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Thread: Disney Renaissance Anonyhydra

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    Disney Renaissance Anonyhydra

    Disney Renaissance Anonyhydra
    Hosted By: Fenrir Aesir and Modbot
    Start Date: Monday, January 21 @ 9:00p EST
    SOD/EOD: 9:00p EST
    Phase Lengths: 48/24
    Mechanics: Deadline lynch, majority is on starting Day 2. In the case of a tie at the deadline, the lynch will be randomized between the tied parties. No lynch is a valid vote. Locked votes at LYLO.
    Night Chat: Disallowed, the game thread will be closed during Night Phases.
    Out of Thread Communication: Disallowed unless other specified.
    Posting Requirement: 5 posts per day.
    Setup: Open, Tracker 9'er.
    1) [FILLED]

    1) FILLED

    Please sign up anonymously by PMing me over either MU or Discord (Fenrir#4331). This game will be played using hydra accounts; both halves of a hydra must send me a message in order to be added to the playerlist.

    There is currently 1 player searching for a hydra partner.
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