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Thread: Disney Renaissance Anonyhydra

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    Disney Renaissance Anonyhydra

    Disney Renaissance Anonyhydra
    Hosted By: Fenrir Aesir and Modbot
    Start Date: Monday, January 21 @ 9:00p EST
    SOD/EOD: 9:00p EST
    Phase Lengths: 48/24
    Mechanics: Deadline lynch, majority is on starting Day 2. In the case of a tie at the deadline, the lynch will be randomized between the tied parties. No lynch is a valid vote. Locked votes at LYLO.
    Night Chat: Disallowed, the game thread will be closed during Night Phases.
    Out of Thread Communication: Disallowed unless other specified.
    Posting Requirement: 5 posts per day.
    Setup: Open, Tracker 9'er.
    1) [FILLED]
    2) [FILLED]

    1) FILLED

    Please sign up anonymously by PMing me over either MU or Discord (Fenrir#4331). This game will be played using hydra accounts; both halves of a hydra must send me a message in order to be added to the playerlist.

    There is currently 1 player searching for a hydra partner.
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Role of the Day
Hot Potato

The Hot Potato is a player who starts off with the "Hot Potato" item in their possession. On Night 1, they have to pass the item to a new player, who will in turn pass it on to someone new on Night 2, etc. Any player carrying this item cannot use any night action on the night that they are passing it off to someone new.