(Despite what's on the poster, the game will be starting approximately two weeks from now.)

Website: Aces & Eights recruitment thread
Game Host: AvatarVecna
Game Type: Manual, Closed Game
Phase Length / Game Speed: 48 hour days, 24 hours nights, D1 will be 72 hours
Expected Number of Players: 10-30
Elimination Mechanics: Deadline elimination
Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No unless explicitly granted by power (e.g. Lovers/Masons)
Bastard Game: lil bit?
Other: Role madness game, all players have extra voting power, voting power is distributed upon death

To give you an idea of the game speed, the average game lasts 2-3 weeks of realtime. Over those weeks, the game will average about 500 total posts of short to middling length. The longest game in recent memory was not quite three weeks and accumulated a bit over 2000 posts. This game will not have a post minimum or a post maximum, but if that kind of game sounds like it's agonizingly slow for you, I'd probably recommend keeping your distance. :P

Instructions on how to register for and/or use the hosted game's website

Beyond a general suggestion to skim the forum rules (more or less what you'd expect), a couple things that might seem weird:

1) Posts have a 50000 character limit, which includes quotes. Walls of quotes can run you out of room quick.

2) By default, quotes don't nest. If you quote a post that itself is quoting posts, those quotes won't get quoted automatically. You would have to manually quote those posts as well, and manually nest them within the other quotes.

3) The multiquote is limited to 10 posts at a time.

4) If you want to post links during the game, you'll need at least 10 posts on the site. Posts in the Message Board Games subforum (where the actual gameplay will take place) won't count for this, while posts in the Recruitment thread would count. However, I'd recommend against spamming unimportant posts elsewhere on the forum: this rule against links for baby accounts was put in place as protection against bots; if you act like a bot, you'll probably get reported like one and booted like one too. If you wanna reach 10 posts so you can post links during game (like maybe to other games to demonstrate a point, for example), feel free to ask questions in the recruitment thread.

5) To that end, try not to post multiple times in a row in the recruitment thread, though. I don't personally have an issue with it but it's mildly against forum rules (for similar spam reasons). This won't be an issue in the game thread, because posting in a row will just merge the old and new posts (unless that would take it over the character limit, in which case it just fails - fair warning).