rebecca Black & Dave Days - Saturday-- 7.0
    lmfao, whoever you are you are a legend. Meme value aside this is not the worst. Pretty standard pop but it's passable. Ok that chorus actually got kinda stuck in my head a bit. Shrug take your bump up.

    20th - Moose
    --mpgiii - Harder Better Faster Oatmeal 2-- 7.0
    1 2 oatmeal kirby is a pink guy 1 2 oatmeal kirby's very cute

    This will probably only be funny to exactly me, which is why Moose has never subbed it before.

    19th - Egix96
    --Nitro Fun - Cheat Codes VIP-- 7.5
    I don't hate dubstep as much as like the rest of the walrus scene. This kinda jams. Cleanly produced, catchy, bounces well. Nothing super special tho

    18th - Lebossle
    --Rebecca Black ft. Dorian Electra, Big Freedia, & 3OH!3 - Friday (Remix)-- 7.5
    I completely forgot this $%#!ing existed. The chorus remains the worst part of this song (sorry Rebecca Black). I'm here for the Rebecca Black revival tho, maybe not entirely not because of memes. Honestly its pretty funny Dorian Electra is on this track for like 10 seconds but in the video for like 30. Big Freedia actually kills this. I can't believe we got both of them here that's $%#!ing hilarious.

    17th - roro__b
    --A'N'D - Photon Visibility Function-- 7.5
    This is super cool, very menacing. I first listeed to this when I was walking and it felt like I was going to die. But I'm really missing why its over 7 minutes when it never develops. I feel like I sound like a broken record for a lot of these tracks but 7 minutes of the same beat is a tough sell, no matter how good that beat is, when it comes to ranking things.

    16th - Schiavetto
    --Company of Thieves - New Letters-- 7.5
    Nice build. Wish it hit a more powerful climax, was kinda disappointed it didnt nail the landing but the journey there was great. Honestly on relistens this kinda faded a bit for me. Has that "we want to write an overdramatic" song but never delivers the meat to me, and just ends up being, kinda boring?

    15th - Newcomb
    --Billie Eilish - bad guy (Remix)-- 8.0
    Ok I'm ngl I was confident this was gonna be a meme and was prepared to dish out a Moose point. I actually like the original, and this is still ok I suppose. Misses out on some of the fine weird energy it had and makes it a little more standard lofi beat. I actually quite enjoy this but its tough for me to divorce it from the original, and the beat and lyrics just don't quite feel like they line up as a result. Like the choruses especially sound like a fan mix, misses some of that sheer line up quality that I would expect from a big name production.

    14th - Visorslash
    --Thomas Happ - Trace Reborn-- 8.0
    OSTs are a perfect fit for this cat. I've always wanted to play Axiom Verge it seems up my alley, and this is a nice catchy jam that only furthers this desire. Do think it's a little, like, "gamey" and loses some just "wait this actually slaps" vibes as a result.

    13th - Shad
    --Boris - Akuma No Uta-- 8.0
    Ok hear me out. I was initially like instant classic but then I thought about it and this is kinda a weaker song off the most overrated of the CLASSIC OG Boris albums imo. Its still very good, total grungy grimey feel, messy guitars wailing. But it doesn't super stand out? I'm just not as blown away as I am with like, Flood for example. Its good but without the Boris legacy and the context of the album and everything, I don't honestly think its amazing, it reminds me of the Spree song earlier. Fun but outclassed. Also like I'm well familiar with it which maybe docks it like half a point or so. Ugh idk man this is a great song.

    12th - ladd
    --System Of A Down - Soldier Side-- 8.0
    Man serj can sing. Very dramatic, cool tremolo guitars really add to the tension and give it this emotional feel that as far as nu metal bands go I think SOAD is the only one whos able to nail

    11th - Rachel
    --Kid Cudi - Mr. Solo Dolo III-- 8.0
    I never listened to this album but I wanted to. Heard this was a return to form for Cudi, tend to agree. I, actually really like his delivery. Haven't paid too much attention to his newer stuff but it is different than the original wildly. Production smooth, really like those wailing synths in the background. Deep fried vocal quality compliments it well. Whole thing just has a great mood to it. Cudi has such a way of generating an atmosphere. Carries the vibes of the original Mr. Solo Dolo but in a 2020 style... still like the original more tho.

    10th - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --MIGMA SHELTER - My Wonderland-- 8.5
    More like LIGMA shelter amirite. The mixing is kinda weird on this, but I think it's actually a live version? I was kinda enjoying the start with the more normal pop vibes with a sense of eerieness, but the drop was kinda sick. Evil movie club vibes. I do think this suffers from not having a recording and having live vocals instead. I've also just never been crazy about the group band vocals. Beat is sick tho. Violin section is fun. Honestly if the first two minutes were cleaned up, and the ending bits were maybe just completely chopped off I could see this rising up really high. SUPER ENJOY some sections, but others just don't do it for me. Middle bits are just so fun.

    9th - Mischief
    --Dance Gavin Dance - Son Of Robot-- 8.5
    You know I've listened to a little Dance Gavin Dance and wasn't super impressed, but this is pretty good. The first impact is swag, cool switches between clean and screamed vocals. Really like those, uhh, high pitched jumpy guitars, on relistens. Words hard. They're in the intro and then come back in every so often in the background.

    8th - staypositivefriend
    --AJJ - Cody's Theme-- 8.5
    Ear grating, but in a good way. Drums really drive this song. AJJ always has great lyrics and no exception here, "I had to talk to the teacher, she talked to my mom, we had a real long talk." Underwater XBOX mic quality vocals but it fits the aesthetic. Some really absurd synth lines every so often. God this is just fun.

    7th - hollowkatt
    --Nine Inch Nails - The Day The World Went Away (Still)-- 8.5
    Cool acoustic guitar. Discordant vocals and pianos when those pair up is really nice. Bass and plucking guitar work really show up and start to kick this song into higher gear. Components all overlap on this to give it a sense of building energy from this very well crafted initial unsettling mood. The world is ending, but it's maybe not such a bad thing after all. It also just kinda, ends. Which in a weird way I appreciate. Maybe just after hearing so many bombastic endings but its kinda nice to hear a build piece that just goes its own way.

    6th - vanity.
    --Octo Octa - Where Are We Going? Pt. 2-- 8.5
    doyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbette rareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafe elbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyouf eelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyo ugonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbett erdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbet terareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonna feelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyo ufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterare yougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbe tterdoyoufeelbetterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelb etterareyougonnafeelbetterdoyoufeelbetterareyougon nafeelbetter

    5th - Arapocalypse
    --Jesse Cook - Jaleo-- 8.5
    ooh goddamn this dude shmooves once again. Ok I'm converted, this dudes sick. Don't like it quite as much ss the first one. Percussion is really good, driving feel with the stomps and modern drum machine replacements

    4th - Bloobird
    --George Clanton - You Lost Me There-- 9.0
    Really crunchy synth tones that I instantly loved. His vocals have such a fun meandering quality to them. Album cover sends me back years, and I think that's intentional with the sounds. Just screams nostalgic to me. Can't believe this is 6 minutes, just melts my brain into vague feelings.

    3rd - MyNameIsNothing
    --birdsh1t - i stayed up all night and saw the sunrise pt. ii-- 9.0
    I really like that intro beat, the bass that comes in around two minutes actually hurts my ears when its the only thing, but luckily that section only lasts for a little bit. Really like those high ringing bells or whatever they are. Oh man that blown out bass later is so good. I've had a lot of very long electronic jams and I think this is noticeable as the one that manages to keep it constantly varied and switching up while maintaining a single song identity, very impressive. What are these guitars doing halfway into this song?? What??? And the piano??? What a sick last second twist and then the chiptune bit. I just have fun listening to this and discovering where it goes next.

    2nd - nutella
    --slenderbodies - opal ocean pt. 2-- 9.0
    Fantastic little opening with cool ocean sounds, and then the bass kicks in and the song goes from "wow this is cool to appreciate" to "holy cheeseballs batman this jams"

    1st - soah
    --vildhjarta - måsstadens nationalsång (under vatten)-- 9.0
    Wow, just wow. Those riffs are skull shattering. And that INTERLUDE, and then the hit after oml. Super inventive riffs too not heard ones quite like it

    Final standings

    Gratz to Shad! Who returns to continue his dominance in my walrus
    Bloody brings it incredibly close, only in 2nd by one point
    And soah climbs back to round out the top 3
    nut/van/spf make up the rest of the top 5 because of a tie
    Mnin/mischief/schia/ladd round out the top 10
    and except poor sweet visor, everyone had at least one song in the top 10

    It is with a solemn heart, however, I must announce that earlier this morning Moose failed his drug test and tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. This has resulted in his disqualification.

    Syn blew away the competition this time by accumulating a whopping 3 Moose points, when nobody else even had 2. As a result Moose bestowed upon him an autographed photo

    and Syn was able to choose Moose's signature for all time, which has been set

    Seriously, thanks everyone for subbing, I had a blast and I hope you had one too. And enjoyed screaming ROBBED for 24 songs in a row. In case anyone is interested I have another walrus already in signups because I'm a psycho, so feel free to go over here and check it out
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 8: Joshua Tree It’s the end of the trip,...

    Cat 8: Joshua Tree

    It’s the end of the trip, I’ve made it as far South as I’m going to go. And in conclusion to this road trip I get to view the beautiful sunset from Joshua Tree. I need something to conclude this and take me through the night and the drive home as the sun sets and the stars come out. Night drives can have lots of different vibes, and I’m down for whatever you can throw at me.

    Deathconsciousness - A Quick One Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut
    Injury Reserve - What A Year It's Been
    Detektivbyrån - Nattoppet
    Danger - 4h30
    Kavinsky - Nightcall

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - Lebossle
    --Brutalismus 3000 - Pentagramm-- 6.5
    I mean, this beat does kinda go hard. But it's like, 6 minutes of the same beat and it kinda wears on me a bit. The vocals don't do much for me. I might be robbing this one a bit, and it's kinda fun but idk it just feels like a far inferior version of the Travelsex song from Cat 3. Also (not that I knocked points down for this mind you) it feels like it's a little to hard for what I wanted here. I'm a magnanimous walrus host so I didn't dock points for catfit but it's not helping it rise higher either.

    23rd - Egix96
    --Paul Van $%#! - For An Angel-- 6.5
    This is like, kind of a jam. I thought it was really bland at first but it's ok. Kind of on the longer side and feels a little like Royalty Free music.

    22nd - soah
    --Aquilus - Eternal Unrest-- 6.5
    This whole song has a very singular vibe, which is kinda cool, but it doesn't grab me in the same way as some of the other longer black metal songs submitted have. Feels just a little more one note, and not a particularly unique or inspiring note either. That said I always love acoustic sections in, well I was gonna say in black metal but I have a soft spot for them in general really and this is no exception. This seems cool it just, kinda fails to grab me for whatever reason. Like not once did I ever see myself going "man I want to go listen to that Aquilus track this time around." Bit of a shame, maybe I just wasn't in the right mood. Also I feel like it lacks some of that SPICE that the earlier songs in this walrus in the same vein had, the hard sections are just not nearly as brutal as the White Ward song for example. The sections might just not be distinct enough as a whole actually, kinda blends together into mush a little bit, and I just found myself wishing it was over sooner than a full 13 minutes.

    21st - roro__b
    --cLOUDDEAD - The Keen Teen Skip-- 6.5
    Uh, this is very interesting. I like experimental music, but I find this quite difficult to engage with. I gave high scores in past cats to stuff that some people would say is just as weird, but there's like a complete lack of stuff I would consider engaging to me in this. No melody or any semblance of a tune, just vocal samples and very very brief chords. I can appreciate the experimental nature of this, and applaud them for it, but I also don't consider it particularly *enjoyable*. As a side note, I let the album play a bit further and enjoyed the songs directly after significantly more than the one you sent me, so uh, too bad. I thought this might grow on me, and there's some fun lines ("there's no search party for a star gone dim" is particularly clever), but this is a chore to listen to. Sorry, one of the coolest songs in some ways though, just maybe TOO cool for me.

    20th - Rachel
    --Johnny Cash - Folsom Prison Blues-- 7.0
    Not even top 5 Johnny Cash songs, maybe not even top 10. It's ok. I've heard it a thousand million times. I did find myself humming it though, Johnn Cash the goat. Ignore my placement this is a very competitive category.

    19th - smallworldz
    --CHVRN - Cold Sun-- 7.0
    Good beat. In fact standout good in a category of really good beats. Got a nice spacey vibe to it, but a nice driving drum beat and a great vocal sample to keep it grounded as well. Unfortunately it never really, goes anywhere. Like it's basically the same 30s spacey beat looped for over 4 minutes. And it's a really good 30s, but like, come on.

    18th - Kane
    --S t e v i a D X - Waiting For The Bus-- 7.5
    Nice bloopy chill atmosphere vibe track, idk you can only use so many words to describe synthwave songs.

    17th - PunchyTheCat
    --The Neighborhood - Compass-- 7.5
    This has a nice bop to it. Cool guitar lick. Singer is pretty good. Just solidly written pop. This particular flavor of pop is stuff that really jams with me. He says "you" fun, I giggle.

    16th - Visorslash
    --Scattle - Never Enough-- 7.5
    One of my biggest robberies in past walrus was a Scattle song tbh. This bass line is bumpin. I think it kinda fails to materialize past that though in the same way a lot of synthwave stuff like this does, but it grooves in the meanwhile.

    15th - Arapocalypse
    --Night Tempo ft. Maki Nomiya - Tokyo Rouge-- 8.0
    Kind of a shmoovin beat. Pretty dope vocal samples. I feel like the mixing on her vocals are a bit off, but she's a good singer that fits over it well nonetheless. Honestly those background vocal samples probably singlehandedly ended up saving this song from dropping down to the 7s.

    14th - Syn
    --Nero - Must Be The Feeling-- 8.0
    Yo this $%#!in slaps. Def has that early 2010s bop sound, and I'm totally here for it. Complete with slightly annoying but infectious vocal samples even! Kinda gives me Justice vibes in a weird way.

    13th - ladd
    --The Strokes - Ode To The Mets-- 8.0
    This album was really good, shocking that the Strokes are still so on it so many years on. As much as I love this song and this album, I *did* actually sub stuff off of it to walruses when it came out years ago. But actually its been awhile since I've heard it so it was nice to hear how it goes. All the little omages and meanding nature of this song are just, mm damn. Yeah despite all of the familiarity, the vocals are just so good, and the changing melodies, I just found myself throwing this one on time and time again. However, visor if you were the one who subbed this I'm sorry but I have to drop this down to last because I LITERALLY subbed this album to you. I hope for your sake you didn't forget. I could just check the url to find out without spoilering but I think it's more spicy this way.

    12th - nutella
    --Thurmin - Vagrants-- 8.5
    Serene acoustic guitars. Sometimes you just see album covers and you can tell what the song is going to be like and you can tell it's going to be quality. This was one of those times. Always a sucker for faint flutes as well. Yeah this is nice

    11th - Newcomb
    --Blue Wednesday - Embers-- 8.5
    Kinda got a bluesy soulful vibe to it in a weird way. The era of lofi is now. That piano is obviously the star of the show here, but the backing guitar work is pretty stellar, although easily missed. Also the chimes or whatever those are really add a nice touch. The album cover really sums this one up well, out camping in the west coast, sun is winding down and have a beautiful orange light in the sky as you sit around a crackling campfire.

    10th - hollowkatt
    --Depeche Mode - Waiting For The Night-- 8.5
    ooh more Depeche Mode. I've probably heard 20-30 of their songs from varying stages of their career, but never bothered to listen to any of their albums in full so this is a nice sweet spot of a band I love but don't know their full discography. I love the ominous sound in this one, and the pitched vocals that start to come in towards the end. Vocals are so good, one of the goats for creepy sad vocals for sure.

    9th - MyNameIsNothing
    --Walter Gibbons - Get Up On Your Feet (Keep On Dancin')-- 8.5
    That vocal sample and those like bollywood strings are dope. I like the tamborines but I have to say they're a bit oppressive, wish they were turned down like half, as they really start to grate on you considering how long this song goes on. This is cool, dude really lets loose on the synths about halfway and makes some truly bizarre sounds. Which speaks to me. Yet somehow manages to reign it back to a reasonable end.

    8th - Shad
    --Portishead - Western Eyes-- 8.5
    ooh Portishead. Another smooth bond-esc lounge jazz piece, but has almost an uncomfortable and self aware vibe that I like a lot more than the usual song in this vein. The switchup at the end is pretty dope too, that distorted voice comin in w/ the offbeat rhythm, mm damn that hits the right spot.

    7th - Schiavetto
    --Wednesday - November-- 8.5
    I wasn't crazy about this song at first, but the messy guitars that come in and the more wailing direction the vocals go in really compliment eachother. Actually quite like the direction this went into. The more I listened the more I loved her vocals, such a great meandering quality to them.

    6th - Mischief
    --Men I Trust - Tree Among Shrubs-- 9.0
    My only experience listening to this band is through car speakers driving in scenic Washington backroads with a great friend of mine, so there's worse memories to associate with a band for sure. The lofi atmosphere is nothing particularly unique, but it resonates well. They nail the sound and make a pretty catchy song out of it as well. Good vocals, like the pianos when they come in. Of all the songs this category, this is the one I can most see myself putting on and listening to over and over while actually driving long distances in a car. Just feels so perfectly relaxing.

    5th - Moose
    --In The Air Tonight (Donkey Kong Country 2 Mix)-- 9.0
    Ok, I know I'm going to catch a lot of flack for this one. But I swear this is good. Like I unironically think this is a rare mashup that is greater than the sum of its two parts. And it actually nails the catfit to the point where if I didn't know Moose was going to sub it I would have considered using it for an example. Really what we're discovering here with the Moose subs is that DKC Music is godlike. This didn't factor into grading but I feel the need to gush real quick about how insane it is that this mashup was made in *2010* which is so crazy cutting edge for the time. This is when rage comics and Peanut Butter Jelly Time were the hot memes

    4th - vanity.
    --Octo Octa - Where Are We Going? Pt. 1-- 9.0
    This beat is bumpin. Nice relaxing house beats, has this fun bouncy energy that's just infectious. This is an artist I might have to check out on my own time, nails what I was hoping for here.

    3rd - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --Peter Talisman - One For The Road-- 9.0
    ooh, ooh this is crazy. In the best possible ways. I dont know how he makes these noises work like they do, but he does. Yeah this is nasty in the best possible way.

    2nd - staypositivefriend
    --Hemlock Ernest & Kenny Segal - Down-- 9.5
    Ah, another atmospheric experimental slow piano piece <-- Clueless man before the vocals kick in. And holy $%#! do they kick in. Both of these dudes are actually spittin. The flow on this thing is so buttery smooth, so perfectly immaculate. They make it sound so EFFORTless.

    1st - Bloobird
    --Satanicpornocultshop - New Year's Snow-- 9.5
    Just gonna put it out there that this album is called Arkhaiomelisidonophunikheratos. I instantly liked the aesthetic, but was wondering if this was gonna be another case of "aesthetic great, appreciate experimental, but not really enjoying it." Then the music kicked in around one minute. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. When the song crescendos into the "New Years' Snow" line it syncs up soooo well. They really play with the audiotracks here and it makes me wonder if my earbuds are breaking again (because I always buy cheap $%#!). It's almost like a demented shanty. This is some Japanese horror meets slice of life theme track, and I'm here for it.

    Standings as of Cat 8
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 7: Hollywood I've arrived in the film...

    Cat 7: Hollywood

    I've arrived in the film capital of the world, and so I've got to go see some random movie. Whatever movie I go see has a fantastic score accompanying it. Send me a song that is written explicitly FOR a movie/TV Show/piece of media, not just featured in it. Honestly I won’t be too strict, but I am placing a BAN on video game music for this. Nothing against VGM but I know 90% of people would default to it so let’s mix it up.

    Dan Levy - J’ai Perdu Mon Corps
    Elliot Goldenthal - Victorius Titus
    Sex Bob-Omb - Threshold
    Danny Elfman - Ice Dance
    Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - PunchyTheCat
    --Taylor Swift - Only The Young (Miss Americana)-- 6.0
    Apparently this song was inspired by the 2018 elections. It was ok until the children's chorus joined in and I hated it with a burning passion. Luckily I have half of a song to enjoy before then. Upon relistens maybe I was a little harsh on this song, but it's still CVS Pharmacy core and my least favorite of the cat.

    23rd - Bloobird
    --Karen O And The Kids - All Is Love (Where The Wild Things Are)-- 6.5
    I know I post a lot about my love hate relationship with quirky indie vocals (it's usually more hate than love) but this is one of the most quirky indie vocals to exist. "Hey! Woo!" *Whistles* "One Two Ready GO!" It's got an ok bounce to it. I feel like the vocals should bug me more than they do but maybe I'm just in a good mood tonight. Edit: I could have removed that last section like I usually do when I write something down and change my mind about it later, but I think it's funnier to keep it there. I changed my mind. This vocals $%#!ing suck. The whistling is ok though. Side note, it kinda sounds like they're saying "Islam" instead of "Is Love" at the end.

    22nd - Arapocalypse
    --Danny Elfman - This Is Halloween-- 7.0
    While this is a fantastic movie, and a banger of a song (tho overrated in comparison to how killer the rest of the soundtrack is). Come on. Plus I literally had a different Danny Elfman score as an example track, which is gonna heavily cost ya.

    21st - hollowkatt
    --Blondie - Call Me-- 7.0
    What the $%#! this was from a movie called American Gigolo!? Damn, ok. I guess. I can't listen to this song without thinking of the Chipmunks on 16 Speed version. I mean it's a classic

    20th - smallworldz
    --Angel Beats OP Full-- 7.0
    I was fearing some ultra weeb stuff but this isn't bad. It's kind of, midi-y for my taste? And it seems to lack harmony, like there's just a bunch of sections that sound fine overlapped on top of eachother until the song just becomes at some points a garbled mess. Like it vaguely reminds me of one of those meme mashups where you just throw a bunch of songs on top of eachother and but to a lesser extent. Some catchy melodies though, and overall still pretty enjoyable.

    19th - Newcomb
    --Ezra Furman - I'm Coming Clean (Sex Education)-- 7.0
    Slightly smokey sad country infused indie song. Tis ok. Feels kinda like a watered down version of something that I could really get into.

    18th - ladd
    --The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Hellfire-- 7.5
    This is actually my favorite Disney villain song, because he's actually a $%#!ing psycho what the $%#! is wrong with him. Also because Don Giovanni is my favorite opera and this is like family friendly version of that if you squint a little. Gonna have to penalize you a little for well known sadly of course.

    17th - Syn
    --Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise-- 7.5
    Apparently this was releasing in *collaboration* with the movie Dangerous Minds. You wiley rascal you. Who subbed this. Moose thinks this is deserving of a Moose point.

    16th - Lebossle
    --Daft Punk - Derezzed (TRON: Legacy)-- 8.0
    Groovy and funky soundtrack. Some often overlooked material in Daft Punk's discography gotta be honest, and I'm kinda guilty of that myself despite knowing it's good. Wish this was longer and got a little crazier. Pretty far out of Daft Punk's wheelhouse normally, reminds me more of their live sets than their album work which is interesting.

    15th - Moose
    --Neon Genesis Expandelidong-- 8.0
    This works to a criminal degree. You could hold a UN council over this. If you placed below this, you lost to it. Let that sink in. "Grapes melons oranges and cocnut shells, Aww yeah!"

    14th - Egix96
    --Kill Bill - Battle Without Honor or Humanity (Tomoyasu Hotei)-- 8.0
    I mean it's a classic for a reason. Psychologists consider it a warning sign if you don't feel like a lone badass when listening to this. The horns match perfectly over that beat. There's gotta be a genre term for this kind of grimey hip hop beat that you hear in Sneaker Pimps songs and before hardcore shows but I don't know it and it has it.

    13th - Visorslash
    --Howard Shore - The Lighting of the Beacons-- 8.0
    A slightly more unorthodox pick as far as lotr soundtrack goes, which is appreciated. I was actually able to see the first movie shown in seattle with the seattle orchestra providing live musical accompanyment once, it was so $%#!ing sick. God its a bit of the obvious pick I gotta say but this soundtrack is so damn good. Those menacing high strings really set the tone of music scoring for decades to come. Honestly I think there are other songs off this soundtrack that have better crescendos and peaks than the one this does in the center, but that more speaks to how $%#!ing stellar the soundtrack is than this one being not great. Probably the most catchy a classical piece like this can ever be, maybe the best written orchestral piece this cat (which is stiff competition).

    12th - nutella
    --John Wick: Chapter 2 "Plastic Heart"-- 8.0
    I like the energy. Screams cool action movie. Pulsating beats. Vocals can be a little iffy (esp at the start & during the verses in general) but they overall give off that right vibe. Choruses are corny as hell but, man they're fun. This is hollywood's grimey undercity, and sure it's a little fake, but that's what I'm here for while crunching popcorn and sippin soda.

    11th - Mischief
    --Bernard Herrmann - Main Title (North By Northwest)-- 8.0
    For some reason I saw the title and thought of Northern Exposure and had a blast of turbo nostalgia then realized this was not that. Fun descending runs, give the piece almost this whimsical nature to it. I don't think this is anywhere near Herrmann's best film score but I have to put some respect on his name, nobody does suspenseful classic pieces like him. He's the GOAT for it. This grew on me a lot, just a fun song and it was one I wasn't familiar with. Can really tell that Danny Elfman took a lot of influence from him.

    10th - staypositivefriend
    --Poppy - Say Cheese-- 8.5
    This was ok and then the song starts to get more creative and meander to different places and it gets great. Face melting goodness. Wish it stuck with the screamed vocals the whole way through though, not feeling the clean ones aside from the spoken word bits later. Wish this was longer.

    9th - soah
    --David Arnold - Base Attack (Independence Day)-- 8.5
    You know I never think of Independence Day as having an iconic soundtrack but this is pretty quality. Conveys this sense of impending danger but with that 90s hollywood "bravery in the face of danger" flare perfectly. Bombastic cymbal crashes and blaring horns, mm delicious. Constant increasingly important sounding, I can't believe he manages to find a way to one up himself time and time again here. This is by far the most dramatic song in this cat.

    8th - vanity.
    --Oneohtrix Point Never - Hospital Escape / Access-A-Ride-- 8.5
    Second oneohtrix point never track this 'rus. Pretty sparse. This is hard to rank as a song because its so disconnected, but I really like the moody atmosphere this conjures up, especially at the very start with those abrasive percussion hits. I sorta wish there was one theme that was picked and fleshed out a bit more rather than a bunch of individual cool ones that he only scratches the surface of, but it's still a bunch of individual cool ideas. Clearly I need to listen to more of this guy.

    7th - roro__b
    --Kate Stables - Crack Ankle Lane-- 8.5
    I really enjoy the walking sounds. Menacing but joyful banjo plucking. mmm. This is fun. Not quite sure it justifies its 5 minute run time, but it's distinctive and probably the most interesting and evocative sub in many ways, and that goes a long way for me. Yeah the longer I judged this cat the more I found myself thinking about this song and just wanting to have it on the background, very enjoyable.

    6th - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --Macross Plus - Information High-- 8.5
    Damn that beat is groovin wtf. Also at one point the singer goes "IN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE" and that's pretty cool. Aggressively dated and cheesy in the best possible way. I watched part of Howard the Duck recently, and its a bizarre $%#!ing movie that screams "this is from a bygone era," but the musical number it ends with is frankly pretty trash, and I think this would have been a much better ending song for it.

    5th - Rachel
    --Tokyo Ghoul:re OST - Schmetterling (Piano Version)-- 9.0
    This TECHNICALLY doesn't count since it's a piano COVER of the soundtrack I believe, but I'll let it slide. Shockingly the only piano piece this cat, and it's a pretty good one. My expectations for piano covers of anime songs are usually quite low, but this is quality stuff. Ebbs and flows well, performer does a great job with the pianissimo sections, really brings out the emotion of the piece. Beautiful little tranquil opener as well. This is gonna sound really weird but I also really like the progression of those three chords right near the end, resolve it open in a pretty cool way, not at all what you would expect. Switches to major resolution when you'd expect minor after these heavy minor chords as well.

    4th - Schiavetto
    --Johnny Greenwood - Phantom Thread Soundtrack - Never Cursed-- 9.0
    I love when those deep cellos/bass start rumbling through. I don't know if this was intended but something about this song feels, just off. Slightly unsettling, like things are not quite all right with the world but you're still mostly just sitting there melancholy. And then this final warm chord arrives to take you home. Quite pleasant, at first I thought it lacked that X-factor to take it over the edge but the more I listen the more convinced I am that how beautiful those strings are is an X-factor in itself. I'm not a strings player, but this is performed so tenderly, might be my favorite preformance of any classical piece this cat.

    3rd - Kane
    --Bleach OST 3 - Clavar La Espada-- 9.0
    LUL Bleach but waitaminute this kinda jams. That guitar actually goes $%#!in crazy. And those strings just dance along above it. This is everything I'm looking for in a song of this vein. How the $%#! does bleach have music this good? God I love it when old youtube uploads have 30s+ of silence at the end of them btw.

    2nd - Shad
    --Mark Mothersbaugh - ping island-lightning strike rescue op (The Life Aquatic)-- 9.0
    That is some HEAVY bass. Ooh I like the upright bass/cello. And that (I think it's a baritone clarinet? maybe a bassoon?) is very nice too. I was not expecting this to go in a more orchestral direction from how the start was but I'm loving it. This entire song is basically a love letter to the bass section of the orchestra, fantastic composing. Those flutes over the top as well are just superb. In a category of dramatic orchestral pieces, this might not be the best written, or the best performed, but it far outshines the competition imo for being as unique as it is.

    1st - MyNameIsNothing
    --Willie Hutch - Brother's Gonna Work It Out (The Mack)-- 9.5
    I was like sitting in my chair waiting for the song to start and then that $%#!ing bass line came in over those HARPS and I just instantly started chair dancing. Holy $%#!ing $%#! bro, this has to be illegal somehow. So many things to touch on, who's that rhythm guitarist? They kill it. The random sax bits that hop in every so often towards the end are groovy as hell. Kinda wish the vocal sample section at the start wasn't as long as it was, but I do really like the flute and acoustic guitar instrumentation underneath it so it's not that big of a deal. This might be the biggest groove of the entire walrus. Goddamn I didn't even NOTICE the first time I listened because I was actually grooving too hard but that beat switch is FILTHY.

    Standings as of Cat 7
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 6: Highway One It’s a warm sunny day and...

    Cat 6: Highway One

    It’s a warm sunny day and I'm driving along the beach. I've opened up my convertible roof and need something to play while cruising. Send me something cool to play during a warm summer day.

    BotanicSage - K.K. Good Day
    Vanilla - Summer
    The Avalanches - A Different Feeling (Ernest Saint Lauren's Remix)
    Agrume - Realize
    People Under The Stairs - The LA Song

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - Moose
    --Doing Your Mom x Take On Me-- 2.0
    There was a full version of this song uploaded, but it got copyright nuked since I started this walrus. I even tried to get it on Wayback Machine but let's just say it's probably for the best. The Take On Me Instrumental can only do so much work once the verses hit.

    Edit: While looking for example songs I discovered that it was reinstated. I'm sorry.

    23rd - soah
    --Bohemyst - Čerň a Smrt-- 3.0
    I know your opinion on summer songs are hardcore, and you don't listen to much that is just relaxing vibe music, and maybe you even know that I try to give the benefit of the doubt for catfits, but you read that cat description you HAD to know this was coming Shad. I like the song though.

    22nd - hollowkatt
    --Big Audio Dynamite - The Bottom Line-- 6.0
    I was kinda vibing, and then the vocals came in. Dated in a way that doesn't appeal to me as someone who wasn't alive when it came out. How is this song almost 5 minutes.

    21st - Schiavetto
    --Gregory and the Hawk - First Flying V-- 6.0
    I've listened to that one album of theirs that gets youtube recommended a bunch and didn't really vibe with it. Very distinct vocals. I don't really like how the drums and guitars mesh, feels a little random? I can appreciate what they're doing, but I just don't like listening to it. It grew on me a bit, the ending is nice. Really didn't enjoy this at all first listen.

    20th - Egix96
    --The Style Council - Long Hot Summer-- 6.5
    This video is hilarious and not intentionally. Bloopy synths are fun. The scat section in the middle is pretty rough to listen to. Vocal melodies as a whole aren't that great actually. Captures the vibe well.

    19th - MyNameIsNothing
    --문별 (MoonByul) ft. Mirani - G999-- 6.5
    I'm sorry but this is just Korean Maroon 5.

    18th - Arapocalypse
    --ジェレミー・ハリントン407現代ラッ (リサフランク420現代のコンピュー + Rats Birthday Song) [Macintosh Plus + Rat Movie]-- 7.0

    Moose has subbed this before I think. This is spiritually as close to a 6.9 as I can give with my scoring.

    17th - Rachel
    --sophie meiers - sincerely, yours-- 7.0
    Pretty standard lofi beat with very lounge jazz vocals. Solidly ok. Good to put on to jam to. This is probably what anime girl is listening to. Quick tangent, I actually completely by chance ended up watching that movie without knowing thats what it was from, and the person I was watching it with and I were both like YOOOOOOOO when the bit came on.

    16th - PunchyTheCat
    --The Regrettes - California Friends-- 7.0
    This is something I'd hear on the car radio and say it's fine. I like the bit at the very end. Does a better job of being catchy than all the stuff below it.

    15th - Bloobird
    --Sunny Day Service ft. MGF - Sayonara Pool Boy-- 7.5
    ... is that a tennis ball sample? Why are they whispering like that. This feels like some weird scene kid is trying to seduce me by whispering sweet nothings into my ear. At least it's interesting. Yeah this grew on me a bit, good base line. Spacey feel.

    14th - Visorslash
    --Oh Sees? - Turned Out Light-- 7.5
    Got a kind of wild west swagger to it. I wasn't really $%#!ing with the vocals at first, but they grew on me. Compliment the rest of the song in a really interesting way. It just kinda goes where it wants, feels very meandery despite its paltry 2 minute runtime. Interesting stuff.

    13th - Newcomb
    --NxWorries - Suede-- 7.5
    An old friend of mine and me had a conversation once where we determined that anderson paak has the same feature ever time and its always good, and I still agree with that. Now this isn't technically a feature, but it's the same point. Actually I do think this is one of his weaker performances, vocal melody doesn't have that same infectious quality as he can sometimes. I like Knxwledge but this beat, I'm split on it. It has a sort of weird stuttering jerky quality to it, which is absolutely on purpose and I can respect the vibe he's going for, but it makes it kind of hard to vibe to. Idk this didn't stick with me as much as I was expecting it to.

    12th - vanity.
    --김뜻돌 - 보물찾기-- 7.0
    Vocals are a bit rough at the start. They clean up a bit, and the song starts grooving a bit with those keys and that bass when the chorus comes around. Piano really carries this song. The verses are really not great, but the choruses hit. CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW (This score was bumped up slightly becuase of Caw gang, I can't control them I'm sorry). Really moved up over time as I vibed with that chorus, but the initial verse is so unpleasant to me. So is the later verse but to a lesser extent.

    11th - Kane
    --Aceyalone - The Guidelines-- 8.0
    This beat is sexy. Surprised this is from 98, seems more like it would be a throwback. I get Del & Hieroglyphics vibes. Got that rambly nonstop flow. Is this freestyle? This feel like a freestyle. Smooth west coast beats. Wish it was a little more structured.

    10th - ladd
    --Gordon Lightfoot - Sundown-- 8.0
    I like this, I feel like I've probably heard it before but I can't recall. It doesn't particularly stick with me super well but its good. Fun acoustic guitar, good vocals. This is def the driving vibe, more than anything else this cat.

    9th - Syn
    --Saint Motel - Cold Cold Man-- 8.0
    Ahhh man, Saint Motel's self titled, 2015, radio hits, a rollover car accident. What a time. Never was my favorite off this, but it's good nonetheless. Ok take my enjoyed nostalgia points. They just do the pop horns like nobody else.

    8th - Mischief
    --Elohim - Hallucinating-- 8.0
    It's been a long time since I heard this song. You know, it never got overplayed for me. Good vocals, that synth riff is dope, and who doesn't love a random mariachi section? Alright this might be a slight reverse robbery for such a well known song that I've heard a million times, but man it jams. Do have to slightly dock this for it though.

    7th - Shad
    --The Decemberists - California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade-- 8.0
    Love some Decemberists. Good song off a good album, my 5th grade teacher would put his ipod plug into his mouth during class and play the Decemberists off it and pretend to be electrocuted. I hate to reward a filthy Decemberists subber, but I hadn't heard this song in a few years so it hit the spot, and it really is the perfect cat fit (at least in the first half). It really speaks volumes for a song when I have to just sit in silence for a few minutes every time I finish listening to it because I don't know what to follow it up with instead of jumping straight into something else to hope its more interesting. Not much more to say.

    6th - Lebossle
    --greyl - Fujin Summer-- 8.5
    Normally not a huge fan of the super cutesy over the top happy weeby edm stuff, I just find it gets really samey, but I like this. Mixes it up and has some fun ideas. Not so sure about some of these vocal samples lol but that guitar solo halfway through jams as $%#!. I'm driving a clown car in a weird music video with my homies in the back and we're all bouncing up and down like oompa loompas.

    5th - staypositivefriend
    --Deca - Skyward-- 8.5
    Very aesop inspired, I like it (maybe even to a point where it gets derivative, idk would need to check out more of his stuff). Good beat, descending string lines fit over the bleeps and bloops nicely. Lyricism is quality stuff, does a good job painting pictures. I'm a sucker for verses that reference voice samples in them, and this does that nicely.

    4th - smallworldz
    --DJ Earworm - Summermash '15-- 8.5
    I know this dood. At first I wasn't feelin this one, but it kinda picks up and grows on you. He's got a knack for picking out the one catchiest vocal line and putting them together. Don't act you forgot. Yeah this competes with the catchiest pop songs that I got in this cat on the face of it.

    3rd - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --Gods of Something - 諦める-- 8.5
    This vibes. The kind of vaporwave I'd find on my own and listen to on repeat for a few days. Dope vocal samples and mixing. Jesus this actually does go so hard. Probably my most listened track of this cat. This sub got spoiled so take your points bloody.

    2nd - roro__b
    --Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy - Gonna Be-- 9.0
    That bassist kills it. This is a warm summer day with the crickets churping and the grass swaying. Those pitched vocals blend amazingly over this lush soundscape as well. And don't forget those beautiful piano riffs that roll on through.

    1st - nutella
    --mogwai - The Sun Smells Too Loud-- 9.0
    I NEED to listen to more mogwai, even before receiving this song I knew I needed to. Always impressed by them. Those driving drums and the compressed guitars work so well together as the synths dance along above. The subtle variations keep me interested all the way through, but leave me with enough space to lie down and let me get lost. Such a rich soundscape.

    Standings as of Cat 6
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Tanner_FromHighschool is this a panga reference

    Quote Originally Posted by Tanner_FromHighschool (#11)
    also, very expressive categories!
    @Tanner_FromHighschool is this a panga reference
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus @hollowkatt MyNameIsNothing Lebossle Syn...

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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus yes i know i haven't finished doing the forum...

    yes i know i haven't finished doing the forum writeups for my last one i'm doin that tonight
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Walquas


    Yes you read that right, against my perhaps better judgement I will be running another walrus directly after the conclusion of my last one.

    What is a walrus?
    For those not in the know, a walrus is music game where you submit songs that you think I'll like according to categories ("cats") that I choose. I'll score and rank the songs and give points accordingly.

    Cat 1: Yakushima National Park

    A dense lichen covered forest. Mystery lurks around every corner. Ancient gods slumber beneath thousand year old trees, nature sprawls untouched by human hands, sharp cliffs make it clear though that this is no kindly and gentle nature, at least not always. Send me a song that embodies the wonder and mystery of a forest such as this.

    Cân Bardd - Crépuscule
    Joe Hisaishi - Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa (Opening)
    Donkey Kong Country 2 - Swamp Theme

    Cat 2: Nyiragongo

    A bubbling volcanic lake. The eruption is inevitable, you may not know when it's going to happen, but it WILL happen. The sky lights up orange at night, it's like a second sun. Visible from space, you sit nearby nervously, hoping nothing goes wrong. But it's a beautiful sight nonetheless. Send me a song that conveys a sense of nervousness and anxiety, something about a volcano just ready to bubble over before the eruption, ideally something raw and primal too.

    Yoshinori Hayashi - Chember
    Gorillaz - Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey's Head
    Rafael Anton Irisarri - Fright And Control

    Cats 3-6: The Hemispheres

    Pretty self explanatory cats, send me something from a band from each hemisphere. A few special rules / disputes over which hemisphere a country is in exist though so I will address these below. Nunatak was the only band you can argue are from Antarctica, and I discovered them while looking at this, so they are banned. If you find another Antarctica band, they are also banned. Sorry. Colonies/overseas territories/whatever will count will the colony/overseas territory/whatever is, not where the home country is. Finally, I'm not saying I'm going to give bonus points to people who submit music from more unorthodox countries, but I will probably be more inclined to break ties in their direction and such.
    Cat 3: Northwest Hemisphere
    Any band from the United States is BANNED in this cat. Colombia, the UK, Spain, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Ghana are in the Northwest Hemisphere.
    Cat 4: Southwest Hemisphere
    Brazil and Ecuador are in the Southwest Hemisphere.
    Cat 5: Northeast Hemisphere
    France, Algeria, Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia are in the Northeast Hemisphere.
    Cat 6: Southeast Hemisphere
    Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Indonesia are in the Southeast Hemisphere.

    Cat 7: Emergence Of An Imposing, Otherworldly Being
    Exactly what the name says
    Murmuüre - Reincarnate
    Nadja - In The Shadow Of The Wing Of The Thing Too Great To Be Seen
    Lingua Ignota - MAN IS A SPRING FLOWER
    (Moose snuck this one in) Crazy Frog - Axel F

    I'm going to just assign individual songs scores in 0.5 intervals. Overall rankings will be determined just by the inverse of placement (i.e. if I have 16 submissions and Cat 1 you get 3rd you would get 14 points). No bonus points, no catfit points, no strict familiarity punishment (though I am much more likely to give a better score to something I've never heard). I will dock you if I think you severely miss the catfit, and might intuitively bump you up if I think you nail it, but I'm usually pretty lenient with it. Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range).

    I just ran a walrus if you want to go check that out, feel free. But other than that I'm pretty much down to experiment with anything. I tend to heavily favor songs / artists I haven't heard before, or at least not much.

    I'm going to try to do this anonymously because that was hella fun last time, which means either submit on forum OR just make sure on discord to surround your links with ``` ``` or < > brackets to remove the preview so I don't know what you sent. August 1st would be preferable but I'm going to be a bit AWOL until then and I want to make sure I'm round to check with people, so as a result
    Submissions are due by AUGUST 8TH.

    Same as last time I'm going to try to do a 1 week reveal. This time there's 7 cats, so one reveal per night for a week. I also don't have to rush off and make sure I finish by a deadline this time. If it was up to me I wouldn't have revealed for another couple weeks, but what can you do, irl takes priority. Expect a similar amount of time, maybe a little faster since I had to rush a bit on the last couple cats but I'm gonna be a little burned out. Reveal by the end of the calendar year would be what I'm shooting for but no promises.

    Alt Rules
    Just gonna drop a blanket "no" for alts this time, but if you really want to DM me and I'll probably say yes if you have a reason for it that isn't "I just want to submit more songs."


    (Arapocalypse Pending
    teaspoon Pending
    staypositivefriend Pending)
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    Thread: Walquas

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Use: /in to join as a player. /out to drop...

    Extra Queue
      Empty / N/A
      Empty / N/A
      Empty / N/A

    • /in to join as a player.
    • /out to drop out and remove yourself from any list.
    • /sub to join as a substitute.
    • /spec to join as a spectator.

    Game start: August 8th, 2022 at 3:00 AM EDT
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 5: Portland Finally, another city. Now that...

    Cat 5: Portland
    Finally, another city. Now that I'm someplace with an actual human population again it comes with grime, pollution, and industry. Send me a song that feels gritty, industrial, and like it was dragged through the sewers once or twice.

    The I.L.Y 's - Wash My Hands Shorty
    Non Phixion - Refuse to Lose
    Lauren Bousfield - Dead Eyes
    Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy
    Kowloon Walled City - The Pressure Keeps Me Alive

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - MyNameIsNothing
    --RXK Nephew ft. RX Papi prod. Color Plus - Squabble-- 4.0
    Oh man it's this dude lmao. I guess it has the right vibe lol. Idk man this dude is a meme and this track is not as funny as that other one I can't remember the name of. Gimmick artist and it wears thin fast.

    23rd - Moose
    --Jeff Lindblom - Lamp Oil Ocean Zone-- 6.0
    Morshu's a little grating in this mix honestly, but the original song jams as $%#!. It kinda fits a city.

    22nd - Visorslash
    --Static-X - Push It-- 6.0
    I like that intro riff, but GOD he sounds like a knock off fred durst. Somehow. This youtube comment section is insane though. It got a little better with listens, but eh I really have no desire to relisten to this ever again.

    21st - Mischief
    --Deftones - Mein-- 6.0
    This is like the most boring possible deftones song I feel like. Not that I have an encyclopedic knowledge of their discography or anything but. Idk this is solidly alright. This is probably more expertly crafted than some things above this, and I feel like I should enjoy it more than I do but I just, don't. Slight robbery, sorry folks.

    20th - Syn
    --Chemlab - Suicide Jag-- 6.5
    I'm pretty disappointed by how cool the packing on this was. It's grimey sure, got a nice vibe to it, but it's like really basic? I kinda like those robotic synth guitar esc tones, but I don't think it goes hard enough. This just wets my appetite for something cooler.

    19th - Newcomb

    --The Black Keys - 10 A.M. Automatic-- 6.5
    This is like, aight? It's the black keys. I don't know if I've heard this exact song, but I've DEF heard this exact song. And I enjoy it. Some soulful vibes.

    18th - Arapocalypse
    --DEMONDICE ft. DempseyRollBoy - Egosa-- 7.0
    Never was crazy abt DEMONDICE. I can respect the energy but a lot of bars were always just so corny to me. And idk, just the vibes don't sit right sometimes. This sounds a little happy for what I was looking for too, more like cool kids skatin around the city in rollerblades than a sewer monster manufacturing evil robots. Got a nice groove though. DEMONDICE does embody that early 2010s gamer girl smug face attitude though and I respect that.

    17th - roro__b
    --Perfect Whip - Why2k-- 7.0
    Shnasty beat. Not so sure about those vocals lol. Dude sounds like the epitome of a theatre kid. Lyrics are kinda spooky and fun. Sounds more like a neuroticly clean city than what I was expecting but it fits.

    16th - Schiavetto
    --illuminati hotties - Knead-- 7.5
    Pretty solid rock stuff. Got a nice fuzz to it that I appreciate. Just well crafted and catchy. Kinda gives me Metric vibes?

    15th - Bloobird
    --The Chemical Brothers - Believe (Radio Edit)-- 8.0
    Got a nice bounce to it. Kinda gives me "Stress" vibes with the powerdrill sounds and overall manic feel. Those synths are nice.

    14th - Lebossle
    --100 gecs - 745 sticky (Black Dresses Remix)-- 8.0
    This is such a garbled mess. Was one of my favorite tracks off the remix album though. A lot of them felt pretty gimmicky and I wasn't crazy, but this was one that I actually $%#!ed with. I think it lacks that charm the best stuff in this vein has, but it still keep that gecs ability to have a totally singable melody in harsh noise scape, which is cool.

    13th - vanity.
    --Hey, ily! - DigitalLung.EXE-- 8.0
    This is some 2000s pop punk being blasted through the speakers of an old $%#!ty game system. Something I never knew I needed until now. I think the songwriting is kinda lacking beyond the cool gimmick, but its catchy. And stuck with me.

    12th - hollowkatt
    --Depeche Mode - Dirt-- 8.0
    Grimey and disgusting (in a good way). Not my favorite Depeche Mode song, always thought it was kinda mid for them tbh. But the background synths whizzing along keep this whole track together I think. Brings some energy to an otherwise slow and somber song. Vocals are honestly very unnatural in combination with that rumbling bass. I like, do not like the way in which he delivers them (in a good way). It makes me uncomfortable. Or maybe that's just in conjunction with this very weird video this is attached too. The whole thing has a very unsettling vibe and makes me have a bit of a new appreciation for Depeche Mode's later edgy era.

    11th - PunchyTheCat
    --Run The Jewels - Jeopardy-- 8.0
    Good album. This is grimey as $%#!. Killer Mike absolutely murders that opening verse. El-P's production is top notch as always, that sax is bso sick. Slight knock for familiarity.

    10th - Kane
    --Spree - vomit-- 8.5
    This album cover needs to be spread throughout the lands. This is ridiculously catchy. Didn't quite stick with me after so many relistens but the fact that I gave it so many relistens should speak to SOMEthing. I really want to put this higher but can't justify putting it above any of the songs above it.

    9th - Rachel
    --Viagra Boys - 16 Wheeler Horse (Live)-- 8.5
    I like the Viagra Boys, hadn't heard this one. Has that signature drunk and falling apart feel that makes them so entertaining. Their frontman is actually so good at what he does, massive props. Honestly I get the opposite of city vibes from this song, but technically this does fit my category description of grimey and chaotic so good job. I can't help but crack a smile at these chorus refrains man. He's got a 16 wheeler horse whaddya want me to do? Late edit: I keep humming SixTEen... WheELER... hORsE..! to myself and its a problem.

    8th - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --YAPOOS - 肉屋のように-- 8.5
    This is some haunted house music. This city is bustling with efficient industry. Honestly this probably fits well over silent movie clips of like Metropolis or something. Robots and human beings interworking to create machines for mysterious purposes. She's got a weird charisma to her vocals, but the guy's are pretty annoying whenever they come in. One of the most interesting subs for sure, maybe even the best cat fit honestly lol. The breakdown into earshattering synth tones is nice too.

    7th - smallworldz
    --Kordhell - Live Another Day-- 8.5
    This bumps. Doesn't overstay it's welcome, blown out distorted bass in the best way. That cowbell actually goes hard, insert joke here. This is blaring out of some dude's skull covered goofy evil clown car somewhere in an alternate dimension for sure.

    6th - staypositivefriend
    This is a crazy beat. I've never been that blown away by Ugly Mane but this is pretty damn good. Something's weird in this city, a mad scientist has been conducting strange and unnatural experiments in the sewers and rats have become sentient and evil. Then those evil sentient rats decided to start a rap career.

    5th - nutella
    --Dan Deacon - Guilford Avenue Bridge-- 9.0
    I didn't know Dan Deacon got this harsh. Thinkin I might have been sleepin on the dude. Those synths in the first half just rip through this track, and then the second half is so wildly different and refreshing and yet the transition is shockingly seemless. This is a busy city. Everyone goes around doing their own business, people walk fast and don't have time to look at others. Grime seeps through it sometimes, but that's ok. It's beautiful in it's own way.

    4th - Egix96
    --Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blank Planet-- 9.0
    A lot of this 2000s edge stuff I missed the curve on, and have no real affinity for, but this is pretty good. The song keeps evolving and changing enough to hold my interest, although I wish the drumming was a little more interesting as it does get a little stale after awhile. At first I wasn't crazy about his voice and thought it was forgettable, but it grew on me. Acoustic intro is pretty dope too. The lyrics embody teenage angst but are honestly pretty finely crafted I have to say. I wasn't as crazy about the first half at first, but its pretty catchy after a listen or two. I kept finding myself humming this days later and continually bumping it up. That opening vocal melody is infectious. I wish the choruses were a little more interesting, verses are $%#!ing SICK. AT first I like the second half better, which is more unique, reminds me of some Soundgarden stuff maybe, but the more I listen to it the more I want to just inject the opening verse into my bloodstream. This was the 2nd most listened to song this cat funnily enough. Yeah this started so low and climbed its way all the way up to 4th. Gratz.

    3rd - soah
    --White Ward - Love Exchange Failure-- 9.0
    Mmmm cityscape noises. I knew the twist was coming because I saw "Black Metal Promotion" recommending this album to me on my sidebar, but it totally caught me off guard nonetheless. I've come to realize I REALLY like black metal when it doesn't try to be black metal which is kind of funny. Atmospheric cityscape noises kinda my jam. Sick blastbeats, really like the piano chords in the background too. Face melting bm otherwise, dope.

    2nd - ladd
    --Defeater - The Red White and Blues-- 9.0
    This is heavy as $%#!. Cool song name too. God those lyrics in the breakdown. Idk this kicks $%#!. This might take the cake for best lyrics of any song whole walrus at this rate, and delivery on them is so raw as well. I really have no complaints on this thing. It shows up, mushes my brain into jello and liquifies my bones, goes "yeah I can be emotional better than most songs you've ever heard as well" and then goes back and finishes polishing up what remaining brain cells I have left before ending. I'M GONNA BLEED, RED WHITE AND BLUE

    1st - Shad
    --Murmuüre - Reincarnate-- 10.0
    Holy $%#!ing $%#!. What is this sound my ears are hearing. This is like the world is collapsing around me as a primordial entity steps into our plane of existence to tear it apart. I instantly had to go listen to this album when I heard this song for the first time. I've never given out a 10 in my previous walruses, and was somewhat making a point to not give out a perfect score since I can't give one higher. But that was a different scoring system where i went by 0.1s instead of 0.5, so take this with pride. G $%#!ing G.

    (Also note to self post what the dude that made this wrote about this album because it's hilarious)

    Standings after Cat 5
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    Walrus i'll toss something together at minimum /in

    i'll toss something together at minimum

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    Sticky: gonna update this tomorrow, communications got a...

    gonna update this tomorrow, communications got a little twisted up with vacations occurring and overlapping
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    Completed ggs

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    23,639 ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuti plz (#13)
    Quote Originally Posted by LordQuas (#8)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuti plz (#7)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuti plz (#4)
    Not a turbo

    OMG I was first hehe
    No u r

    me poopin on toilet out posting you
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuti plz (#7)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuti plz (#4)
    Not a turbo

    OMG I was first hehe
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    also /spec me, tragically gotta miss

    also /spec me, tragically gotta miss
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 4: The Pacific Ocean I've been driving near...

    Cat 4: The Pacific Ocean
    I've been driving near it a lot on my way south of course, but now I arrive in a small fishing town, and seeing the waves crash against the rocky shore I realize just how beautiful the sea is. Send me a song that references the ocean, sailing, or anything else ocean related in some way.

    Sturgill Simpson - Breakers Roar
    The Cucks - Sailor’s Loom
    Jim Nopédie - La Casino Engloutie
    Shovel Knight - A Thousand Leagues Below (Iron Whale)
    Captain Bogg and Salty - Drunken Sailor

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - Visorslash
    --Ocean Man Voice Crack-- 2.5
    FINALLY some good $%#!in MUSIC. Take your Moose point with PRIDE valiant warrior. This is shockingly listenable. The bit around a minute and a half sounds like vocals I'd hear on a black metal album unironically.

    23rd - Rachel
    --Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size-- 5.0
    My Colombian aunt is a big Jane's Addiction fan. I could never really get into them, just always thought it was pretty generic and dated and this hasn't really changed my mind. Not BAD but nothing I would ever seek out on my own. Grating vocals.

    22nd - Lebossle
    --Pokemon Ruby/Saphire/Emerald - Dive-- 5.5
    I actually never played pokemon past Fire Red but I got my dad into them and he bought his own Nintendo DS just to play all of them. That's my story. Honestly I'm not that impressed by this. I love chiptune and have a soft spot for it but this is no lavendar town banger. Reminds me more of a soundtrack I'd hear for a game on Newgrouds or something. Do people really think this is that good or is it just nostalgia talking? It feels like nostalgia looking at the comments.

    21st - Mischief
    --Minus The Bear - Pachuca Sunrise-- 6.0
    Seattle band pog. It will never cease to be funny to me that this band shares members with Botch (and is only one step removed from Russian Circles as a result). I've always felt like I should get around to listening to minus the bear as a result but, idk this is kinda, boring? The instrumental grew on me a bit but the vocals are such a turn off. So bland.

    20th - hollowkatt
    --Toad The Wet Sprocket - Walk On The Ocean-- 6.0
    It's a ballad. I kinda like the energy. Better than average. I could jam out to this and see this being a very nostalgic song for me if I grew up with it. That said I didn't and it's just kinda slightly better than alright.

    19th - Kane
    --Santiano - Ich Bring Dich Heim-- 6.5
    This album cover is hilarious. It's aight. Like the vibe but feels a little, idk, clean? For lack of a better word? God this album cover is hilarious, might bump it up half a point just for that. Keep waiting for this to break out into some crazy jam like the Folkstone song from cat 2 but it never does.

    18th - smallworldz
    --Porter Robinson - Get Your Wish-- 6.5
    I've listened to the sewerslvt remix of this wowee. Idk, it's kinda bland. The video is pretty cool, but it's super glitzy standard & inoffensive EDM. Competantly made but the whole vibe is just not for me, tune it out pretty fast.

    17th - Schiavetto
    --Lydia - I Woke Up Near The Sea-- 7.5
    Lydia 2. Not as good as the last one but similar vibes. Chorus is just a bit generic. Well executed but nothing that blows my socks off like the last one. Found myself humming it a few times.

    16th - Syn
    --DNCE - Cake By The Ocean-- 7.5
    Kind of a smexy base. This was probably on the radio when I was a kid based on the age and views but I really don't remember it tbh. This is pretty catchy, got a nice bounce it to it.

    15th - nutella
    --LNZNDRF - Beneath The Black Sea-- 8.0
    I like the intrsumental, peaceful. I don't think the vocals are amazing but they overlap well with the instrumental, which is all you really need. It's got a nice build to it but it wears a little thin, feels like they used up a lot of their creativity at the start and let it keep running "because that's what epic songs do" or smthn. But on repeated listens where I'm not trying to focus and grade it and I let my brain tune out a bit more, I think the length is pretty perfect, so maybe scratch that. I think one more section or something else was needed to push this song really above but it's very good.

    14th - Egix96
    --Chicane - Saltwater-- 8.0
    I saw the view count and thought this was gonna be pretty bland generic trance, and you know maybe it is but I like it so what're ya gonna do about it, HUH? NOTHING, *I* make the rules around here bucko. That's right, you are POWERLESS here. Thanks for the cool music ChilledTrance93.

    13th - MyNameIsNothing
    --The Glands - Swim-- 8
    Really unique sound. Vocalist really sells this track, hats off to him. Reminds me of something that I can't place, but infectiously weird.

    12th - PunchyTheCat
    --Lorde - Oceanic Feeling-- 8.0
    Nice effect on the vocals, gives it a nice harmonic feel. Really like the percussion as well. Beat switch at the end with something that sounds like a reprise for an earlier track i would guess is a refreshing change of pace as well, quite beautiful. My one nitpick is I think it could be just a little bit snappier, not sure the 6:30 is quite justified, but oh well.

    11th - Moose
    --Aquatic Amogus-- 8.5
    It's a well mixed version of Aquatic Ambience ok get off my back.

    10th - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --クリスタルキング 海南風-- 8.5
    I kept waiting for this to break out into a deep house vid even though I knew it wasn't. Where do y'all find this stuff lmao. I mean this is pretty good I'm ngl. Homies can sing. Backing band is pretty good too, got a nice sway to it. No clue what they're saying beyond Seaweed but they sure love singing about Seaweed.

    9th - Arapocalypse
    --Thompson T. Egbo-Egbo - Storm-- 8.5
    I could tell this was gonna be quality from the packaging around it. Really evocative piece, always a sucker for some actually quality modern piano playing. The whole backing band is really solid too. I'm def gonna have to check this guy out more in my own time.

    8th - soah
    --Opeth - Deliverance-- 8.5
    I've listened to some Opeth but not much and not this song. The first switchup into jazzy clean section was probably the best executed thing in that style I've ever heard. In fact we have another rare case of a song that uses clean and not vocals and I prefer the clean ones. Crazy. Thirteen minutes is certainy long but it uses that time well. This sea is ruled by lovecraftian monsters of the deep.

    7th - staypositivefriend
    --billy woods ft. Elucid - U-Boats-- 8.5
    ooh billy woods that's a name I haven't heard in years. Prod by Busdriver and Aesop too. I actually really like Aesop's production, maybe an unpopular opinion. This beat is otherworldly, and elucid esp really brings this wild creepy energy. Choruses go crazy too, BLOOD IN THE WATER. It almost veers into horrorcore territory and I like it. Godzilla emerges from the radiation filled waters and really starts spittin.

    6th - Newcomb
    --Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea-- 8.5
    Dreamey and well sung. I think it's easy to fall into the corny and bland side of ballads like this, but she avoids that deftly. I really like the chorus here.

    5th - Bloobird
    --Mile Twelve - The Margaret Keene-- 9.0
    Really nice jam. This is the kind of vocalist I think would be a turn off to most ppl but it just hit the right spot at this moment. I suppose the one thing would be I wish he was even a little more eccentric. The banjo really goes off and carries a lot of this track. This is what the sailors are jammin too as they traverse the ocean.

    4th - ladd
    --Rod Stewart - Sailing-- 9.0
    I feel like I should have heard this before, or have heard this before and I don't remember, but this is pretty beautiful. Embodies melancholy very well. He's got a great voice and the simplistic lyrics mix well with the backing vocals as well. Simple lick as well but performed so goddamn well, that acoustic guitarist conveys emotion masterfully. Not everything needs to be complicated. I was going to write one of my little descriptive blurbs but I don't think I can describe it better than the actual lyrics of the song so I'll just direct you to those.

    3rd - vanity.
    --Coin Locker Kid - Low-Lands-- 9.5
    This has that energy of a song that you would find with 348 views and I like it. Wow that chorus is infectious. Dude can spit as well, especially over this sonar signal plus grandfather clock beat, unique enough that it stands out even in a pretty eclectic beat selection. Really vibrant storytelling with that imagery in the lyrics as well. The dusty production really makes it feel like I'm listening to this dude rap in some fifteen person cipher or something. Idk this just hits every soft spot of stuff that really got me into underground rap. Phenominal find.

    2nd - roro__b
    --Dark Morph - Dark Wave-- 9.5
    This is menacing as hell. I'm trapped in a deep nuclear sub, and alarms are blaring. I don't know what's wrong, maybe a systems failure, or maybe we stumbled across a creature of the deep no human has laid eyes on before, but I have a sickening feeling of dread boring a hole in the pit of my stomach.

    1st - Shad
    --Dirty Three - I Offered It Up To The Stars & The Night Sky-- 9.5
    Really interesting that despite the haunting violins wailing in the background that this manages to come together to make a really beautiful piece. When the drums and guitar kick in as well it's just perfect. The water is swaying back and forth as I sit on the end of the pier and look back at the trials and tribulations of my life. The violinist really makes this. Honestly the climax could have been even cooler but wat can you do.

    Standings as of Cat 4
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    Walrus too bad they're getting it anyways

    Quote Originally Posted by katze (#16)
    what is your kids opinion on screamo
    too bad they're getting it anyways
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    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 3: Mt. Saint Helens As I travel south I...

    Cat 3: Mt. Saint Helens
    As I travel south I start to see gigantic mounds of debris gathered from the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens decades ago. Imagining how much destructive power this eruption had means I need some destructive music of my own. Send me something raw, brutal, and intense. The more over the top the better.

    Converge - Concubine
    Denzel Curry - 13LACK METAL TERRORIST
    La Luna - Empty Portrait
    Horsehunter - Nuclear Rapture
    The Armed - Forever Scum

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - Visorslash
    --The Pogues - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda-- 3.0
    Pogues always reminds me of my childhood. What a beautiful dirge. Honestly one of best Pogues songs I've ever heard, it's really a shame this has literally nothing to do with the cat. At all. I hope I didn't mess up something on my end because what? Maybe worth spoilering myself to double check w/ the weird sub last cat too.

    23rd - roro__b
    --Yoshinori Hayashi - Chember-- 4.0
    Really like the atmosphere it has going at the start. Always love some taiko drums. Uhh this is a sick song but once again I have to wonder did I $%#! up the sheet or something? This seems like in no way a cat fit. I've double checked my write up and everything. Maybe another one to add to the "double check to make sure they sent this to the right cat" list, b/c wtf? Maybe I can squint my eyes and give it points for being like "raw" or "intense" but I feel like I was pretty cut and dry in this write up and this is not it.

    22nd - Arapocalypse
    --Undertale - Megalovania [Intense Symphonic Metal Cover]-- 5.5
    This is just an inferior version of the original. Luckily the original does slap so you get some points from that alone. Also you could have subbed that RichaadEB version that didn't sound like it was made in a midi program and I would have given it like an 8 or something. At least a 7. Honestly there are so many good (or more memey) versions of this song out there it is infuriating you choose one so mediocre. Like even just give me the Homestuck version if you want Megalovania with cool guitars.

    21st - Syn
    --NF - Clouds-- 6.0
    I will say this is probably the best NF track I've heard. Solid production and his technical skill has always been there. But it's pretty solidly in radio pop rap. On lyrical side it's clearly heavily em inspired and full of similes that make literally no sense in context but rhyme and would be functional in another context. Mr. NF can you please explain to me what "I'm like trading in a car for a new jack" means? Are you saying you make no sense? Or you're a bad decision? idgi. The climax at the end does have a nice energy to it though. This is what plays in the ABC Family live TV special of my erupting volcano.

    20th - Rachel
    --ANUBIS(ALMAR$$$) × $ATSUKI(TRAP전사) - 殺-- 6.0
    The vocals are. ROUGH. Energy def fits and I'm down with the intentionally rough production sometimes but this maybe takes it too far. The 2nd verse is produced better too so idk what happened with the 1st one. I feel like I could probably go on soundcloud and find someone doing this better in like 30 minutes (probably from Florida).

    19th - hollowkatt
    --Nine Inch Nails - Gave Up-- 6.5
    Not a huge NIN fanatic, but I remember them having better songs than this. Noise towards the end is fun, but the build up to there is pretty long and not really anything to write up about. Not feeling this one.

    18th - Moose
    --Judgement on COVID-19 [Kenneth Copeland]-- 7.0
    Kenneth Copeland is the scariest entity that is mentioned in this cat and that's factual. Honestly imo this is one of the better subs in this cat but I felt bad putting it any higher.

    17th - vanity.
    --BLIND GIRLS - The Ghost In My Eye-- 7.0
    This seems aight. Nothing really sold me over the edge on it. I enjoy it while its here and always forget about it right after.

    16th - Bloobird
    --mclusky - No New Wave No Fun-- 7.0
    This is enjoyable but it feels a little one note. Vocal and guitar melody interplay is nice. Could see this going crazy live.

    15th - Egix96
    --Static-X - Black and White-- 7.0
    Catchy chorus. Very 90s/early 2000s nu metal. Feels a little generic at times and I think the verse/intro is pretty bleh, which hurts a lot in this style. Still, this is a song that would frequently get stuck in my head more than a lot of others so points there.

    14th - ladd
    --La Dispute - The Last Lost Continent-- 7.5
    The channel that uploaded this is called "TF2TheWiggin." Potent and depressing ballad, I like La Dispute. Strikes me as more of an emotional raw rather than a volcano is erupting crazy energy raw and brutal, but it's close enough where I'll count it.

    13th - smallworldz
    --Rainbow ★ Star ★ 36 - KINPATSUKORE VOL.1 - 23 Pastel Cutie-- 7.5
    It is very funny to imagine a volcano erupting to this. I think this would maybe be better without the Alvin and the Chipmunks vocals. Hey, write that down, Alvin and the Chipmunks over breakbeat can be the next Chipmunks meme. This actually grew on me quite a bit. Vocals (while I'm not crazy about them) do provide a nice sonic contrast to the breakbeat. Knows not to overstay it's welcome and sticks out in a crowd, which can be a big deal when ranking like 25 songs.

    12th - Kane
    --Skálmöld - Með fuglum-- 7.5
    Very catchy riffs. The vocals sound goofy like someone making fun of them would do, but they grew on me. Always a fan of goofy horns in metal as well, we stan those. (Actually now that I've said that those might be woodwinds but).

    11th - staypositivefriend
    --mclusky - Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues-- 7.5
    lmao. I actually like the vocals on this but they're, mm. I could see someone hating them and think that would be fair. They fit with the goofy energy of the track though. Short and sweet, comes in like a freight train. Brings a smile to my face and a song that does that has to be at least DECENT.
    Edit live during reveal: During the La Dispute song I noticed I posted the WRONG MCLUSKY WRITEUP for the 1st mclusky song (this one), and NOBODY noticed.

    10th - Newcomb
    --65daysofstatic - This Cat Is A Landmine-- 8.0
    OOh this is from their first album apparently, I haven't heard that one. Also while looking at this apparently 65daysofstatic did the music for No Man's Sky? I didn't know that. It's good, I like the atmosphere, wish it went a little harder for that really out there lunatic feel for this cat, but it's close enough for me to work.

    9th - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --輝針残酷物語 - Agai, Boss, Kim, Tifara, 湖小, そらまめ-- 8.0
    These vocals are cursed. This bandcamp page is also cursed. Idk what "" is but it's plastered at the top and I would NOT reccommend anyone goes there from context clues, I'm too scared to search it myself though. Solid powerviolence track though.

    8th - Schiavetto
    --Rolo Tomassi - Party Wounds-- 8.0
    Decent screamo, but that ethereal chill bit at the end is the coolest part of the track by far. And then the organ kicks in, and there's that one vocal switchup that hits just right. Mm immaculate. Yeah this has a bit of a whimsical attitude to it that I enjoy, just goes wherever it wants.

    7th - Lebossle
    I like the energy this brings. I just wish it was longer and/or had some more variation to it. Feels like at one minute I barely get to sink my teeth in and its really just one idea to sink into. Might check this album out if I get the time.

    6th - MyNameIsNothing
    --TRAVELSEX - Maria And The Mirrors-- 8.5
    House music but from Hell. I feel like this video should ask for an 18+ warning so, you have been warned. Love those drums, cool vocal sample, and the siren-esc synths really go a long way to making this feel as anxiety inducing as possible. This is the warning going off in the town near the eruption.

    5th - Mischief
    --Cult Leader - I Am Healed-- 8.5
    Dope aesthetic. Some absolutely insane riffs, as in theme of Psycho insane. Really convey this manic energy feel. I dig it. Some pretty inventive and dynamic unclean vocals too. Clearly thought put into vocal work and not just "that's what the other bands do" which is always refreshing to hear.

    4th - nutella
    --ZEAL & ARDOR - Erase-- 9.0
    They do a pretty good job making both clean and not vocals work on the same track, which is a rare feat. I like those sharp guitar tones halfway through as well. Some pretty interesting vocals as well when they do that call and refrain section. Yeah there's a lot of interesting ideas here actually. The start is kind meh though.

    3rd - PunchyTheCat
    --Death Grips - Punk Weight-- 9.0
    I'm gonna steal a youtube comment for this one

    "This song feels like you're browsing radio stations and then the car swerves into oncoming traffic"

    You would normally lose some originally points for sending Death Grips but Money Store was never their album I put on loop beyond a few singles so honestly I have prolly only heard this song once or twice and that would have been years ago. It slaps. You got hella lucky this time.

    2nd - soah
    --Calligram - Carne-- 9.0
    Aggresively smashes your face in with blastbeat and I love it. Good vocals too, though I wish he just went even a tad crazier, maybe just a taste thing but I think he could have mixed it up a bit more instead of the same drawn out scream. Cool chord progression towards the end too.

    1st - Shad
    --Hell - Machitikos-- 9.0
    This is raw as $%#!. Sick album cover too. Oppressively dismal. Probably the best sonic vibe for a Hellscape I've ever heard.

    Standings as of Cat 3
  49. #40

    Thread: Roadtrip Walrus

    by LordQuas

    Walrus Cat 2: The Cascades I quickly take a detour into...

    Cat 2: The Cascades
    I quickly take a detour into the mountains. As I reach the top of Sunset Ridge and look out over the ground thousands of feet below, I need something suitably majestic and grand to play.

    Homestuck - Cascade
    Genesis - Duke’s Travels/Duke’s End
    Daniel Kharitonov - Chopin Etude Op.25 No.12 in C Minor (Ocean)
    David Bowie - Life On Mars?
    Batushka - Yekteniya 1

    Reminder that I essentially grade on a curve so scores don't always transfer well between cats (esp in the 6-8 range)

    24th - smallworldz
    --Yung Lean - Ginseng Strip 2002-- 1.5
    Draingang. Worse than the meme rap songs that get sent sometimes.

    23rd - Rachel
    --ROBOTICS;NOTES Main Theme [Anime Ver]-- 4.5
    This is that sweet spot of generic modern classical that all somewhat sounds the same. Meh, not BAD but sounds like it would be the title screen to some jrpg I would get bored playing after 30min. Soooo overdramatic too. Not feelin this, sorry.

    22nd - Moose
    --Ye Olde Monkey Kong Rap-- 6.0
    This doesn't quite fit cat, almost like the subber just wanted to send this but didn't have an appropriate category that wasn't taken up by a different sub already, not that that would ever be the case. It is a jam though. Nutella post the medieval dance gif.

    21st - Lebossle
    --Vangelis - Conquest of Paradise-- 6.5
    The start is a little interesting, always had a soft spot for that giant choral menacing style. But the drop into the like chariots of fire esc synth combinations is, eh. I'm not loving it. Grew on me a bit but still I feel like I've heard better renditions of essentially this same song.

    20th - Egix96
    --Franky Wah, Carl Cox - We Are One-- 6.5
    Some fun beats, bleh happy music amirite.

    19th - hollowkatt
    --The Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion-- 7.0
    This is catchy, hey now now.

    18th - ladd
    --Cascada - Bad Boy-- 7.0
    While this is an absolute banger, not sure I get the cat fit beyond "Cascada = Cascades." Which seems like a stretch. Was this sent to the wrong cat? I can maybe see it if I squint my eyes considerably

    17th - Visorslash
    --Maurice Ravel - Bolero-- 7.0
    This is 14 minutes of the same drum line. Oboe is fun. Early drone music. I've def heard this before, and this was the song with the most glow up over the course of grading this cat. Not really a song I would ever listen to on my own but encapsulates that majestic feeling well in the build and climax.

    16th - Newcomb
    --Emancipator - Chiefin-- 7.0
    Some chill beats. Yeah this jams. It has a mountain on the album cover so clearly it is a cat fit.

    15th - Mischief
    --Gojira - Silvera-- 7.5
    Every time I listen to this song I jam at the intstrumental intro, cringe at the first minute or so with vocals, and then they get better and I jam for the rest of the song once the choruses kick in. It's Gojira, it's pretty good.

    14th - Shad
    --Mare Cognitum - Ataraxia Tunnels-- 7.5
    Some solid black metal. Saw this band in my recommended a couple times but never checked them out, so glad to get the opportunity. Not absolutely blown away, feels a bit par for the course for black metal. The ending is cool though. Also really like those ascending rifs.

    13th - staypositivefriend
    --PUP - Scorpion Hill-- 8.0
    This was a really good album. Interesting take on the cat that I can kinda see. Dope track, have subbed this album multiple times and was one of my fav albums of 2019 though so can't give it that high of a score I'm afraid. Fun tangent, I got my dad into this album recently.

    12th - nutella
    --Still Life - turning / after parting-- 8.0
    This is a nice chill soundscape, the build at the end is cool. Wasn't sure I really got the catfit at first but I can see myself watching the sun rise in the mountains as those synths crescendo in at the end. Enjoyable. I think about as high as a song like this could go.

    11th - Schiavetto
    --Liszt - Spanish Rhapsody S254-- 8.5
    Envigorating piano piece, love me some liszt. Gives me chills every time. The one downside to a lot of these really long classical pieces is I don't think they're as solid all the way through. It has it's weaker and stronger sections.

    10th - vanity.
    --Grails - Take Refuge-- 8.5
    Dirty guitars. I like it. Oddly enough almost sounds like a surf rock song at points. Also never gonna say no to some cool organ sections. Funny story I put this band name down as "Grains" in my writeup at first on accident.

    9th - BLOODYRAIN10001
    --Slugabed - many blessings, fantastic sky-- 8.5
    Strange mist looms over the mountains on this one. Very interesting song. Sounds like it's melting and falling apart constantly, and I dig that.

    8th - roro__b
    --Vibrasphere - Breathing Place-- 8.5
    Am I going to get attacked if I say this has homestuck music vibes? This has some homestuck music vibes. I remember dobby subbed this to some other walrus and I thought it was cool. It's still cool. Very mountainy. This is what bottled water companies want you to think of when they look at their packaging.

    7th - Bloobird
    --Dan Deacon - U.S.A I-IV-- 8.5
    I've heard a little Dan Deacon, but this is new to me. Also this is technically four songs but I allowed it. Pretty cool, minor gripe I wonder if this could have been distilled down to like, 15 minutes and still convey the same grand feeling. Still, this is beautiful. I'm traveling on a great journey through a wide land, movie montage style, as this plays in the background.

    6th - Kane
    --FOLKSTONE - Nebbie-- 8.5
    This song is crafted from the distilled essence of pure fun. Those pipes be shmoovin. This mountain is in vikingland and has a tavern on it with constant bar fights. That one ascending lick is addicting.

    5th - Arapocalypse
    --Worakls - Caprice-- 9.0
    We love some cool strings. I think it peaks before half the song is up though, which is a bit of a shame. That said, that first half jams to an illegal degree. It is wanted on three counts of jam in 32 US states.

    4th - PunchyTheCat
    --Björk - Hyperballad-- 9.0
    You know, believe it or not I just never found myself listening to Bjork as much as I should have. I'm sure I've heard this song, but before this walrus I couldn't have picked it out of a lineup. You have found a weak spot in the Quas music knowledge, gratz. Amazing vocals, probably the best of any sub this cat. Actually no, easily the best of any sub this cat. Love the production on this too. Addictively bizarre.

    3rd - MyNameIsNothing
    --Asao Kikuchi - Kula Botanical Gardens-- 9.0
    Man those vocals feel otherworldly. The piano that comes in halfway through is so perfect as well. A lot of subs really tried to go for that broad evolving experimental soundscape niche but this might be the best of them. I think this artist was subbed to a walrus recently but maybe I'm making that up?

    2nd - Syn
    --Genshin - Duel In The Mist - Inazuma OST Battle Theme-- 9.0
    This kinda jams, got a really cool tempo to it. Conveys this swaying sort of feeling quite well. Weebs punching the air right now in joy. I may have given 2nd to last to some weeb music but I also gave 2nd to weeb music. Quas giveth and Quas taketh away.

    1st - soah
    --Cân Bardd - Crépuscule-- 9.5
    Wasn't exactly crazy about the way the vocals fit in at the start, but beyond that its a beautiful and haunting masterpiece. The nearly 10 minute run time still feels shorter than a lot of the more boring tracks this cat because its constantly changing, whether its solemn dungeon synth or playful ghibli esc flutes or those infamous black metal tremalos, this conveys the feeling of grand open wilderness immaculately.

    Standings after Cat 2
  50. Completed We here at Mafia Universe Press would like to...

    We here at Mafia Universe Press would like to apologize for the choice of Mr. Universe to be our spokesperson for Season 9 Game 5.

    Mr. Universe has embezzled (without our knowledge) millions from the Universe Brand Pension Fund to fund his private yacht, private plane, and private island in the Caribbean. This was, of course, completely without our knowledge, and we attended his resort he built completely without knowledge of how the funds were acquired.

    We were also not aware of Mr. Universe's secret identity as the Butt-Naked Bandit. We hope you are aware his criminal actions of public indecency and doorknob fondling go contrary to the core values of our company, representation, diversity. We like to think that our team at Mafia Universe is truly a family, and Mr. Universe does not represent all of us.

    Going forward, we want to emphasize that our commitment will be to always preserve the sanctity of our Mafia flavor writers, and put our community first.

    --Sincerely, the staff at Mafia Universe Press
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