Game Host: Silverfish/Directly
Game Type: Closed Game (I think.)
Phase Length: 72/48
Expected # of players: Infinity (Directly has ultimate control.)

Elimination Mechanic: Majority or deadline (whichever happens first)
Role Reveal Upon Death: Probably not, but Directly has literal control over it.

Outside Communication Allowed for All Players: No, but Directly will say otherwise.

Bastard Game: Most definitely. Directly is glorious.

WARNING: This game is being directed by Directly, a bot made with the specific task of controlling all aspects (since the first iteration of Botwolf) of the game. Expect a chaotic mafia environment.

Now a message from the host/s.

"Well, I don't have much to say beyond "Chaos! Chaos everywhere!", so I asked Directly why people should play the game and:
This game is about choice and consequence.
You may choose to alter the ending in this game.
You may choose to make your ending whatever you want to make it.
So there's that?"

- Silverfish when speaking of the game and Directly

[Invasion of the Bot] is a continuation of Silverfish's special mafia project: Botwolf. The Botwolf series is intended to be a mafia game ran by a bot that generates most, if not all, aspects of the game.

For an idea of what to expect here is the first iteration of Botwolf:

Game experience-wise, Silverfish is a talented mafia host who has designed and ran games on the Wintreath website for quite a bit. He's gotten I volved in other communities as far playing and running in games.

To participate in [Invasion of the Bot] (essentially Botwolf 2) just creae an account on the NGA forums and /in with the rest of us. We look forward to seeing interested parties getting involved in a non-ssrious game of fun (even though I will probably be aggro against all of you).

See you soon.