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    Anonymous Poisoner 21er

    XCOM: War of the Chosen

    This game is automated and Modbot will do most of the heavy lifting. Zack will handle the human stuff like flavor, subs, dvc, etc.
    Monday, February 18
    Day starts at 9 am EST and ends at 9 pm EST.

    Day is 12 hours long, and night is 12 hours. If the game continues to the weekend, I will NOT lengthen the phases.
    Deadline lynch - the player with the most votes at the end of Day will be lynched. Ties are randomized. No majority lynch, except in mustlynch.
    Don't talk to anyone about the game outside of the game thread, unless your role specifically says otherwise.

    Wolves have daychat and nightchat as Hammurabi writ in stone.
    Send in night actions where appropriate. Vote each Day. Make at least 10 posts with something vaguely resembling actual game-related content each Day phase. This is the absolute minimum; I (and your fellow players) expect more. Games on Mafia Universe are typically very high-activity with potentially thousands of posts each day. Don't sign up if you can't handle it.

    That said, please keep the amount of posts reasonable. Overposting makes everyone miserable.

    If you need to sub out, PM me instead of ghosting and I'll take care of it. Don't make this request lightly and don't retract once you do, these issues need to be resolved quickly. If it gets to late Day 1 and you haven't posted or read your Role PM, I reserve the right to replace you without warning.

    Signups for this game will be completely anonymous. Do not discuss this game with any other potential players, even prior to the start of the game.

    To sign up for the game, send a PM to this account or my Discord (brannigan#7415).

    This game features an open setup designed for 21 players, 16 villagers vs 5 wolves.

    Even Night Vigilante
    Odd Night Vigilante
    JOAT (1x Peek, 2x Jailkeep)
    13 VTs

    4x Poisoner
    Role Cop
    3 Goons

    Nightkills are assigned. Night zero peeks disabled.

    The Vigilante may kill a player at night. The Even Night Vigilante operates on nights 2, 4, 6, etc. The Odd Night vigilante operates on nights 1, 3, 5, etc.
    The Jack of All Trades can use up to one ability each night.

    Peek (1 use) - Determine the alignment of target player.

    Jailkeeper (2 uses) - Target player is protected from death, but cannot use any night actions. Like a combination Doctor + Roleblocker.
    At night, picks a player to "poison". The poisoned player will be announced as such at the beginning of Day, and will die at the end of that Day. This setup doesn't have a healer, so the poisoned player will always die. Alternatively, the poisoner can fake poison someone: they will be announced poisoned as usual, but won't die at the end of day.

    The poisoner has only 4 uses.
    At night, inspects a player to see their role (but not alignment).
    Vanilla town. No abilities or night actions.
    Vanilla mafia.

    I'll post the full Role PMs in the game thread once it starts, setup is completely open. I will also post a more detailed set of rules at game start, but it's the standard stuff.

    DVC (deadchat) and wolfchat will use a Discord server that I make - if you are not able or willing to join a discord server if you rand wolf, do not sign up. Wolfchat participation is mandatory. DVC is optional.

    This game will use aliases. Each player will be assigned an alias account corresponding to an alien from XCOM 2 to be used during the game. It has no meaning on alignment or role whatsoever, I will randomize the actual roles among these accounts. During the game, players will not be under any requirement to hide/change their natural posting style. However, they will not be allowed to blatantly hint at their identities, and all things like secret codes, questions that only a particular person can answer, etc. will be banned.

    If you have any questions, ask me in private.


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    There's still a few spots left!

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    The game has filled!

    There's one person on the waitlist, but if you're still interested in playing, I won't say no to more subs.

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    Still don't post in this thread. Just making sure all the accounts are working like I expect them to.

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