Hi there. My smol community is on the road to get a revival after almost getting extinct. Thanks to @Askthepizzaguy we have got a shot to get back on track. However we are few. So we need your help tbh!

MM is a sorta old community that has a long tradition of players and games that love funny flavour and funny roles. Back in our haydays we had MVP awards for every game and also a Hall of Fame. We have fostered several excellent players despite always being comparably small to other communities. Just take a look at our Mafia Championship CV. The best way to describe the MM community is that it is a close-knit family however.

This is the game we currently have in sign-ups.

It is an 11er with power roles (and 4 vanilla town).

How is it like playing a game on MM?

  • Games are slower due to people not posting as much. There is no post restriction, but only a few people post "a lot" (and on MU standards, that is not a high poster). Thus MM is the perfect place for people who enjoy chill low-posting games. We have had issues with activity (which is why I am here trying to recruit new blood).
  • It is a friendly community. I don't remember the last time someone got banned. I think the last perma ban happened before I joined the site even (and I joined in 2013). There have been a handful of games that got heated, but not on a level that resulted in a ban. Thus, MM games are nice to play if you enjoy friendly games with almost no toxicity.
  • We put emphasis on PRs. Previously, every person was a PR. We are walking back on that with this game however for balance reason but also for accessibility. The idea was that people feel more invested when they have a role. Due to this, a handful of us are not used to this style of mafia that everyone in the world but us have played. But we are learning. We have called our version of mafia as "Den mafia". Here is a guide to it. Aside from the first item, everything else is pretty much still in play.
  • Game thread does not close during night. This means that every alive player can post during Night in the thread. This is workable due to the low-intensivity of our games.
  • We really like stories. Flavour is an important part of our games and is directly tied with what has happened during the day/night (with no TMI). Every role is a character with a brief backstory. Thus, if you like playing mafia games with story, this is a good site for you. Due to our low amount of games, you will easily be able to host a game with your flavour here too if we get more people to play.
  • Our domain died so we are on jcink and pray to God that we will not perish. Jcink is kinda wonky to play on, but it works. Here is a guide to make the site a little better tbh

So to sum this up. If you enjoy playing lowkey games with lowkey people, this is something for you. If you want to help revive a renowned mafia site and maybe even make a name of yourself in forum mafia, this is also a site for you tbh. If you enjoy flavour and/or PR games, this is a site for you tbqh.

Hope to see future Maniacs!

Thanks for reading tbqh!