Nice players. I hope they get a couple extra players so they can keep running games and even expand in size, run some bigger setups.

It's Mafia Maniac. Season 2 champ is from there, they have sent finalists several times. I've played with people from mafia maniac in Champs or spectated them in champs more times than I can remember, and every time, they sent players of the highest caliber.

It's amazing how such a small community kept sending legendary peeps, so when I heard their site went down I tried to assemble some people back together but there weren't that many. Then I heard the site went back up and they have a discord server, and we cobbled together enough people for one game. But if a community is going to stay together and play together there needs to be more than one game so I hope some adventurous folks with great personalities would get curious enough to wander over there.

Not every player is going to play every single game, so when they only have a dozen or so players to work with, they could use some warm bodies.

Just probably don't expect to 500 post the games there. A few players posted in the very low double digits for the whole game. So be prepared for a more relaxed experience from some. Mafia Universe is one of the heavier posting go hard all day every day kinds of cultures, this is not that.

Reminds me of my home site(s), maybe it will remind you of yours.