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And also, early on I skipped the civ talk and I wanted to catch up, but not go off topic while it got tense.

I played civ ii, iv, v, and vi.
But do any of you guys remember, in part iv in the expansion "Beyond the Sword" there were mods included. And I loved one mod in particular, called "Final Frontier" and it was a galaxy wide space themed sci fi setting with star systems and planets. It was a complete overhaul of the game, including various different futuristic factions, background storyline, spaceships, new governments etc, even a special project to win for the tech tree.

I'm not much of a gamer anymore these days. But that is the only case where I actually spent a significant amount of time playing a mod. More than most other non civ games. Pretty underrated.

However, later I started Stellaris and that game is way more expansive. But again, Final Frontier was just a mod. So, very impressive in my opinion.
Yes, that's a great mod. If you liked it, you might like the Galactic Civilizations series of games.