Heya folks. Some quick information to assist with the bot. I'll keep this up to date as we play more with tips and tricks.

1. You can access the bot by clicking Features, at top of forum, and selecting ModBot Index (NOT BETA ONE).

2. Choose Automated (Advanced) if you want a fully automated game with roles that the bot can handle. If you choose Manual, voting can still be done by bot, but night actions will not process. The bot will move after each phase and put things in a "standby" phase typically, until the Host edits things.

3. You must create the game thread prior to configuring the bot. It needs the thread ID prior to the bot working. You can find this ID in the URL. All thread creators can lock their own threads. So if you make the thread, you can lock it immediately until you are ready to do the bot.

4. Highlight over the text of each option and it will explain what it does and what it affects. The bot can do alot. You can use the test forum to test the bot, if needed.

5. If you plan on playing your game, you must set the host as "Mafia Host." If you want to be able to control phases/have another NON-PLAYING player control phases or allow you to after your death, please set a second host to "MMOC Host"

6. To be continued


This is an alt account I have created to facilitate the ability for playing game creators to access the bot, after they die, or to allow someone else to give them access to the bot.

If the MMOC Host account is set as a host, it will have full access to the bot. To use this feature, please simply ask the last person who hosted to give the password to this account to someone who is not playing. That person will need to log into the account and change the password. Once the password is changed, the game can be played as normal. Once the game creator dies, or someone else that is willing to change phases dies, they can get the password from that outside player and access the bot features under the MMOC Host account.

This is a convoluted way to do it, but it is the only fair way I can think about allowing us to push phases forward, if that is what the host wants to do, instead of making everything fall on the same 72 hour cycle and making game take upwards of 3 weeks instead of the 1.5-2 we are used to.