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Thread: 2+2: Game of Thrones, 64 spots, Mish-Mash

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    2+2: Game of Thrones, 64 spots, Mish-Mash

    (Disclaimer: I have not created this video)

    (Disclaimer the 2nd: Expect to find s1-s7 spoilers both in the roles and in the game thread)


    Game Host: UncleDynamite. Beck Novo, Bloobird and Thingyman provided a lot of help with the roleset.

    Game Type: Closed Game
    Phase Length / Game Speed: 13h day/11h night during weekdays. 37h/11h night during the week-end.
    Expected Number of Players: 64
    Lynch Mechanics: Deadline lynch
    Role Reveals Upon Death: Yes
    Outside Communication Allowed (for all players): No
    Bastard Game: No
    Minimum participation requirements: you are expected to post at least 10 times per gameday and spend at least 1 hour per gameday on this game.

    Starting date is Monday, November the 13th.

    What to expect:

    If you played in a game of mine, you know what to expect. If you did not, expect to find long, complicated and hopefully fun roles, plenty of events and an incredible amount of death. There will also be events (a couple of them will be GoT-themed) and ITAs.

    To sign up, click here and post "in".

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    Quote Originally Posted by the-middle-of-the-line
    because he'll be aggressively tunneling my slot

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