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    Thread: When You Give PT a Mafia Game

    by Alette

    Completed When You Give PT a Mafia Game: Game Information!...

    When You Give PT a Mafia Game: Game Information!

    This is an automated game of Mafia.

    Setup - 10 Players

    x2 Mafia Goon
    x1 Town Vigilante
    x7 Vanilla Town

    Example Role PMs
    • POST RESTRICTION: You may only post 50 times per Day phase. This restriction will be lifted 1 hours before phase end.
    • Majority will be in effect starting Day 2. Day 2 onward will end the instant a majority is reached.
    • Town wins when there are no threats to Town remaining.
    • Mafia factions win when they achieve Parity and there are no other evil factions remaining at any time.
    • Votes are automatically locked in when the Town must eliminate correctly.
    • Self-voting is disabled. You may not vote for yourself.
    • Sleep is enabled. Vote for Sleep to forgo an elimination that Day.
    • Mafia factional kills are mandatory. Mafia must submit a factional kill each night, or a player outside their faction will be chosen at random.
    • Mafia factional kills are assigned. They can be tracked, watched, or roleblocked.
    • Mafia share a factional Night Kill, which is a single standard shot for their faction.
    • Mafia may communicate at any time.
    • Tied votes will result in a player being eliminated at random from among the tied players.

    Phase Lengths

    Days are 48 hours in length. Nights are 24 hours in length.


    @Secondhand Revenant


    Are you unsure about how actions are processed or how roles interact with each other? Then read more here:


    Night actions are processed in this order:

    Strongman kills

    When an action was submitted during the night will never matter when the actions are processed.


    These are the results you will get when you submit certain actions.

    Non-investigative roles when they submit an action (they also receive this if they are roleblocked):

    Your action on Player A was received.
    Investigative actions return results even if the target dies on the same night.

    Actions that count as visits are counted as visits even if the actor dies on the same night.

    Investigative roles (Tracker, Cop, etc.) when roleblocked:

    Your action on Player B failed.
    Trackers when tracking a person that didn't visit anyone (or if they targeted a Ninja):

    Player C did not visit anyone.
    Watchers when watching a person that wasn't visited by anyone (or only visited by a Ninja):

    Player D was not visited by anyone.
    Alignment Cop when investigating a town-aligned player (or a Godfather):

    Player E is Town
    Watcher when watching a person that was visited by multiple people:

    Player F was visited by Player G, Player H, Player I

    How do I submit my action?
    Use the form below the game thread. If your role has a night action, the form will only be visible during night phases. It's not possible to submit actions in advance of the night phase.

    What does it mean if the Mafia Host says that night kills are assigned?
    In games with this setting turned on, the member of the mafia team that made the most recent night kill submission will be the one assigned to the kill, which means that the kill can be blocked if a Town Roleblocker or Town Jailkeeper target the mafia player in question. Similarly, the kill can be tracked and watched by Town Trackers and Town Watchers. If this setting isn't turned on, then it doesn't matter who the last person to submit the mafia kill is, as the kill is unblockable and untrackable in this case.

    Where do I find example role PM's?
    This thread contains example role PM's for all roles currently supported by the Modbot as well as information on the various modifiers. Here you will find the answers to a lot of questions not covered in this FAQ section.

    Which roles can self-target?
    Only Watchers are able to use their ability on themselves at night. This means that Doctors or Jailkeepers aren't able to protect themselves, for example.

    Which roles are not able to target the same players on consecutive nights?
    Doctors, Jailkeepers, and Roleblockers are not allowed to target the same player twice in a row. Everyone else is, including Bodyguards. Note that this non-consecutive restriction still holds true even if one of these three roles were blocked the night before when targeting the person that they're attempting to target again.

    What happens if Jailkeeper A and Jailkeeper B or Roleblocker A and Roleblocker B target each other (and are not targetted by other blockers)?
    In the case of Jailkeepers, they will block and protect each other. In the case of Roleblockers, they also block each other. This means that the two players are trackable to each other that night by Trackers and Watchers. It also means that if one of them is mafia and happens to simultaneously be the one submitting the factional kill that night in a game with assigned kills, then this kill is blocked. This same principle applies to longer loops. I.e. in a A > B > C > D > A loop, everyone is blocked.

    What happens if Jailkeeper A targets Roleblocker B who targets Jailkeeper A?
    Jailkeeper A will be blocked in this scenario. Refer to the order of operations: Roleblocks process before jails.

    What happens if Jailkeeper A targets Roleblocker B who targets Player C?
    As stated above, roleblocks process before jails, so Roleblocker B will successfully block Player C. I.e. Jailkeeper A will fail to block Roleblocker B, but will still protect Roleblocker B.

    What happens if Jailkeeper A targets Jailkeeper B and Jailkeeper B targets Jailkeeper C (who isn't targeting any of the former two)?
    In this case, Jailkeeper A would prevent Jailkeeper B's block from occuring, meaning that Jailkeeper C's action is not blocked.

    If an X-Shot role is blocked while using a shot, do they lose that shot forever?
    Yes. A 1-shot Vigilante being blocked while attempting to kill someone will not have their shot refunded.

    If someone with a Strongman modifier kills Player A who is protected by Bodyguard B, who dies?
    Player A will die, and Bodyguard B will survive.

    Can a mafia team choose not to kill anyone during a night?
    The host can determine this using the Mafia Factional Kill setting. Kills can be mandatory, optional, or disabled altogether.

    The default is No. The mafia factional kill is compulsory. This is done in order to avoid deadlocked games where the town keeps no eliminating and the mafia refuses to submit a kill. If the game has assigned kills, it will be randomized which member of the team is carrying out the kill.

    If there is only one mafia member left in a game without assigned kills, can the mafia factional kill then be blocked and/or tracked?

    Can the mafia submit a kill for one of their own members?

    If I kill someone, does their night action, if they have one, still succeed?
    Yes, killing someone doesn't prevent them from performing their night action (unless they investigated someone, in which case they will not receive a report). Refer to the order of operations: All kills happen at the end of the night, and everyone pulls the trigger simultaneously.

    Can individual night actions be proxied on mafia teams?
    No. If the mafia team has a Mafia Roleblocker, for example, and they want to use this role's action, then the player occupying that slot must submit the action themselves.

    If a Lover is shot during the night, while the other Lover is protected that night, does the other Lover still die?
    Yes. It's not possible to prevent a Lover from dying of love sickness.

    If a Bodyguard protects Lover A, while Lover B is shot during that same night, what happens?
    A dies of love sickness and Bodyguard lives.

    If there are any Innocent Childs in the game, are these confirmed in the thread right when the game begins?
    No. Innocent Childs are able to decide themselves when or if they wish to have the Modbot confirm their role and alignment in the thread. Note that this is exclusively a day action and that it can take up to one minute for the Modbot to process the action.

    What results are Alignment Cops, Full Cops and Role Cops given if they investigate a Godfather or a Miller?
    Alignment Cops are told "Town" for Godfathers and "Mafia" for Millers. Full Cops are told "Vanilla Town" for Godfathers and "Mafia Goon" for Millers. Role Cops are told "Godfather" for Godfathers and "Miller" for Millers.

    Can Role Cops tell the difference between a Vanilla Town and Mafia Goon?
    No. They are told "Vanilla" when investigating either of these two roles.

    If I roleblock someone with a Bulletproof Vest, will that nullify the effect of the vest?
    No. Bulletproof Vests are passive modifiers that cannot be blocked from working.

    If I roleblock Masons, Neighbors or Lovers with out of thread communication privileges, can I prevent them from talking at night?

    If I roleblock a Godfather, will they still be revealed as being town-aligned to Alignment Cops and Full Cops that night?

    Are you wondering about how to vote, submit night actions or multi-isolate players? Read about this and more here:


    Our forum votes for someone by using the vote tags: [V]Thingyman[/V]. Preview:

    ##Vote Thingyman

    Make sure that you spell out the full, correct name. Abbreviations or misspelled names will not be registered by the Modbot.

    To unvote, use the tags: [UNV][/UNV] . When unvoting you do not need to enter the name of the person that you are unvoting. Preview:



    You can also quickly vote for someone by clicking on the box with a checkmark icon, which will bring up an alphabetized dropdown containing the names of living players:

    This will insert [V][/V] tags with the name of the player you selected in the dropdown, perfect every time.

    Click the empty checkbox button to insert [UNV][/UNV].

    If you have a night action, simply submit this at night by scrolling to the bottom of the game thread. Here you will find a night action form like this:

    Click the dropdown and select the player whom you wish to use your night action on. You can change it as many times as you wish before the deadline expires.

    Votecounts will appear automatically at various intervals, but you can also call up votecounts yourself by following these steps:

    First, you need to apply to join "Mafia Game Hosts" under Permission Groups.

    Second, once your request has been approved, you will be able to call up votecounts by simply pushing the "Post Votecount" button in the top right corner of any game thread that you'd like an updated votecount for.



    There are three ways to access the vote history for any game.

    1. Click on the "Vote History" button in the top right corner of the game thread:

    2. Click on the "View Vote History" link, which accompanies all votecounts:

    3. Click on Modbot in the top forum menu. This will give you a list of ongoing and completed games:

      Next, simply click on "Vote History" to view all votes for that game.

    Following any of the above three steps will bring you to an overview like this one:

    Click on a Voter's username to view all of the votes by their slot.

    Click on a Target's username to view all of the votes for their slot.


    If you wish to read a player's posts in isolation, simply click on "ISO" in the top right corner of one of that player's posts in the relevant thread as illustrated here:

    Alternatively, you can access a player's posts in isolation by clicking on the number next to "Replies:" in the forum lobby.

    Doing so will pull up a window listing the post counts for everyone who has posted in that thread. You access someone's posts in isolation by simply clicking on the number next to "Posts:" for that person.

    The ISO view itself has Quote and Multi-Quote buttons inside it, which will make it very easy to quickly quote a lot of a player's posts for analysis or commentary:


    If you wish to read not just one player's posts, but you want to ISO multiple players, then click the "Multi ISO" button to the left of "Game Tools" and select the players in question as shown here:


    Note that you can multi-quote posts from even locked game threads. This is useful for when you wish to reread the game and do work during night phases.

    After quoting the relevant posts, you simply open a different, opened thread and press "Go Advanced". Then add the quotes to your post by clicking the prompt below the post area as shown here:

    Now, of course you can't post your work in the game thread while the thread is locked, but you can copy paste and save your work to a local file or the cloud and have it ready to post the very next day phase (if you're still alive, that is).


    Whenever you open a game thread, you are able to bookmark posts. This is for many players an important tool for keeping track of and remembering vital pieces of information, reads, claims etc.

    Also, note that these bookmarks are saved to your user account, meaning that it eliminates the trouble associated with keeping notes between different computers/devices.

    If you want to bookmark a post, you simply scroll to the post that you want to bookmark and press "Set Bookmark" as shown here:

    This will call up 5 different colored icons (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Black) on the right side of the post in question. You can click any of these icons, which will then prompt you to include a note for the post.

    If you don't want to include a note, you don't have to - just leave it blank. The color coding in itself can be a valuable tool. Maybe you want to use Red bookmarks for posts that you find suspicious, Green bookmarks for posts that you find townie, Black bookmarks for posts containing claims, or whatever system you can think of that will be helpful to you.

    Once this is done, you have now successfully bookmarked a post with a certain color and maybe even a note. If you wish to remove the bookmark again, click on "Unset Bookmark".

    How do I access bookmarks?

    There are two ways to access your bookmarks.
    1. Inside a game thread, you can access the bookmarks for that specific game by simply right clicking on the "Bookmark" button and opening the link.

      This will bring you to a separate page that is automatically filtered to only show bookmarks from the game thread that you accessed the page from.
    2. You can also access your bookmarks by going to Features in the site's top menu:

      This will bring you to a page where no bookmarks are shown by default. However, you have several filtering options.

      You can filter by Game, by Player and by Color - and all of them at once if you so wish.

      Here's an example of filtering by only red bookmarks in one specific game:

    If you want to be taken directly to one of your bookmarked posts, you just click the post number.

    How do I quote bookmarks?

    You can also multi-quote bookmarked posts by clicking the little "+" button seen above on the far right side of each bookmark.

    Once you have multi-quoted all the bookmarked posts that you want to quote, you will then have to go to the game thread in which you wish to quote the bookmarked posts.

    Here you have two ways of quoting the posts.

    1. Click on "Reply With Quote" on another post as shown here:

      You will then probably want to delete the last post quoted in the reply box, but otherwise you should be good to go.
    2. Or you can do the more smooth option and click the "Reply To Thread" button at the top and bottom of the game thread - as shown here:

      By doing this you will open up a reply box containing only your multi-quoted bookmarked posts.
  2. Replies

    Completed When You Give PT a Mafia Game

    Ahoy Ahoy, I'll be your captain this game!

    Things to note:

    Date: August 13th 8pm edt/7pm cdt/5pdt
    # of players: 10
    Phases: 48/24
    Postcap: 50/game day with a post cap lift an hour before DL
    setup: vig 10er

    There is also going to be locked votes in lylo and majority starting D2.
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