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Thread: Rules, Policies, and Frequently Asked Questions

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    Rules, Policies, and Frequently Asked Questions


    AMA is short for Ask Me Anything. In this section, you will have the opportunity to interview fellow community members.

    The interviewee should post a thread entitled: "I am [user name], [something about yourself]. Ask me anything". Specific examples could be "I am Thingyman, the founder of Mafia Universe. Ask me anything". Or "I am Dels, the winner of The Mafia Championship Season 4. Ask me anything".

    The OP of this thread should contain some information about the interviewee, allowing users to get a sense of what type of person they are and what areas might be interesting to ask them about.


    Each week, there will be a new interviewee - who is chosen by the last week's interviewee. I.e. you have to be invited to do one, before you're allowed to start an AMA in here. Each AMA thread should end with the interviewee stating "I invite @[user name] to do an AMA", after which the thread will be locked. However, we do ask that the interviewee already try to get a confirmation from whoever they want to invite a couple of days in advance.

    Credit goes to BoardGameGeek's Wolf of the Week threads for this part of the concept.


    If the interviewee would feel uncomfortable answering certain kinds of questions, they should feel free to clarify this right away in the OP. Other than this we just ask that you stick to the forum's general rules and just general common sense. Unless the interviewee prohibits these types of questions, you may ask about politics, religion and sexuality, but note that these threads are not a place for discussion between you and the interviewee - it's a place for the interviewee to share some things about their life that they want to share, without being judged for it.

    You are allowed to post in the AMA threads without asking questions, of course, but don't derail them, please.
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