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Hi! Yes! I am here as the host in this situation! I took this the same way as Ara and Co. did with the fake innocent child reveal in Throne mash 2, in that it was faking a post that was supposed to be reserved for mod communications only. I knew that C4 did not do it out of malicious intent, hence the lack of modkill, but I did directly tell him that he shouldn't be doing it.

In that game, it was made very clear to us all (the perpetrator was a teammate on the wolfteam) that modposts are not to be faked, regardless of how real or plausible they may look.
Just a clarification, mod posts cannot be faked. The modkill for the innocent child post was for claiming a species group or something in that game which was a game specific rule.

Having said that, it was a bad joke to post a fake inno child in the first place.

Just exercise caution and common sense.