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Thread: Giant in the Playground Invitational Day 3
Day 3 

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    Moar lik jackofbleedinghearts amiright?
    Gender FF known to lie as a townie?

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    Giant in the Playground Invitational Day 3 Votecount

    Votes Target Voters (Posts in Phase)
    2 Rakkoon Requilac (2), flat_footed (2)
    2 flat_footed Fleeing Coward (7), Jackofhearts2005 (10)
    1 Jackofhearts2005 Rakkoon (4)

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    Day 3 ends at 8:30 PM EST on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019. There are 1550626260000 remaining.

    Posted at 0 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes, 59 seconds remaining.

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    Okay, ##Vote flat_footed it is then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackofhearts2005 (#151) FF known to lie as a townie?
    No, I typically don't false claim or misrepresent my role and only did so here for self preservation. The reason I claimed at all was to counter Rakkoon's claim, but I also didn't want to paint myself as an easy target. I double checked the official verbiage (MU's public listing of it) for my role and saw this: "Doctors can be especially powerful in games with Cops, so hosts will often choose to restrict the Doctor somehow, often by making them unable to self-protect or unable to protect the same person on consecutive nights." By that wording, I believed that it would be Logic's choice to allow me to target myself or not. I wanted the wolves to think that I wasn't such an easy target for a night kill if it came to that. I only read the FAQ fully in the OP once FC let me know just how poor a dodge that was.

    So, what's more Logic(al)? That I'm a wolf and outted myself with no votes on me and relatively minor suspicion, or that I needed to counter claim a possible fake town power role claim and tried to spin it so I wouldn't become an easy night kill?

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    ##Vote Jackofhearts2005

    This is kind of stupid since I'm now kind of metagaming what Logic would do but there could very well be a world where both PR claims are actually real. Logic knows gitp players love power roles so he could have given 2 town power roles and gave mafia something like a role cop/role blocker/jailkeeper to balance it.

    It's kind of suicidal for flat_footed to claim after Rakkoon did if he's fake and I don't see what Rakkoon gains from claiming when he knows there will be a counterclaim and there's a high chance the cc will be an investigative role which would mean his chance of victory is absolutely 0.

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    I'm open to lynching Requilac instead too if you want to go there instead.

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