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  1. The issue is that let's say all four doctors...

    Quote Originally Posted by Impeaceful (#46)
    I've thought about that they can all just claim d1, so i put sufficient mafia power roles to confuse the town if that happens. The wolves can also simply claim vanilla townie. Alternatively, i can just switch the naive doctor with insane doctor if you wish.
    The issue is that let's say all four doctors claim day 1, right? Assuming that there are no doctor fakeclaims and even if they just claim doctors, that immediately takes four mislynches off the table and clears them immediately! It's a matter of narrowing mafia options by a lot during the day, even if they are still able to get their nightkills off, and that's not to mention the weak doctor being able to basically get cop checks up until they hit a mafia!!
  2. What about simply taking the weak doctor out?...

    What about simply taking the weak doctor out? That leaves you with sane/paranoid/naive doctors versus the roleblocker/role cop; taking the cop-doctor out of the equation relieves the pressure on mafia by a lot as well as taking out a clear!!
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