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What is the difference between a faked mod post and quote hacking another players post when you're responding to it?

Like clearly a faked mod post comes from a player, not a moderator/game moderator right? If players are paying attention to who's posting what it should be clear within minutes that the faked mod post isn't actually from a moderator.

I would argue that this should be a legal action to take within a mafia game and that if you fall for it it's because you're not paying close enough attention.

To me there's no difference between faking a mod post and doing something like this:
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In my opinion it shouldnt be allowed.

The modpost role exists for a reason and that is to ensure that mod communication cannot be deliberately faked by a player.
if it is ensured that mod posts can't be faked,

then why not allow it?
I think this is totally fine, it's something I'd do as a player for the lols
We all know what Guillo actually said, if we click on the link to go to the post in question, and yet, at first glance the post I "hacked" looks completely legitimate.

I don't find that to be angleshooting or otherwise against the rules or unwritten rules of mafia.
coincidentally both of these are banned on other sites i've played on