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    Guidelines & Template


    Here at Mafia Universe, our goal is to create, promote, and strengthen bonds between different Mafia and Werewolf communities - fostering conversations, comradery, and even crossover games! Whether you host your crossover game here on Mafia Universe or elsewhere, we want to help you make it happen - our goal first and foremost is to help all players find and play the games they enjoy!

    As such, we invite players from all Mafia and Werewolf communities to advertise their games in this subforum.

    While use of the following template is not required, anything deviating too far from it may be deleted for being categorized as unorganized or spam; we want to make information about games readily and clearly available for those interested.

    When advertising your offsite game, please use the template below:

    Thread Title: [Website Name]: [Game Title] [Expected Game Size] [Game Type]
    [Website Name]: [Game Title] [Expected Game Size][Game Type]

    [Optional Pictures and Logos]

    Website: [Link to Website]
    Game Host: [Host's name]
    Game Type: Closed Game / Open Game / Semi-open Game
    Phase Length / Game Speed: [Length of phases]
    Expected Number of Players: [#]
    Lynch Mechanics: Deadline lynch / Majority lynch / Other [Please specify]
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes/No
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): Yes/No
    Bastard Game: Yes/No
    Other: [Please specify]

    [Any messages the host wishes to make regarding the game.]

    Optional: [Instructions on how to register for and/or use the hosted game's website.]
    Here is an example:

    WePlayWeremafia: Mortal Kombat [30 players] [Closed setup]

    To celebrate the newly released Mortal Kombat X, we are running a big game on - and you are all invited to participate!

    Game Host: Mortal Kombat Host
    Game Type: Closed setup (expect roles you've never seen before)
    Phase lengths / game speed: Fast (each day and night lasts 12 hours, i.e. 24 hours per game day)
    Expected Number of Players: 30-40
    Lynch mechanics: Deadline lynch (person with most votes at end of day is lynched)
    Role reveals upon death: Yes
    Communication allowed outside thread for all players: No
    Bastard Game: No
    Other: We have an automated vote counter.

    Warning: The game will NOT be newbie-friendly, so it is advised that you have some experience playing role madness games with lots of complicated roles and mechanics.

    In case you want to look up any of my old games to get a sense of how I host games, here are some links: Fake link 1 and fake link 2.
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