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Thread: Guidelines for Game Hosts

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    Guidelines for Game Hosts

    Game Host Guidelines and Expectations

    Game Hosting is about more than just clicking rand and writing some occasional flavor. Game hosts are not game custodians, they are hosts. They are entrusted with the task of ensuring that the game runs smoothly, fairly, and is an environment in which an enjoyable game is possible.

    To that end, hosts should observe the following guidelines. Note that though they are guidelines and not rules, hosts should have concrete and justifiable reasons, up front, if you're going to deviate from them. Note also that deviating from them in a way which is harmful or disruptive to the game, in the judgement of the mods, may result in you losing your game hosting privileges.

    1) Have replacement players

    Have a number of replacement players on deck (signed up to be replacements) equal to 2 or 15% of the game size, whichever is greater, before the game is randed. This rule is waived for turbos, and somewhat flexible for mashes.

    Starting the game with less or no subs and then not being able to get subs in a timely manner if you need them will lead to this being a firm rule for your games, and not a guideline.

    2) Don't give out Role PMs too early

    The game should not be randed more than ~24 hours before its scheduled start time. Host's discretion, not a hard and fast rule, but the intent is to minimize the time that players have access to their alignment but no way to talk about the game (such as the game thread), which can lead to unintentional OGI.

    3) Make the kind of game it's going to be clear to your players

    If the expectations / rules for the game are a departure from the standard rule set and expectations for mafia games (that is, if the game you're going to host has rules or mechanics that are a substantial break from the norm), you must make these differences clear and very apparent to those who sign up. If your game features any kind of bastard element whatsoever, you must disclose this fact to your players.

    4) Most games need to be reviewed

    If your setup is not Open (all roles/mechanics disclosed pregame), you are required to have it reviewed by a staffer. After your game is added to the queue, you must get it reviewed by posting in this thread to start the review process. If you have any questions about the review process, please contact a person listed as a Setup Reviewer in this thread..

    5) Make your posting expectations clear

    Prominently feature the minimum number of posts/day for your game in both the signup OP and the game thread OP.

    6) Don't bait and switch your players

    The details of the game (including start times, phase lengths, and EoD times) should not be changed past a point when players will have no reasonable opportunity to /out from the game in response. All finalized details of the signup OP are required to be honored in the game. No audibles.

    7) Be careful and transparent if you're requiring pregame role PM confirmation

    If you are using role PM verification as a required pregame verification, i.e. subbing players out if they do not verify their PM by the start of the game, this should be made clear in the signup thread. Mafia Universe does not have a site rule about confirming pregame - it's entirely okay to, for example, not visit the site for three days before a game and then show up on Day 1 - and subbing people out for not reading their PM by game start may result in undeserved, unwanted subs.

    8) Invitationals clarification

    Invitationals come in two flavors: de facto offsite games which are simply using MU as a hosting platform, and de facto MU games with a curated playerlist. If you are bringing in your own players and using MU as a hosting platform, you are not required to obtain a setup review, but you are required to disclose your complete playerlist in order to verify that you are in fact running an offsite game. If you are running an MU invitational with a curated playerlist, your game must go through the review process, and you may not send out a number of invites that exceeds twice the size of your game.

    9) Do not contribute to OGI

    Do not answer questions directed at you publicly in the game thread. In your signup post and OP of the game thread, make this policy clear. During the game, if players ask you questions in the game thread, privately contact them and inform them that all questions to the game host need to take place in private.

    10) Replacing is only for emergencies; do not tell players otherwise

    Do not recruit players to your game under the premise that they can replace out for anything less than an emergency. Do not accept /ins on conditions such as "I will need to be subbed out if I am still alive on Day X."

    11) Do not put up sign-ups too early

    Your sign-up thread may be posted 2 weeks prior to a game for small games. For very large games and mashes, you may post 3 weeks before the start of the game. If posted too early, players may lose interest and you can lose momentum on completing the sign-ups for a game.

    DVC / Wolfchat / private chat Discord expectations

    If you choose to make Discord channels for wolfchat, other private chats such as neighbor/Mason chat, and/or DVC for your game, that is your prerogative. These chats have historically been very relaxed as far as moderation goes, which is by design, as a certain level of saltiness in DVC and a certain level of trash talk in wolf chat is a much-needed pressure release valve. However, you as a host are responsible for making sure that the server does not get out of hand in terms of toxicity. The moderation team reserves the right to intervene if we feel that you're asleep at the wheel, or if users in the DVC/wolfchat are behaving in a way contrary to personal moderator instruction on the main site/Discord.

    If you run a game that uses Discord as a de facto "game thread", you as a host have an increased level of responsibility to stay on top of in-game behavior, as there is currently no mechanic to report posts on Discord. Games that use Discord as a de facto game thread do not fall under the umbrella of "relaxed rules" in the paragraph above, but wolfchats/DVCs/other private chats associated with that game do.

    The moderation team is a resource that you can tap if you feel that you're not able to effectively calm things down if things are repeatedly/egregiously toxic, but you are the first line of defense. If your DVCs/wolfchats are consistently bad, you may lose the right to use those tools in the future and/or the right to host games here.

    Your role as a game host

    Finally, the staff and moderation team have a firm expectation that you, as a host keep abreast of the game as it plays out, in order to proactively, not reactively, anticipate and act on problems.

    The staff and moderators are a resource for game hosts. They can answer technical questions about modbot, they can step in to resolve behavioral issues, they can weigh in on grey areas and complex situations such as angleshooting, modkills, game integrity, forced substitutions, and other common, difficult game issues.

    That being said, you as a host are the first line of defense for keeping your game running smoothly. It's part of your job to stay on top of your game, to know when there are problems, and to reach out to staff/mods in a timely fashion.
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