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    Setup Idea I don't understand your last sentence. The...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Eventide (#8)
    Some ideas for iteration on the "setup is too townsided" side:

    X-Shot Heartbreak-Proof modifier. (The town must lynch additional cultists in order to win.)

    Starstruck Witch: A Lost Cultist, 1-way loverized to the Enchantress. (Dies if the Cult does, but Cult doea not die if she is lynched.) Knows who the Enchantress is, but the Enchantress does not know who she is. Best in a game which contains the Heartbreakproof modifier; in that case, should just flip as "cult".
    I don't understand your last sentence. The heartbreak proof modifier seems horrible.

    I do like the Starstruck Witch though.
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    Setup Idea Maybe let the Enchantress have a factional kill...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Eventide (#4)
    Quote Originally Posted by Chandra (#3)
    Sounds fun; I'd play.

    Removing the compulsive need to convert every night - does that make it better or worse?
    Probably worse, because it both makes the game length swingier and introduces the risk of the whole thing turning into a nightless SK hunt. Which is not a game I want to inflict on anyone involved.

    I have considered giving the Enchantress some form of limited kill capability they can use instead of recruiting, but Cultafias have always been ridiculously broken in the past, so I am definitely not running that in my first try at this setup. If the setup ends up being heavily townsided, maybe.
    Maybe let the Enchantress have a factional kill n1?
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    Setup Idea Without reading past post 1, how do we as town...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Eventide (#1)
    This is a setup intended to make playing with a cult actually fun.

    It does this primarily by using a variant Cult Leader. Here's a sample Role PM:

    You are the Enchantress. Each night, you must enchant another player, entwining their fate and heart with yours. (If you do not submit a target, it will be chosen randomly.)

    This has three effects:
    1: It replaces their wincondition with yours.
    2: It allows them to join a private chat with you and any others you have enchanted.
    3: It makes the pair of you Lovers - if one of you dies, both will. Bear in mind that this means if you or any of your servants are lynched, you instantly lose the game!

    You win the game when The Enchantress and her Servants equal or outnumber the Town.
    The setup is otherwise a simple mountainous 10er:

    9x Vanilla Townie

    Back of the envelope calculations say the Enchantress wins 43% of games where town lynches randomly. In practice, the Cult probably has a higher winrate than that due to the social considerations; I'm just not sure how much higher. If it turns out to be cultsided in practice, it can go up to a 12er for +1 ML, or a Named Townie/Fruit Vendor can be added. If it's townsided we might have more issues, but I hope that's not the case.

    Some thoughts on why the Enchantress is a good thing for Cult's fun factor:

    1: It means that there's never a feeling of "might as well angle to get recruited now", since the Cult is always 1 lynch from losing, and in some ways becomes more fragile over time. The "Game's already lost" factor is much mitigated.

    2: The game is gauranteed to be short. If Town can't lynch a cultist on D3, it loses. If it lynches cult before that, it wins. Simple, easy to calculate, no risk of leftover cultist mopup making the game take until like Day 12.

    3: Recruiting people is now a long-term commitment! You can't spend cultists wastefully as the Cult Leader; you have to make sure they all live.

    The one thing it doesn't correct for is swing introduced by the Enchantress' personal skill, but given that they can recruit the best players in the game, I'm not too torn up about this.

    Anyone have any suggestions for how to make this better? Would you play it?
    Without reading past post 1, how do we as town figure out who the Enchantress is? Her goal is not any different than every other player on day 1: lynch someone other than oneself. What differentiates the Enchantress on d1 from the other players to a degree it can be detected by good town play?

    There should be a town role that is immune to the Enchantress' charms. Maybe also a watcher.

    Also something needs to be done about the numbers so that Enchantress does not have a 43% chance to win if town lynches randomly. It would become essential to lynch randomly to secure the best chance of winning. Random chance lynch should result in a win rate for the Enchantress of >50%.

    I like how it forces a newly minted cultist to weasel their way out of the analysis the provided on previous days when they were town. A good challenge.
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